51+ Prayers For Addiction Recovery and Rebuilding Your Life

For people attempting to overcome their addiction, prayer can be a very effective strategy.

Although overcoming addiction can be a challenging and daunting endeavour, including prayer in one’s everyday activities can be a source of strength, hope, and direction.

Prayer can assist people in cultivating a sense of inner calm and connecting with their inner selves, whether or not they believe in a higher power.

As people join together to discuss their challenges and support one another on their paths to treatment and sobriety, praying for addiction recovery can help foster a sense of community and solidarity.

Powerful Prayers for Overcoming Addiction And Resilience

-O Father, I pray to you for strength and courage as I place my drug-addicted self into your blessed hands. I have recently realized that I have wasted my life unnecessarily, and it breaks my heart. I want to be taken into your shelter and comforted by your peaceful Spirit.

-Lord, the more I have kept myself occupied with drugs and alcohol, it has captivated me and turned me into a sinful person. I have become mentally violent, and it has ruined my stability. No one can save me now except you, so I bow down to you for help.

-Beloved God, I pray to you to give peace to my troubled heart and deliver me from my addictions constantly. I have nobody to reach out to because I trust no one. Everybody is ready to take advantage of my vulnerable condition, and I can only keep faith in you.

-O Good Lord, although I have sinned and ruined my life, I trust your Holy Spirit. I know that only you can restore me to my normal life and help me to get back on my feet so that I can lead a healthy and drug-free life encompassed by you.

-Father Beloved, I am very ashamed to have let myself be dragged into this darkness. But, I know that you turn away anyone, and I will still have a secure place in your mighty heart. I have endless hope in your powers, and I pray to you to cure me.

-Heavenly Lord, for some reason, I ended up believing that addiction is a path that has been laid out for me. I tried to be involved in it to forget my worries and get rid of my problems. Please let me understand that there is a better approach to life.

-Almighty Lord, the phase of youth is so difficult to handle, and I have followed the wrong path. I have let you down, and I forgot that you had made great plans for me. I have failed to understand the purpose of my life. I ask you to forgive me.

-O Loving Lord, I admit that I have fallen prey to bad influences in my life who have led me to believe that drugs and alcohol are a source of great pleasure. I pray to you today that you help me understand my value as a part of your creation.

-Good God, I pray to your Spirit that you let me see myself from your perspective and lead my life in the ideal way that you had expected me to. It is never too late to start again, and I need your grace to get back on the correct path.

-O Gracious Father, I pray to you that you uproot all the negative vices and habits that have been placed within my heart and that have led me to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Reveal my true identity and show me the right direction. Free me from these regrets.

-Lord Beloved, I want to be delivered from this negative Spirit of addiction that takes my endless trust in your love away. Take me into your righteous soul and help me to stay there without being ashamed of my activities. Let me know that I am protected by you forever.

-Good Father, this addiction is a never-ending spiral, from where I can find no way out. Only you can rescue me from this situation before I get so tangled that I can never come back, keep me away from drug abuse, and be my strongest supporter during this tough situation.

-Dear Lord, you are my strength and source of inspiration. It breaks my heart that I have been incapable of following your Holy Word and leading my life according to your commandments. Let your mighty face shine upon your Spirit so that I can get out of this addictive phase.

-O Father, help me as I try to lead a positive life that is clean and free of addiction. Mold my life with all the good things and let it be capable of glorifying your Holy Name one day. For the rest of my life, I want to serve you.

-Good God, never let us be bound within the shackles of drugs and alcohol, which have no practical use for our physical, mental, or spiritual development and serve as a source of momentary relief. Heal our minds that have been administered by this harmful stuff and have been negatively affected.

-Holy Father, this addiction feels like a dungeon from which there is no returning to our safe abode. Only you, the greatest fighter of all times, can rescue us from this impenetrable fortress and take us into your comfortable shelter. Protect us from being implored to be slaves to addiction.

-O Father, allow us to see this world in your light so that we can realize there are more beautiful things to be drugged by instead of drugs and alcohol. Allow us to be drunk in the beauty of your nature and the might of your creations. Bless us, Father.

-Dear Loving Lord, you are already aware that our bodies and minds have been seriously damaged from being exposed to harmful drugs and alcohol for so long. We are broken, and we can only be mended by your Holy Spirit. Help us to lead a healthy life and cure ourselves.

-Dear Good God, I know that you bless the person who tries to stay away from ungodly practices and never walks in the unholy path that sinners have walked upon. But I have done just that. I am sorry for not following you. Please take me back into your shelter.

-Almighty Father, I admit to you that I have made friends with the wrong people who have done me no good but led me to addiction. I pray to you to eradicate such people from my life who have tried to harm me. Introduce me to positive and motivating people.

-Good Gracious God, I am so ashamed that I didn’t even try to see the path that you had laid out for me to follow in life and rather chose to get strayed into the wrong path. Cut out all sources from life that can take me back to addiction.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you to send to me your blessed guardian angels who will intervene in my life with their divine powers bestowed by you and influence me to identify the right track for myself. They will take away every evil desire that my heart is exposed to.

-Dear Lord, although I do want to quit drinking and consuming drugs, I don’t find a strong resolution growing inside me. I think this is happening because my spirits lack your godly presence, and you are not working your way through me. I pray that you come to me, Father.

-Almighty God, I don’t think I’m strong enough to affect my access without our mighty force present in my soul. I pray that you strengthen me deep within my soul so that my inner being is prepared to turn away from the evil desires that torment it all the time.

-O Kind Father, give me the courage to deal with these symptoms of withdrawal from addiction but not fall prey to anything that may tempt me to go back to consuming drugs. The path to recovery isn’t going to be straight, but I choose to keep faith in your actions.

-Loving Good Father, I pray that you help me to overcome every setback that life has given to me as a challenge that I must face with a brave heart. Release me from this prison that only fills my heart with regrets and stress. Take me into your comfortable abode.

-Kind God, I pray that you have mercy upon me. I know that in the situation I am facing currently, nothing can make me feel better other than your unconditional love and care. I call upon your promise to protect your children from being misguided. Bless me with your love.

-Faithful Lord, I pray that your Holy Spirit washes over my soul and cleanses it of all impurities that have led me to do these unholy deeds. If I have to start afresh, I must be assured that there is nothing within my Spirit other than your love and strength.

-Good God, I also pray for every other person who is in a similar condition as me. Protect us, and let us be motivated towards leading a better life that is infused with your Spirit. Let us all follow your path so that you can choose what’s right for us.

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