50+ Prayers For A Broken Heart: Find Comfort in Times of Pain

Being humans, it is natural that our hearts are broken. Every one of us goes through a difficult phase at some point in our life. These times are hard, and it is quite obvious to feel helpless. But, the Loving Almighty Father will protect us and mend our broken hearts.

Prayers For A Broken Heart To Overcome Grief

-O Dear God, as I come before your Mighty Spirit today, I admit that I feel weary, and there seems to be a lot of burden upon my heart. I can’t take this anymore, and I can find no hope. I pray to you to look after my troubled heart.

 Prayers For A Broken Heart

-Dear Father, I know that in times of trouble, when our minds and hearts are delirious, and they find no peace, you will provide us with rest. So, I trust you with my life and give my heart to you so you can decide what’s best for me.

-O Father, I promised to learn what you have to teach me. I will always remember that your guide will take me to better places, and as long as I follow every word you speak, I have nothing to be afraid or anxious about, and my heart will be protected.

-Dear Good Father, my heart is broken now, which takes away my mental peace and courage to continue with my life. Even when I am hopeless, I believe in your healing power, and I trust you to mend my heart so that I get better quickly.

-O Heavenly Father, I call upon your unconditional peace within my soul so that my mind is distracted from the things that have hurt me deeply and broken my heart. You are always aware of the things that are not good for my soul. Please remove them from my life.

-O Lord, I pray to your Almighty Spirit within me so that your divine ways are worked out through my life, and I prepared to face any uncomprehended situation in my life. Motivate me every day so that I am never surprised by the bad phases in my life.

-Dear Father, it is so satisfying to know that no matter what happens, your peace remains constantly in our hearts. We are never deprived of your watchful affection, and you will always be there for us when we need you. Thank you for always being so wonderfully loving to us.

-O Lord, although my heart is broken, I choose not to be troubled by such issues, and I promise to bounce back in life. I know I am capable because you will never let us fall prey to negative elements and motivate us to work for the best.

-Lord Beloved, I pray today that all the good things you have set aside for us become fruitful in our lives as soon as possible. Let us be able to bring glory to your Holy Spirit as we work to achieve success and happiness in our lives.

-Loving Father, I seek your endless glory to fight against my broken heart. I pray to you to rescue me from falling into this pit of stress and depression. I ask all of this negativity growing within me to be released. Fill our spirits instead with love and good virtues.

-Good God, I pray to your Holy Being that my soul is always blessed by your heavenly peace that is more precious than anything else this life has to offer. Be with us at every single moment of our lives so that we are always assured of your blessed presence.

-Heavenly God, I have always found your yoke easier than anything else, and you have never given me any burdens. I feel light and comforted when I rely on you, and so I pray to you today to release every load that my heart is being heavy with right now.

Amazing Prayers For A Broken Heart

-O Good Father, all this burden that has been placed upon my broken heart, I cast onto your Holy Spirit because I know that only you know the prowler way to deal with it. I trust you with everything, and I promise to follow everything you ask me to do.

-Dear Father, I believe in your power that will sustain me. I know that if I can lead a righteous life protected by your Holy presence, nothing can break me or cause me sadness. I choose not to be brought down by heartbreak, and I would follow your path instead.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you that no matter what happens to me, I must never lose the gift of this steadfast faith that I have in you. As long as this faith is there, I will never be demotivated, and no negative element can cause any harm to me.

-Good God, I trust every commandment that you have spoken. I always believe that they make me complete as a human being in this world, and there are bop chances of me feeling broken. You will mend my broken heart, and all my open wounds will be healed with time.

-Gracious Father, this heartbreak appears to be so overwhelming, and it messes with my mind. My soul is uncomfortable, and it seeks shelter in your blissful comfort. I want your everlasting peace and compassion to reign in my soul so that anything I strive to do is successful and productive.

-O Almighty God, I will always trust your understanding over mine because I don’t think my petty mind is capable of understanding the complexities of the world. I will walk in your footsteps, and nothing must be able to distract me from following you. Bless me with your grace, Father.

-Dear God, I know that trying to stray away from you and having faith in our ability without your presence is fruitless, and it has always caused us uncontrollable pain instead of happiness. I trust you with all my heart, and I pray to you to look after our gains.

-Loving God, I am so grateful to know that I live this life given by you as a gift with your mighty peace deep within my soul. Because of that, this troubling situation doesn’t seem very difficult to me. I will be able to overcome it eventually.

Great Prayers For A Broken Heart

-Blessed God, I can realize that your diving Spirit is working through my soul as I recover gradually, and my heart is at peace. I express my gratitude to you for making my soul peaceful and giving me the clarity of mind I was looking for all along in life.

-Lord Beloved, I have seen that our emotional wounds hurt us more than our physical injuries. It takes a lot of patience and trust to get healed by you and review the blessing of your unconditional comfort that makes us feel better whenever we are in despair and need you.

-Dear Father, you have always been the Divine Redeemer. You are completely aware of all the hassles that my heart has gone through, and you know very well that I am suffering right now. I give myself into your mighty Spirit and ask you to do what’s correct for me.

-Heavenly Father, it is only you who can fix all the issues in my life that trouble my heart, and I believe in your effortless ways. Protect me from being broken by the tribulations that come my way, look after my soul, and bless me with your healing Spirit constantly.

-Good God, will you, please consider me worthy of your love and thus touch every part of me that is broken with your affectionate hands. Heal my soul so that it forgets everything that has caused it pain and moves towards better things that life has to offer every day.

-Loving Father, be kind enough to mend my broken heart and relieve me of this pain. Only if you want can this discomforting feeling be eradicated from my mind and become completely unfamiliar to me. I call upon your blissful comfort whenever I feel isolated, and I need your help.

-Gracious Lord, this heartbreak is gradually taking over my soul, and I find its grip getting tighter around me. I can find no way to escape from the trouble, and in these difficult times, I can only think of you. You are the only source of hope I can find.

-Father, I acknowledge your grace in everything I do or say, and I am so grateful to you for looking after my broken heart and guiding me through the correct path. You have made us strong enough to face all the hardships in life, and we are grateful to you.

Best Prayers For A Broken Heart

-Almighty Father, I pray to you to bless us so that we can choose your peace to be attained within ourselves. Thank you for giving us access to reach out to you with our problems whenever we are distraught. Thank you for guiding us whenever we need your assistance.

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