51+ Prayers Before Surgery Of A Child

When your little one has to go through the complicated procedure of surgery, he/she will naturally be terrified. As parents, you will also experience fear and anxiety.

During these times, only the hand of our Almighty Lord over our heads can help us to get through and be calm.

Prayers Before Surgery Of A Child

Blessing Prayers Before Surgery

-O Father, you are our constant hope in our happiness as well as sad times. You have been a supporter when we were strong and especially when we were weak. Today, we seek your help when our child has to go through this devastating surgery, and we are very anxious.

-Dear Lord, as our hearts tremble today to think of what’s going to happen during the surgery, we choose to keep faith in you because you have the power to help us through any tough situation, and we firmly believe that you will. Bless our little one with your affection.

-Blessed God, as our child goes into the operation theatre, we pray to you to bless the hands and minds of those who are going to operate him/her. They are very professional in their work, but your assurance makes us feel secure that everything is going to be perfect.

-Dear Good God, we want your blessings for our little child. Look over him/her so that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life. Allow them to enjoy this blessing of a beautiful life given by you and keep you in their hearts forever. We praise your Holy Name.

-Gracious Lord, nourish our child’s body and spirits with your energy so they are completely confident about themselves and can easily endure the difficulties this surgery will pass through their bodies. Bless them with your Spirit. Put a broad smile on their faces and be the reason for their happiness.

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Protection Prayers Before Surgery

-Father, the process of surgery is more complicated than mere treatment. Our innocent child feels isolated at times, but we pray to you to be his/her constant companion. Stand by them when they need you the most, protect them from harm, and watch over them with your unconditional care.

-O Almighty Lord, in the moments that make us helpless and unmotivated, praying to a higher power like your Holy Spirit makes us feel a little better. We believe in our hearts that you can easily work through anyone, and our faith in you will protect us in every situation.

Recovery Prayers

-Loving Father, I have enormous faith in the power of your goodness and grace that stay with us every moment and averts all dangers that we can come across. With your blessings, every disease will vanish, and our little child will recover to normal once the operation is completed successfully.

-Father, the process of my child’s operation is also our journey to giving the best care so that he/she recovers as fast as possible. During this phase, we want to believe in you ardently. Bless us so that under no circumstances in life, our faith in you is lost.

-Dear God, we want to make sure that our child grows up to be your blessed servant and becomes worthy of your grace. So, cure them today as he/she goes through this recovery. Help the surgeons to be your instruments as they constantly try to sustain life within them.

-Heavenly Lord, before we send our kid off to this surgery which is going to be very delicate and tiring for him/her, we commit their physical bodies into your hands. We know that you are our safest shelter, and with your presence in our souls, we will never lose.

-Dear Loving God, today I submit our kid to two higher powers, the doctors who will perform the surgery with their hands and you, who will look after the welfare of my child. You are both very important during the whole process, and we are grateful to you so much.

-Father Beloved, we ask you to guide the way and show us what is to be done so that my child gets the best care. We trust your path because the bright light of your innate wisdom shines upon it at all times, and you can never do any wrong.

Prayers For Surgery And Guide

-Holy Father, after the process of surgery, is complete, there are many things to think about. The recovery phase comes next, and my child will need your blessing during that too. Cleanse his/her mind so that they can focus on getting better and not think about what happened earlier.

-Blessed Almighty Lord, amid all the confusion and demotivation that this surgery has given our child and us as well, we still pray for your peace. Guide us so that we can know how to create the perfect balance between our body and mind so that we can function better.

Motivation Prayers For Surgery

-Dear Lord, as parents, we pray to you to make us spiritually flexible so that we can motivate our kids to feel the same way and not get anxious or disheartened due to their suffering. Their health issues must not affect their mental health. Their faith must not waver too.

Prayer For Successful Surgery

-Good Father, you know very well how it feels to be a parent because you are the greatest of them all. Our child is the apple of our eye, and we love him/her so much. Their condition breaks our hearts, and we pray for the surgery to be successful.

-Good Gracious Father, if this operation is done successfully, my child will get relief from the stress and pain that has been bothering his/her body and mind lately. So, we pray to you to work your way through surgery and ensure my kid’s happiness. We pray for your blessing.

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Pray To You To Give Peace

-O Blessed Spirit, as I picture my little one lying there on the operating table surrounded by doctors and nurses, my concern for him/her is elevated, and it bothers me frantically. I pray to you to give my heart peace so that I can calm down and focus better.

-Dear Lord, my child, is in the operation theater right now, and the surgery is being performed. I am worried, and I can feel myself panicking. Please look after me and keep me away from being so terrified. Cure my nerves that are frayed and my senses that aren’t steady.

Prayers Before Surgery And Strengthen

-Blessed Good Father, I thank you graciously for being so supportive regarding my child when he/she was undergoing such a difficult operation. You have given me strength when I felt weary, and you had infused my Spirit with hope when I was feeling utterly hopeless about everything around me.

-Dear Beloved Lord, we firmly believe that with your grace upon our little child, he/she will be able to tackle every difficult obstacle that challenges them. Let us be proud of our children as they show their brave nature against this operation and are strengthened by your Mighty Spirit.

-Father Beloved, I am a parent, and I consider it my responsibility to take care of my child, especially when he has to struggle with the difficulties of such a major operation. Give me your strength so that I can perform my role and take proper care of my child.

-O Almighty God, we pray to keep our child as a part of your sacred joy that is so rare to find. Let our child experience your affection where there is no sorrow, and everything always happens perfectly. Strengthen their faiths and let them trust you with all their hearts.

-Good Lord, your compassion is endless, and nothing can match your faithfulness to us. You are looking upon my child just like you do for us, and you have blessed us with so many things. Because of you, my child is so confident and hopeful about going into the surgery.

-Lord, I empty my soul of all the doctrines it had up till now. I leave the complicated stuff and present myself completely to you. Mold me as you like and teach me to be the best caretaker for my child so that he/she never feels ill-treated or isolated.

-Father, help us to ask our kid to keep his physical body connected with your Holy Spirit. For a child, it would be difficult, but I have faith that you will let him/her understand. Being connected to you will make them feel positive and will speed up their recovery.

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Prayer To Give wisdom and shine

-O Good God, this complicated surgery will naturally affect our kid’s mental condition, and they may feel disoriented. So, we pray to you to give him/her your wisdom and shine your graceful ought upon his/her soul so that all darkness within their minds can be dispelled at once.

-Almighty Lord, although I am the parent of my child, you are our ultimate Guardian. So, even I cannot think of his/her welfare the way you will do. I trust your works, and I believe whatever happens is your Holy Will, and you will only choose the good things.

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