50+ Prayers for Forgiveness And Restoration

We, humans, are instilled with morals and values, yet at times we make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, and it’s our conscience and guilt that guides us, making us feel remorse for our wrong deeds and thus here are some prayers through which we can seek forgiveness from the God that might bring peace to our souls.

prayers to ask for forgiveness And Inner Healing

-Oh Almighty God, you are all kind and forgiving; kindly forgive me if I have unintentionally hurt someone. May you grant me with opportunities to correct me so that I can evolve as a better person in my latter future. Amen.      

-Oh Supreme Lord, kindly keep me under your surveillance, guide me and help me realize what’s morally right and wrong, punish me when I am wrong, help me realize my mistake, give me a chance to correct myself, and kindly forgive me when I repent my actions.

Prayers For Forgiveness

-Oh Lord, you are all kind and forgiving, kindly shower your blessings on me and forgive me for the sins I might have committed even though my intentions are never targeted to hurt someone, may my mistakes never hurt someone, let no individual suffer from pain or agony due to my actions. Amen.

-Oh Lord of love and power, I am guilty of the mistakes I have committed in my life, and I feel remorse for those who might have suffered due to me; kindly bless me with your strength and courage such that I can seek forgiveness from those whom I have wronged.

-Oh Almighty God, I am just a mere human being. Even though I try my best to stick to the moral paths, I often find myself getting distracted and thus end up making mistakes. God, I regret my actions and promise you not to repeat those mistakes in my life; thus, kindly forgive me for the sins I have committed and help me make peace with myself again.

-Oh Lord, you are humble and kind, may you forgive me for the sins I have committed; I repent my actions currently since I regret disappointing you; my mind is at a constant conflict as I feel remorse, sadness, and pain, Lord kindly helps me correct myself so that I can find my peace and happiness again.

-Oh God, after spending my days in denial, I have finally realized and accepted that my actions were wrong and that may be unintentionally, but I have hurt others and their sentiments, thus Lord, I bow down in front of you for your forgiveness and beg you to show me a way through which I can seek forgiveness from those I have hurt.

-Oh Heavenly Father, my guilty conscience is not letting me be in peace, my behavior and my actions have currently hurt the sentiments and feelings of my family and friends, and I have no idea how to fill up for the pain I have caused them. Lord, I seek forgiveness and promise not to repeat such actions in my life.

-Oh Supreme Lord, for the time being, I had lost track, got distracted from my moral path that had an adverse effect in my life; in the process of earning prosperity and happiness, I have to tend to lose everything. Thus, Lord, I seek your forgiveness; kindly guide me through the moral paths again. Amen.

-Oh, Everlasting Lord, my actions have been questionable recently; I was blinded by my greed and jealousy that I chose the unethical path to fulfill my demands. Lord, I am ashamed of myself, I am ashamed that I failed you, but now I want to start fresh; thus, here I am to beg for your forgiveness and to seek your blessings.

-Oh Lord, you are all forgiving and kind; show me the way through which I can regain my peace again; my heart is filled with the urge of revenge and hatred against those who have wronged me. Lord, I repent letting such feelings grow in me, thus kindly teach me the art of forgiveness such that I don’t end up hurting others.

-Oh Lord, you are all kind and forgiving; I pray to you kindly forgive those who are forced by their situations to follow the unethical path to earn their living. They are helpless, and their survival instincts force them to compromise their moral values, kindly forgive them and show them a way to live their life on good terms.

Best Prayers For Forgiveness

-Oh Almighty God, you are the ultimate source of power; kindly forgive us of our negligence and our sins. Many of us are bearing the pain of losing our close and dear once in this time of crisis. Thus God kindly protects mankind and saves this world from its further sufferings, and helps us return to our normal healthy life again.

-Oh Heavenly Father, kindly forgive me for my negligence and my carelessness; I have realized that nothing can be achieved in this world without working for it. Thus Lord kindly keeps me under your guidance and guides me so that I can work hard to achieve what I want in my life without getting discouraged or disheartened.

-Oh Lord, I seek your forgiveness as I repent my arrogant and careless attitude, and thus I want to bring some serious changes in my life since the lack of interest I have shown towards my responsibilities has often disappointed my parents as well as other family members. Lord, kindly forgive me and help me be wise and responsible.

-Oh Lord of love and power, my heart is full of remorse, and my soul is not at peace; I feel sad for those who have suffered due to me, and now I want to correct my actions, thus Lord here I am to seek forgiveness from you and from those whom I have hurt. Amen.

-Oh Supreme Lord, thank you for always blessing me and guiding me, kindly instill into me your goodness such that I can forgive those who accept and genuinely repent their actions, also provide me with your strength and courage so that I can seek forgiveness from those I have wronged be it intentionally or unintentionally.

-Oh Lord, you have a big heart, you are filled with love and care, kindly forgive those who truly repent their actions and are willing to correct themselves, grant them a chance to change themselves, show them ways to correct themselves and help them form a better life for themselves.

-Oh Almighty God, I am just a mere human being, powerless and helpless, I make mistakes, I get trapped into certain unethical temptations and tend to lose control over my judgments, God kindly forgives me for such actions and help me so that I can always stick to my morals and values.

Amazing Prayers For Forgiveness

-Oh Heavenly Father, I know, and I believe that my life would be filled with sadness and miseries if you are not present it. Lord, I am apologetic if I have disappointed you and seek your forgiveness for my actions; kindly stay by my side and help me keep my actions in check, and I promise not to disappoint you again.

-Oh Everlasting God, I have been living through the darkest period of my life, where I seem to have completely lost my power of judgment, my heart is not at peace, and I require some constant 

guidance, thus Lord kindly forgive me for my mistakes and help me find my way towards a better future.

-Oh Almighty God, kindly show your mercy on those who are guilty and are suffering, forgive them for the sins that they might have committed in their way and free them from their pain and sufferings, help them find their peace so that they can start a new and healthy life away from pain and suffering.

-Oh Lord, you are all kind and forgiving, kindly forgive those who cease to believe in your existence, they are naïve and are unaware of the power you poses, bless them, guide them and protect them from misfortunes such that gradually even they are forced to surrender in front of your love and power.

-Oh Supreme Lord, kindly show your mercy on me forgive me as I want to change myself and correct my actions, since unknowingly but I have ended up hurting and disappointing my close and dear ones, my behavior has hurt the sentiments of the people I love and now finally when I have realized it, I feel sad and ashamed.

-Oh Lord, you are humble and kind, help this mankind learn the art of forgiveness such that the feeling of hatred and revenge can never rule them, kindly shower your blessings on everyone and help them realize that good always wins against the evil, bless this mankind such that all of us can spread love and can live our lives in harmony.      

-Oh Lord of Love and power, as a mere human being, I am conditioned to make mistakes, but I don’t want that to lead me in the wrong direction; I want to learn from my mistakes, I want to be a better person. Thus Lord kindly forgives me every time I make a mistake, correct me so that I can channel my life in the correct direction.

Great Prayers For Forgiveness


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