50+ Uplifting Prayers Overcome Anger And Resentment

Anger management often appears to be a very difficult task. When we are angry, we lose all our senses and misbehave without thinking. Praying to our Holy Father can help us understand our problems, and He will give us a solution for them. Here are some uplifting prayers for help.

Prayers Overcome Anger And Resentment

Overcoming Anger Prayer

-O Good Father, today I come before you because I want you to help me so that I can become more like your Holy Spirit. You always advise us to think before we speak and be slow to grow wrath in our hearts. Help me to keep this in mind.

Blessing Prayer For Patience

-Dear Lord, I pray to you to give me the blessing of patience so that I can stop myself from being so short-tempered. Look after me at all times so that I never give myself into anger and let it control my mind and heart. Bless me with your might.

Prayer For Remove My Resentment

-Loving God, help me to remember that anger can never produce anything good, and it just takes away from your righteousness. Bless me so that I can hear your graceful Word and obey what you ask me to do. Help me to lead a life that has you in it.

-Dear Good God, as I go through the holy texts, it seems as if every Word carries your holy breath. I have complete faith that everything you have spoken is true, and there is no doubt. I pray that I can focus on these words to stay away from anger.

Prayer For Calm Anger

-Holy Father, I am merely a person, and so I have varied emotions. Very naturally, I won’t react the same way to everything. Anger will be a common experience in life at times. But, I pray to you to keep me away from committing any sin when I am angry.

-Blessed Lord, look over me so that my anger never drives my words or actions. I know that what is done in anger can never be good or bring prosperity to us. Help me to be patient so that I can do everything in my life with love and dedication.

-O Blessed God, you are eternal. If we follow your Holy Word rigorously, it will provide answers that gently take us far away from anger. Make our minds so that we are never stripped up to be angry even when harsh words are spoken or someone behaves harshly with us.

Prayer For Peace

-O Father, as I bow down to you, I pray to you to bless me with a higher maturity, be it emotional or spiritual. Being more mature and wise will keep me away from letting anger take a toll on my thoughts. Help me to resolve all issues with peace.

-Blessed God, I have always seen that when I act hot-tempered, it gives scope to conflict situations. Allow me to be patient and the kind of person who solves a quarrel and calms down instead of making it complicated. We ask for your divine peace and bliss within us.

-Dear Lord, help me to mold my thoughts in such a way that I never hold on to the negative things in my life that will bring me no peace but trouble my mind and heart instead. Allow me to let go of the pessimistic thoughts and focus on optimism.

Prayer For Faith

-O Heavenly Lord, I keep faith in your valuable Word, which teaches us the importance of developing good sense. I pray to you to give me discretion so that I can gradually become slow to anger. I also ask you to be my guide and show me the perfect way.

-Almighty Lord, help me to reflect your blissful Spirit through my character. Let me be faithful to you in all conditions and strive to become the person that you want me to become. We want to be a part of your Holy Being and surround ourselves forever in your love.

Prayer For Make Me Strong

-Good Lord, please direct my way so that my actions are never based on my emotions, especially when they are heightened. Make me strong so that I can be patient when life challenges me with troubling situations. I consider these times to be your test of my control over anger.

Prayer For Blissful Grace

-Dear Good God, my transgressions or offensive actions and words can only be overlooked when I have the blessings of your endless glory and blissful grace within my Spirit. Allow me to become kind so that I seek revenge from no one and never harbor any resentment in my heart.

Prayer For Protection

-O Good Father, protect me from elements that let me be provoked too quickly and flood my Spirit with anger. Remind me that anger is a quality found only in fools. Bless me so that I can strive to be a better reflection of your Holy Spirit in my soul.

Prayers For Strength

-Father, give me strength so that I can resist the conventional ways of this world that encourage us to give in easily to anger. Bless me so that I can be faithful to you under any circumstances. Help us to follow your Holy Word so that we make no mistakes.

Free from Resentment Prayer

-Good Father, teach me to be firm and conscious when I communicate with other people but also be gentle in my words. Bless me with the right words so that I speak no wrong. Look after me when I speak so that I never hurt someone or say something offensive.

-Eternal Lord, bless my words so that when I speak to other people, I give out the message of hope and peace. Let me be your messenger and be capable of letting others feel your holy presence within myself. Allow me to edify, motivate, and comfort them on your behalf.

-O Lord, I give you the power to govern all aspects of my life. Take control of my emotions as well. I want you to reign over my every feeling so that I react how you want me to. When I let the emotions drive me, they eradicate my glory.

Thanksgiving Prayer

-Almighty God, I thank you for your bliss that doesn’t let conflict be a part of our lives. The peace we get from you is something that we cannot receive from anyone else in this world. Protect us, and keep our hearts calm whenever it wants to give in to anger.

Victory Over Anger Prayer

-Beloved Lord, help me to control my temper. Make me understand that if people don’t treat us well, we have nothing to do about it. We can’t get mad because it won’t be fair to us. Help us to be kind enough to forgive and forget for our mental peace.

-Good God, when we get too upset or heated about something and keep the anger growing within ourselves, it never goes away easily, stays, and spreads the venom that pollutes our hearts. So, no matter how unfair the situation is, we must learn to have a grip over our temper.

-Beloved God, I believe only when I can control my anger will I be regarded as a sensible person. Allow me to earn respect for myself and glory for you by overlooking the mistakes or negative things that enrage me. Teach me to lead an honorable life full of glory.

Give Courage And Wisdom

-Blessed Father, although I ask you to help me control my rage, I also ask you to not make me weak so that I cannot define myself when someone does something seriously wrong or unjust to me. Give me the courage and wisdom to stand my ground at all times.

Prayer Of Guidance for Anger

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you that you recognize the growth of fear in my heart and guide me on how to eradicate it. Show me how I can remedy the situation that is causing the anger. I give every situation into your hands and ask you to instruct me.

-Almighty God, when I am engulfed by anger, I would try to find a way to solve the problem. I would bow down to you and ask for your help, but I would never lose myself to it. Never Let the negative anger pass through my peaceful and wise psyche.

Prayer For Calm Mind Prayer

-O Lord Beloved, look over my actions when I am enraged. Allow me to volunteer that time to do something good, something that will take my mind off the matter. Shift my focus from what or who has induced my anger and let me put my mind to something constructive.

-O Good Father, I pray to you for the situation I am in. I have always believed that no matter how hard we try, we can never make a change if you don’t let us do so. Our hearts can only be softened when we have your blessings upon us.

-Father, bless me so that I never say anything obscene or give malice a place in my heart. Allow me to be forgiving and never complain about others. Give me humility and patience, and allow me to keep your Holy Words in my soul at all times under all circumstances.

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