51+ Good Afternoon Prayers and Blessing (with Images)

Afternoon Prayers must be an important part of our everyday life throughout the day. There is no fixed timing for it, and you can do it whenever you wish to.

We discuss some uplifting prayers that you can say in the afternoon if you have not been feeling good recently.

Short And Sweet Goodnoon Prayers

Good Afternoon Blessing Prayers:

-God, I dedicate my entire day to you- you are a part of all my mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Whatever I do and say id Your will and I am so glad that you are a part of my life. I direct my prayers, wishes, and songs to only You.- Amen

-Father, I can never express properly in words how grateful I am to You for preserving my life and considering me worthy to continue being a part of Your universe. No matter what we want in life, our wishes can never be fulfilled without your blessings and care for us.- Amen

-Father, I am constantly overwhelmed by the shower of gifts on Your behalf, some of which I can’t always comprehend. The more I realize how You have blessed my life and are still doing it, it makes me all the more grateful and lets me humbly submit myself to You.- Amen

-Father, I am a mere human being who is lucky to have secured a place in this wonderful universe of Yours. I have no right or ability to instruct You in any way. All -I can do is follow You. So, I pray to You to nurture faith in me.- Amen

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Prayers For Afternoon

Good noon Gratitude Prayer

-Dear Lord, very good afternoon to You! It fills my heart with happiness and gratitude to realize that You have created this beautiful day for us. I am so glad to be a part of it, look at it, and experience your workings. I wish to rejoice in it fully.- Amen

Afternoon Prayer For Wisdom

-Good Lord, on this day, I pray to You to bless me with wisdom. The kind of wisdom that helps me to create a peaceful and approachable ambiance around myself. I know that if I pray with a genuine heart and with gratitude, I will be blessed with endless wisdom.- Amen

Afternoon Thanksgiving Prayer

-Lord, I thank you a million times for the ultimate blessing of sheer love that you keep showering on me. Thank you for considering me as Your son and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for guiding me and keeping me away from sin, and helping me to identify my mistakes.- Amen

Midday Guidance Prayers

Dear God, I pray to You to constantly look upon us. Teach us the correct path and protect us from doing wrong, the value of time, and the reason we need to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Our days are numbered, and we must know to use them wisely.- Amen

-God, it is true that I can, in no way, know beforehand what this day holds for you. But I am not distressed/overwhelmed by this fact. This is because I know You hold the day and therefore, I am in safe hands. You will always do the right thing.- Amen

-Good Father, I am Your son, and I want to follow Your path in my life. I pray to You that You take control of my every step and order me what to do so that I can walk worthy of Your instructions. Let me be attuned to Your orders.- Amen

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Afternoon Prayers Of God’s Presence

-Father. As I look around myself, I see the marvels of Your creation. You have laid the foundation of the Universe yourself, and you know every single part of it. The sun comes up in the sky at Your will, and this Earth becomes habitable to us due to You.- Amen

-Dear God, all I pray to You is to allow me to acknowledge Your presence in my life throughout the day. No matter what I am doing- doing the dishes, spending time with my kids, or anything else- I must always be able to feel Your presence around me.- Amen

-Father, I want to lead such a life that it becomes an example for others. God resides in every one of us, and I want people to feel the presence of Christ in me. I pray to you that I am polite to everyone I come across throughout the day.- Amen

Prayers For Afternoon

Midday Prayers For People

-Dear God, across the world, many people are in terrible conditions for different reasons. Allow me to be of help to someone in any way I can. Even if I cannot be of help to someone, I make sure that my words and actions should never cause unnecessary hurt to someone.- Amen

-Dear  Father, on this day, I pray for you to reconcile families and nations. I also ask you to allow everyone in Your sphere and give them the valuable opportunity of knowing and understand You and Your ways so that they can eventually be reconciled back to You.- Amen 

-Father, what I say or do throughout the day is an expression of what I feel and how I have been brought up by You. So, I pray to you that my words must always be soothing and peaceful for everyone who hears them. Aligns my actions with Your word.- Amen

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Afternoon Prayers For Protection From Evil

-Dear Father, I pray to You to protect me throughout the day. Keep me away from evil, and don’t let any harm be caused to me. I believe that You are looking after me so I can lead my life without being afraid of anything that can harm me.- Amen

Midday Prayers For Forgiveness

-Father, I know that You are already of the fact that since I am a human being, I am flawed too. I have my faults, and I make mistakes every now and then. So, I pray to You to forgive me for my mistakes and give me a second chance.- Amen

-Father, forgive me if I have ever been unkind or rude to You or anybody. Forgive me if I have acted selfishly and if I have held onto my past without surrendering everything to You. Forgive me for everything, and let me correct myself and embark on the correct path.- Amen

Afternoon Faith Prayers

-O, Father! The moments when I am overwhelmed or restless are so tough to go by. I pray to You to give me strength and the ability to face every difficulty with a brave heart. Let me never lose faith and always run to You whenever I am in trouble.- Amen

-Dear Lord, let me spend more time in Your presence. I pray to You to let me take time out of my regular schedule to read the holy texts and pray to You. This will consolidate my faith in Your power. I will always be prepared for what comes ahead.- Amen

-Dear Lord, I am a child of Yours. I have been created and nurtured by You. Help me to always remember that and never let me forget my self-worth. I must always have self-esteem and hold my head high, and nothing in this world must make me lose faith in myself.- Amen

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Midday Prayer For Strength

-Father, I know how fear and anxiety can ruin a person’s life and snatch away their positivity and confidence. I pray to You to keep me away from them and strengthen me with love and power to deal with everything. When in fear, may I always be reminded of You.- Amen

Prayers For Afternoon

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