50+ Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

Travelling can be exciting, but when it comes to boarding flights, many people are overcome by fear and anxiety. These uplifting prayers for air travelers can make them submit their fears to the Holy Lord and ask Him to take proper care of them when they are on a flight.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

-Loving Lord Beloved, bless me with your peace and strength, for I am an anxious air traveler, in need of your constant guidance and love as I board this flight. Teach me to relax and remember that you are the Lord of our lives, and therefore I must trust you.

 Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

-Good God, as I step on this plane today, I place all my trust in you. I know that even if no one validates my fears, you will understand me, and you will bless me with the strength and perseverance I need while going through this difficulty for me.

-Savior Almighty, before boarding a flight, remind me to always spend some time meditating in the calmness of your Spirit and that you take care of those who love and revere you and believe in your enormous influence over our lives. Allow me to praise you with all my heart.

-Precious Creator, I had always looked towards you when I needed love and motivation in every aspect of my life, big or small. As I find myself in a difficult situation regarding my fear of boarding and being on a flight, I want you to come and lead my way.

-Good Father, while I’m on this flight, allow me to see your image in my heart so that all feelings of fear and anxiety can be eradicated. Allow me to be able to feel your mighty protection around me all the time, knowing that you will help me land safely.

-Kind Holy Deity, we are living in very difficult times right now. With the fear of the coronavirus constantly threatening us wherever we go, we want your divine protection and care more urgently than ever. Be with us, especially when we are outside our homes, traveling by road or air.

-Dear Protector, the constant fear of illnesses from virus infections has made boarding flights more fearful. Therefore, I pray to you for the welfare of myself and other passengers and crew members. Keep your loving protection over us all, and be with us as we go on this journey together.

-Heavenly Good God, I ask for your grace and guidance to be with the people who take care of us during the flight. Let us remember that we are still not completely over the fear of the coronavirus, and so we must always be cautious and alert regarding social distancing.

-Faithful Father, I have often experienced sickness while boarding flights. This has grown an inexplicable fear within me that makes me avoid flights as much as possible. Therefore, I want you to be with me whenever I have no choice but to travel by air. All glory be to you.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, please bless my mind and heart with complete peace so that whenever I am traveling by air, I can feel comfortable and peaceful knowing that I am in the divine shelter of your Holy Spirit, and therefore, I must not worry about anything that may go wrong.

Good Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

-Dear Great Master, I ask you to look after the welfare of every person who boards the flight along with me. Bless us with your patience and love so that whoever of us is afraid of traveling by plane can have the divine reassurance of you taking control of everything. 

-Eternal Savior, I constantly find my heart troubled whenever I have to catch a flight. Therefore, when I am at the airport, waiting to board the plane, I pray to you to comfort my troubled mind and reassure me that you are going to be with me throughout the flight.

-Holy Father, you would never want us to develop a spirit of fear and anxiety. As I find myself to be an anxious air traveler, I submit myself to you, and I ask you to bless me with the strength I need to while I am onboard the plane.

-Blessed Lord, I have always been lucky to receive your strength and love whenever I have been crippled by fear. I believe you to be with me when I am traveling by air and remind me that you will protect me from danger and I will reach my destination safely.

-Dear Kind Deity, whenever I find myself focusing on the fears related to flying, allow me to turn towards your graceful love and think of you so that I can’t divert myself from developing negative images in my mind. Teach me to always look towards you for love and inspiration.

-Lord Jehovah, there are no words to express how grateful I have been for your constant care and compassion. I feel blessed to have received your guidance and mercy in every aspect of my life, and so I ask you to take care of my fear of traveling by air.

-Father Beloved, before I leave home and head to the airport, I spend some time praying to you so that you can come to me through your Spirit and allow me to feel your divine hand of protection and love upon myself throughout the flight so that I feel comfortable.

-Holy Creator, I believe that the grace of your faithful, eternal love endures in our lives forever, and you have always kept us secure from any dangers we may face anywhere we go. I place myself into your hands on this flight, and I trust you with all my heart.

Nice Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

-Dear Almighty Protector, I pray to you against any inconvenience that I may have to encounter while traveling by air. Comfort me and constantly reassure me that I need not worry about anything because you have total control over everything, and therefore, my flight will always be successful and comfortable.

-Blessed Savior, traveling by air can be very tough for some people, but I believe that when we have faith and respect for you, nothing is difficult, and you will help us overcome our fears and anxieties. With your strength, we are completely capable of doing anything we want to.

-Gracious Good God, since the Covid times are very difficult, bless me with the wisdom to avoid flying as much as possible. Even so, if we do have to travel, allow us to remember to take all necessary precautions and pray with a humble heart before we board the plane.

-Savior Beloved, there are no words to explain how nervous I am regarding taking this flight. My mind is troubled, and I seek your divine love and understanding. Please come to me and ease my fears and anxieties so that I can fly, knowing that I am safe and protected.

-Gracious Almighty, remind me that I must never travel with a distressed heart because that will make me more uncomfortable. Comfort me through the healing power of your Holy Spirit and reassure me that when you are with me, nothing can ever go wrong only if I can be faithful.

-Precious Holy Protector, I cannot understand why I feel so apprehensive about traveling by air. Every moment, I am brought down by my fears. Bless me with the perseverance to understand that you are in charge of everything that happens, and you will take control over this flight as well.

-Beloved Creator bless me with composure to realize that no matter how afraid I’m of traveling by air, I must not make my co-passengers or crewmembers uncomfortable in any way. Teach me to be adaptive and adjust to the circumstances instead of complaining unnecessarily that may be uncomfortable to others.

-Lord Jehovah, build my faith and conscience in the grace of your godly protection and compassion so that while I am traveling by air, I can always remember that there is no need for me to be anxious because of your guidance and safety will help me reach my destination securely.

-Good Lord, my work needs me to travel by air. As I find myself anxious before boarding the flight, I ask for your hedge of protection to surround me forever so that I can stay away from all dangers that may be imminent for someone who is traveling by plane.

-Precious Master, I pray for your divine grace and love to be imparted upon me so that I can reach my destination after I complete this flight, safely and healthy. Look after me and keep me safe from any sort of physical danger that I may encounter throughout the flight.

-Loving Lord, you have always been able to understand my fears and anxieties, and you know how afraid I am to get on board this plane. Therefore, I pray to you to eradicate all fears and assure me constantly that I am going to have a safe and comfortable flight.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers For Anxious Air Travelers

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