50+ Praying for creativity can help you Unleash your inner artist

It takes a lot of encouragement and strength to incorporate creativity in every aspect of our lives.

It demands tapping our hidden potentials and also keeping faith in the Almighty Lord to bless us with His grace which will lighten the Spirit of creating something new, a difference in us.

These Time-Tested Prayers Will Help You Find Your Creativity Flow and Achieve Your Goals!

Thank You Prayer To Boost Creativity

-Dear Lord, I look around myself, and I find creativity in every corner of this mighty Universe. Your blessed creation is something that we must admire with awe and respect, appreciate its beauty, and try to learn from it. We thank you for creating such perfect examples all around us.

-O Good God, you are the ultimate Creator. Everything beautiful and fascinating in this world comes from you. I thank you for the gifts you have blessed us with, and I come down before you to thank you for your generosity to us. You are the most graceful of all.

-Father Beloved, you have given us many talents, and I thank you for them. I ask you to bless me with your holy discernment so that I can identify the store of possibilities hidden within me and utilize them to their full potential. Allow me to be your worthy child.

-Beloved Almighty, the Universe around us is proof of your divine creation. The stars, the planets, and the Earth we live in, were all created by your mighty hands that work so meticulously and create the desired results with total perfection. Thank you for setting an example for us to follow.

-O Lord Beloved, everywhere I look, I find new possibilities emerging from all of your blessed children. All we need to do is be creative in our approach and perspective and have faith in your Holy Way to work through our lives. Thank you for your graceful compassion upon us.

-Dear Great Almighty, I thank you endlessly for the gift of creativity, which is a profoundly marvelous thing in itself. Creativity urges me to work harder and way beyond my capabilities as I have imagined them to be. It instills the urge in me to do something different from others.

-Precious Lord, I want you to always help me remember that all our inner talents of creating something new come from you, and there is no bigger force in this world than you. We are always liable to you, and your Holy way decides very wisely on our behalf of us.

Pray to you to bless my creativity

-O Heavenly Good God, I pray to you to bless my creativity so that I can incorporate it perfectly in every aspect of my life. Allow me to stand differently than others in whatever I do and shine above everybody else with my work or, worse, being considered as promising.

Blessing Prayers

-Father Beloved, I seek your kind Spirit so that I can use my creativity for the benefit of others around me. Bless me so that my creative work can be a message of your unconditional love and encouragement toward your blessed children. Help me to work more on my talents.

-Kind Creator, you have always worked with creativity for the welfare of your blessed children in this world. Bless me so that I can learn from you and protect the trust you have in us that we will spread the message of your goodness to the world through our activities.

-O Beloved God, I want your blessings so that I can use my creative powers wisely to make this world a better place to live in. I must be able to set myself apart from others, shining brightly as a part of your force that exudes the Spirit of creativity.

-Good Father, as I strive to work with creativity, negative thoughts often creep into my mind, and I am plagued by the anxieties related to the acceptance of my work. Bless me so that I can have unquestionable faith and do my work with complete honesty and dedication without worrying.

-Faithful Father, before I strive to incorporate creativity in all my activities, I pray that you bless me with your Holy insight that will help me to work more efficiently and with which, I will always be assured that there is no falling apart here and I will never lose.

-Good Master, this world is changing every day. Allow me to be a source of inspiration to people who want to bring a change in the regular happenings of the world. Allow me to be an instrument of hope and productivity that can instill the Spirit of creativity in everybody. 

-O Good Father, allow me to gather inspiration as I seek you in my soul every day and let me appreciate the fact that you never cease to create. All around me, I can find your Holy hand of creativity at work constantly. You are the biggest hope for us.

-Gracious Lord, allow me to work to achieve my desired target without being afraid of negative forces which try to demotivate me. Let me never be stopped by criticisms which are a natural part of any endeavor. Allow me to put all my heart and soul into what I do.

-Dear God, I have wasted precious time overthinking other people’s opinions and remarks that have questioned my creativity. I have forgotten that you are constantly guiding me and that my work has your touch upon it that makes it all the more perfect. Remove all fear from my tender heart.

Pray to you to invoke the Spirit of Freedom

-O Great Creator, I pray to you to invoke the Spirit of freedom in my heart so that I always remember that I am completely independent in your world and that I have the opportunity to use my talents and create anything I want to for the welfare of mankind.

-Beloved Master, I attempt to make good use of the great opportunities I have and prove my creativity. Allow me to work for the cause with passion and honesty in my heart. Allow me to be disciplined and righteous, just like you have been while working in all your endeavors.

Pray to you to always keep the light of creative

-Father Beloved, as I look at your Holy image that is so clearly imprinted in my soul, I find it to be the greatest source of motivation for me to show my creativity. I pray to you to always keep the light of creative urge burning brightly in my heart.

Prayer To Guide Me

-Lord Almighty, I want your wise Spirit to guide me in every work I set my heart upon. Let me never differentiate between my works as big or small, important or trivial. Bless me so that I can approach every work with the same Spirit of creativity in my heart.

-Blessed Almighty, you have guided us through the correct path and reminded us that as long as we work with diligence and honesty, we will get what we want, and we will flourish in our lives. I pray to you to let my creativity be the reason for my prosperity.

-Precious Master, as I start working to induce creativity in everything, I want you to look after me so that I can work hard on every small detail, every minute problem. My work should be so dedicated so that when the result is finally ready, it is perfect and flawless.

-Good God, As I set upon my regular work, I find myself constantly energized and encouraged by the ardor that your Holy Spirit so effortlessly portrays. I choose to believe in my heart as a pet to your creation; whatever I decide to create will be as good as you.

-O Great Lord, I was created in your Holy likeness, and I am proud to consider myself as a creative person who is being constantly guided by your love. You have given us the right and scope to create new things and stand apart from the regular boredom of life.

Pray to your Holy Being to equip me with ideas

-Kind Father, I pray to your Holy Being to constantly equip me with ideas that are innovative and will further provoke the Spirit of creativity in the works I do. I want to be the best in every aspect of my life, and I want your love to be there.

-Gracious God, you have always kept your promises of helping us to develop our skills and the gifts you have given us so that we can achieve prosperity and happiness in life. I choose to believe your commandments, and I promise to work just like you have directed us to.

-Heavenly Beloved Father, I pray before your Mighty Spirit today so that you can direct me in all my endeavors. I want to make sure that no matter what I do, it must serve your Holy purpose, and the result must always bring endless glory to your blessed Holy Name.

Pray to you for intelligence and wisdom

-O Good Master, I pray to you for intelligence and wisdom. Allow me to keep you first in all my creative endeavors. I pray to you to infuse my Spirit with your power of creativity that has always given us the enthusiasm to do better than we can ever think.

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