51 Prayers For Anxiety: Immediately Relive Discomfort And Calm

Anxiety is a form of mental illness. When doubt, stress, and fear start to creep their way into our minds, it can make us under-confident. The best way to get out of this is to be positive in life. Indulge in uplifting prayers which can help you to feel better.

Prayers to Calm Your Anxiety

-Jesus, today I have the burden of several worries on my mind. It is gradually becoming unbearable. I pray to you to let me have faith in your mercy and kindness. Let me never forget that you will bring cheer and happiness to my sad and worn-out life.– Amen

-Dear God, I pray to your Holy Spirit to look after me and guide me. Show me the path that I must follow today to get rid of my anxiety. Eradication of all things from my heart and mind is making me anxious and clearing my mind of doubt.– Amen

-Father, every time I turn to you, my mind and heart is relaxed, and I rest in you. I believe that only you can restore my broken soul and worried spirit. I focus on meditation, and the more I think about you, I find peace and calm in my heart.– Amen

-Dear Loving Lord, these anxious thoughts are multiplying inside my mind and the pain is inexplicable. I turn to you today for help. As I bow down to you in prayer, I ask you to soothe me, comfort me, and let me focus on the things that make me happy.– Amen

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Prayers to Overcome Anxiety

-O God, I want to divert my mind from this anxiety and focus on you. I want to have blind trust in your promise and assurance of protecting and supporting me through my tough times. Your presence calms my mind and heart and doesn’t let me worry about trivial things.– Amen

-Oh Loving Jesus, today I pray to you to help me get rid of these obsessive negative thoughts that my mind is occupied with. Help me to stop clinging to these depressing thoughts and overthinking them in my head. This just makes me all the more anxious and takes away my peace.– Amen

-O Loving Lord, today I bow down before you and give to you all my worries and tensions. Every minor thing that bothers me is all yours now. You decide what to do with them and how I can avoid being worn down by them unnecessarily and get some peace.– Amen

Prayers For Anxiety

Quiet My Anxious Heart

-O Loving God, I know that I have disappointed you by not trusting your providence. Forgive me, please. Help me to revive my faith and make it stronger than before so that I know you better. Give me the kind of trust that never doubts or questions your methods/actions.– Amen

-Loving Father, I just can’t eradicate these thoughts that continue to torture my mind and heart. I know that it is pointless to overthink or be so nervous about the circumstances but I can’t help it. Please guide me through this, and show me what would be right to do.– Amen

-Dear Good Lord, I pray to you to forgive me for burdening myself with these things, considering in my mind that they must be managed right away. Let me believe that this is your work and whatever you do will always be a better action than what I would do. – Amen

-Dear God, today I confess to you that I have harbored in myself the bad habit of not believing in your power and not relying on your ability to help me. I ask you to forgive me for letting these practices interfere with my trust in you and your Word.– Amen

-Good Loving Father, today I pray to you to help me break this thought pattern which is extremely unhealthy and ruins my mental health. Please don’t let me fret for no reason at all. Give me clarity of thought and give me back the ability to think and act clearly.– Amen

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Feel God’s Love and Care

-Father, I have been blessed with the ability to trust you and your ways in every aspect of my life. You are more concerned about it than I am, I know that. Please look after me. I trust you more than anybody, and I know I am in safe hands.– Amen

-Dear Almighty Father, it is only because of you that I strive to accomplish things in my life that I have thought myself incapable of up till now. I am so grateful to you for being so attentive to every need or concern-big or small, and taking care of me.– Amen

-O God, I am so grateful to you for taking away the issues that torment me. With you by my side, I feel so much better, and I find new hope in my life. My mind is recovering from its distractions and I feel that I can love someone again.– Amen

-Dear God, it makes me so happy to remind myself that I am your child, and you are my Guardian. You will never forget me and never let me feel left out. Even if other people in my life have forsaken me, I know that you are a constant supporter.– Amen

-O God, no matter how hard I try, I am unable to make good use of the spiritual comfort that you have given us endlessly. Please help me. Let me have faith in your wisdom and kindness. Don’t let the evil powers demotivate me, devour me, and impurify my soul.– Amen

Prayers for the Overwhelmed Heart

-O Lord, I believe in my heart that nothing can break me as long as I have faith in your powers. Let me be steadfast and stand strong in my trust in you. Today I ask you to help me get over these things that are pretty overwhelming to me.– Amen

-O Great Lord, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sustaining me so far and I pray to you to continue doing so for me in the coming days. Father, I ask you for strength and confidence to withstand these responsibilities that appear so overwhelming to me.– Amen

Prayers For Anxiety
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Prayers for Peace Over Worry

God, please relieve me of this pressure which is gradually becoming intolerable. I pray to you to carry this heavy load on my behalf of me or at least make it lighter and easier for me to carry. When I walk in your presence, things seem a little easier than before.– Amen

-Good Loving God, I feel that I am gradually sinking into this deep hole of apprehension and self-doubt where there is no light and hope. Please help me to get back on firm footing and trust you without any doubt. Let me know that there is nothing impossible for me.– Amen

-Father, I pray to you to give me back the authority I had over myself and let me govern my inner growth and peace. Give me the power of vigilance against all evil powers which are constantly trying to bring me down and make me diligent enough to resist temptations.– Amen

Prayers for Mercy And Strength

-Lord, these days, I often get the feeling that circumstances in my life are crushing me to bits. But, even in these times, it makes my heart flutter with happiness that I still have the blessing of your mercy and strength in me. You are always there by my side.– Amen

-O Father, you are the Eternal Lord and only you can save me now. Help me to always have faith in your strength and mercy on us, I submit to you all my burdens and I ask you to lead me. I place my life completely in your hands today.– Amen

-Loving Lord, today I keep all my problems at your disposal, where there is grace and mercy. I firmly trust your kindness and I know that your Divine message of guidance will look after me and uplift my spirits. I pray for your merciful hand to be always upon me.– Amen

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Finding Calm to Quiet Your Soul

-Father, in my anxiety, I turn to you, and I pray to you to keep me protected in your hands. Eradicate all fear within me and bless me with your transcending peace that calms my mind and soul and helps me to shine into the bright life of this world.– Amen

-Father, I pray to you for my scattered and disturbed mind and heat. Please help me, calm my faculties and bless me with a tranquil mind and kind heart. Make me thoughtful so that I never deviate into apprehension. Help me to get over this constant feeling of unease.– Amen

-Father, I just pray to you to let my soul cling to you and your thoughts rather than on the negative thoughts that ruin my mental peace and make me anxious. Let my mind be fixated on the kind promises you’ve made and the way you work in our lives.– Amen

-Lord, I think my soul is completely fractured right now. It needs to be mended and healed by you. Father, please defend me, rescue me from being hit by these strong currents of anxiety, and don’t let them drown me. Protect me from being pulled apart by these troubling thoughts.– Amen

Prayers For Anxiety

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