50+ Prayer of Abandonment

The people who are abandoned by their loved ones go through a very tough phase. They need the Lord’s compassion, and therefore, we must pray to Him to bless such people with His eternal mercy and love so that they can always know that they are not weak or lonely.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For The Abandoned

-Faithful Father, I pray to you for the unlucky abandoned ones. They have been forsaken by the love and kindness of their loved ones, and so they need your compassion. Allow these people to accept your divine grace in their hearts and feel your divine presence whenever they feel isolated.

-Good God, the abandoned ones have not been lucky enough to receive the love and support of their family and friends, and their situation is heartbreaking. Remind these people that your divine grace is always with them, and they must try to find solace in the warmth of your Spirit.

Prayer Of Abandonment

-Savior Beloved, allow us to be messengers of your godly love and compassion towards people who have been isolated and abandoned. Bless us with the strength and kindness to help and motivate such people in any way I can. Allow us to be worthy of spreading your Word to them.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, the abandoned people around us need your divine salvation and mercy in their lives. They need to understand that your godly motivation and compassion are always with them, and only if they can try to seek your divine image in their hearts will their wishes be granted.

-Holy Creator, I believe that the people who have been abandoned by their dear ones are suffering from the burden of their sins. They need to know you so that they can understand your magnificence and realize that this world is run through the power and mercy of your Spirit.

-Precious Protector, I pray to you for the welfare of the abandoned people around us. Bless their senses so that they open their eyes and ears to your divine goodness and understand how your abundance and mercy are spread throughout the world and that their faith will sustain them forever.

-Kind Loving Lord, I pray to you to bless the minds and hearts of all abandoned people and let them understand the importance of your sacrifice for your blessed children. Remind them that they just need to protect their faith in your Spirit, and you will look after their welfare.

-Eternal Savior, allow the abandoned people to be able to hear your Word so that they can receive the motivation and strength they need to stand firm in their faith and get back on their feet. Remind them that your constant love and support will help them overcome their adversities.

-Holy Father, the abandoned people need your guidance and direction so that they can realize what is wrong in their lives and work on their shortcomings and weaknesses. Empower them in your glorious divine strength and assure them that everything is possible only if they can remain strong and patient.

-Blessed Lord, I ask you to forgive these people for their sins that have led them to be abandoned. They deserve all the goodness and love, and so they need your divine intervention in their lives to make that happen. Please reassure them of your constant godly guidance and protection.

-Lord Jehovah, my heart aches for the people who have not been able to receive your abundant grace in their lives and have been abandoned from the love and mercy of your Holy Spirit. Please turn towards these people who need your help and motivation in their lives right now. 

-Father Beloved, the people abandoned by society cannot free themselves from the shackles of their sins. Their hearts and souls have turned to stone, and they refuse to keep the faith. I ask you to bless them with eternal faith so that they can gain your godly power and confidence.

-Gracious Almighty, please impart your divine, compassionate gaze upon the abandoned people. Deliver them from all evil powers and allow them to find hope and joy in your wisdom. Teach them to lead your life in your Way so that they can achieve the comfort and prosperity they need now.

Amazing Prayer Of Abandonment

-Dear Almighty Protector, the abandoned people need to understand you more. Bless them with your divine mercy and grace so that all fears and resentments in their hearts can be eradicated and they can find the joy and hope they need to live the blessed life you have given them.

-Blessed Savior, I ask you to be merciful towards the abandoned people. Forgive them if they have taken your love and grace for granted and neglected the major role you play in our lives. Help them in their times of distress and keep your watchful and considerate gaze upon them.

-Good God, bless the abandoned people with the constant godly presence of your Spirit in their hearts and souls. Allow them to understand your divine power working through them so that they can realize that they need not fear anyone in their lives, and they can coerce your eternal grace.

-Beloved Creator, I pray to you to draw the abandoned people around me closer to the comfort and glory of your Holy Spirit. Allow them to experience your divine peace more vividly so that they can realize that only you can put an end to all their pains and sufferings.

-Lord Jehovah, you made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down your life on the cross so that all our sins can be eradicated. Therefore, I believe that you will never turn away from these unfortunate abandoned people who may have strayed from your Way in the course of their lives.

-Good Lord, as I look around, I feel several abandoned people dealing with unbearable pain and suffering. I pray to you to bless them with the patience and endurance to remind themselves that this too shall pass and that they must never lose faith in the glory of your Spirit.

-Precious Master, you have always selflessly provided for your blessed children, and you have made sure that they receive all the honor and abundance they truly deserve. Then why is it so that some people are so unfortunate that they have been abandoned from your grace? Please look after them.

-Loving Lord, the abandoned people need to realize that they are also your blessed children and that their sins are restricting them from receiving the gift of your eternal abundance. Remind them to stand firm in their faith and trust you to take care of them with all your goodness.

-Dear Great Master, my heart goes out to every person who is abandoned by the warmth and love of their loved ones. I bring them to you, and I ask you to shower them with your divine mercy and understanding. Remind them that their bad times shall pass away soon.

Great Prayer Of Abandonment

-O Heavenly Almighty, allow these abandoned people to bear witness to your glorious love and realize that you will never leave them, no matter what. Allow them to cling on to their faith so that you can rescue them out of the misery and afflictions they now find themselves in.

-Kind Sweet Deity, your Word promises that when all doors close for us, we shall find love and comfort in the grace of your Spirit. As I help these abandoned people reach out to you and submit their worries to you, I trust you to help them overcome their adversities.

-Faithful Father, the abandoned people seek your divine mercy and forgiveness. They need your divine assurance in their distressed hearts that you will never forsake them from your constant care and motivation, and they will always find a way out of all their troubles if they can trust you wholeheartedly.

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to impart your divine peace and understanding over the abandoned people who give in to their adversities very easily and are losing their faith as a consequence of the hard times they are going through. Allow them to understand your Holy Spirit more clearly.

-O Good God, although the abandoned people need worldly abundance, I pray to you to help them understand the importance of spiritual upliftment. Guide them in your Holy Way and remind them that we receive all our prosperity and peace from you, and therefore, we must always seek you first.

-Dear Kind Deity, as I lift the unlucky abandoned people to your Holy Spirit, I ask you to cleanse and purify them with your divine truth and grace so that they can be strengthened in your mighty power and always remember that they are brave enough to face all troubles.

Best Prayer Of Abandonment

-Kind Loving Father, I pray to you to hold the hands of these abandoned people who find themselves in a very difficult situation. Bless them with the patience and wisdom to understand that if they can follow your Way, they will receive the warmth of kindness and companionship once again.

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