50+ Prayers for Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself means having faith in yourself, believing that you can do what you are aiming for without paying attention to the discouraging opinion of others that might instill a sense of self-doubt in yourself.

Thus here are some prayers that will keep you uplifted and will help you to believe in yourself.

Prayers for believing in yourself

Prayers For Help Me

-Oh Supreme Lord, you know me best, you know my strengths and my weaknesses, thus kindly help me at times when I am confused, full of self-doubts, and at times when I fail to make any kind of decisions, help me understand my strengths and help me to make suitable decisions in life.

-Dear Lord, kindly stay by my side, may I be able to believe in myself before I expect someone else to believe in me. Bless me so that I can always stay positive and help me such that I can keep motivating myself that ‘I can do it till the time I don’t achieve my goal.

-Oh Almighty God, shower your blessings on me such that I can always have faith in myself and can execute my plans confidently just the way I want without bothering about the opinions of others since everyone would have a different perspective and opinions that might create confusion and doubts.

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Prayer To keep me under your guidance

-Oh, Everlasting God, kindly keep me under your guidance, bless me so that I can believe in myself, help me be confident about myself but also keep a check on me such that I don’t turn out to be overconfident since that might work adversely against me. Thus Lord kindly stays with me while I celebrate my achievements and push me to work for my next goal.

-Oh Heavenly Father, I pray to you may you stay by those who are morally shattered due to their constant failures, help them built their self-confidence again such that they can start having faith in themselves. Give them hope, guide them such that they can start all over again. Amen.

-Oh Supreme Lord, everything we do includes its risks, thus kindly stay with us, guide us such that we never stop trying due to the fear of losing, bless us with inner strength and willpower, such that we can have faith in ourselves and can keep on chasing our goals till we don’t achieve it.

-Oh Almighty God, I pray to you kindly stay by my side, be my torch-bearer, guide me through my darkest phase, embrace me with your love and care at times when I go through my lowest phase, the times when I doubt myself and my judgments, the times when I cant believe in myself and my abilities. Amen.

-Oh, Everlasting God, may you help people realize that the first step towards one’s success is to have belief in oneself. God kindly makes them realize that if they doubt themselves, then they can’t pursuit others to believe in them which might affect them morally, as a result of which they might lack their motivation to proceed.

Prayers For Believing in Yourself And your Confidence

-Oh Lord of Love and power, in this busy world where people are busy running behind wealth and success, may you remind them to love themselves since self-love would help them built their confidence as a result of which they would start believing in themselves, which in turn would help them focus on their goals.

-Oh Heavenly Father, may you surround every individual with a supportive and motivating environment since such an environment helps them recognize their strength, and fosters their confidence as a result of which they start believing in themselves; such individuals often grow up to be more outgoing and don’t hesitate to try new stuffs.

-Oh Lord of love and power, help those who are continuously suppressing their will to do something and are hesitating to take their first step towards their aim since they are afraid of public criticism and mocking. Lord, may you help them boost their confidence so that they can believe in themselves and keep trying till they succeed without thinking about the judgemental society.

-Oh Everlasting God, often criticism cripples an individual’s confidence, they stop believing in themselves and even lose their hopes to improve thus they end up giving up on the things they love, some stop chasing their dreams and settle down for a safer option. Lord let no individual ever stop believing in themselves just for fear of criticism. 

Prayers To Give Hope And Courage

-Oh Almighty God, you know the value of trusting someone, it takes a lot of courage for an individual to trust someone, but when that trust is broken, that incident tends to give rise to self-doubt as a result of which an individual stops believing in themselves. Thus God helps those suffering from trust issues, help them such that they never stop believing in themselves. 

-Dear Almighty God, shower your blessings on those who have gathered a lot of courage to start something new. May they never stop believing in themselves, motivate them, give them hopes such that they can execute what they have planned for themselves without hesitation or second thoughts. Amen.

-Oh Heavenly Father, bless me with the power of acceptance, such that I can accept my failures without losing faith in myself, provide me with your courage so that I can aim towards achieving my goal and start all over again without getting disappointed and without losing my hopes. Amen.

-Oh Lord of Love and power, may my past failed experiences and insecurities related to it never be able to crumble my faith; bless me with your courage so that I can always believe in myself and that I can achieve my goals with my hard work and dedication.   

Oh Almighty God, I believe that I can succeed in my plans only when you show me my path; it has always been you who have encouraged me and helped me to believe in myself; it is you who have pushed me to check my limits which have to lead me to great results, God I am grateful to you kindly stay by my side always and keep showering your blessings on me.

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Prayer For Faith in themselves

-Oh Supreme Lord, after a certain age, people tend to enclose themselves under certain prenotion age limits, as a result of which they slowly lose faith in themselves. Lord help such individuals rebuild their faith in themselves such that they can continue doing things they love; may nothing stop them from trying and exploring new things.

-Oh Supreme Lord, may this mankind never stop believing in themselves. May they realize that if they keep faith in themselves, then no one can stop them from achieving what they want. Lord, kindly stay with them and provide them with inner strength such that they can always remain confident about themselves.

Blessing Prayers

-Oh Almighty God, every human being in this world are unique, all of us are equally important, and every one of us has some specific duties and obligations to fulfill in our life that can only be executed if we believe in ourselves. Thus Lord blesses us so that we can have faith in ourselves, that we can take up our responsibilities and fulfill them diligently. Amen.

-Oh Almighty Lord, bless me such that I can always believe in myself, may others opinion about me never change my perspective about myself, I believe and my ideas so that I never doubt myself and my abilities. Lord bless me such that I can accept and love myself just the way I am. Amen.

-Oh Heavenly Father, kindly keep me under your surveillance; I pray to you kindly always control my speech and my actions, such that anything that I say doesn’t hurt other’s feelings may my actions never instill a sense of self-doubt in someone else. Bless me such that I can spread positivity, encourage others and help them believe in themselves and their abilities.

Oh Supreme Lord, Thank you for always showering your blessings on me, thank you for helping me cross my obstacles, it’s only because of your blessings that I have learned to believe in myself; it is by your grace that I can trust my judgments and decisions since I know and I believe that you are always with me guiding and controlling my actions.

-Oh Supreme Lord, may every individual have faith in their abilities, may they never get insecure of others’ abilities, Lord may you instill your goodness in them such that they can be happy in someone else happiness and can celebrate with them in their achievements without any feeling of jealousy or inferiority.

-Oh, Everlasting God, may people stop comparing themselves with others since this might give rise to insecurities leading them towards questioning themselves, their lifestyle, their beliefs, and ideas. God helps them such that they may always believe in themselves and that they can achieve their goals with their abilities and hard work.

-Oh Lord of love and power, bless me so that I can influence people to believe in themselves, bless me so that I can make others realize that you have created every one of us differently with different talents and abilities and that every individual can believe in themselves when they nurture their inner skills and abilities.

-Oh Lord of love and power, human life includes ups and downs, it’s full of difficulties as there will always be people competing against each other. Thus Lord, may you always help individuals boost their morals so that they can believe in themselves that they can confidently fight against any challenge life throws at them.

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