57+ Prayers For The Clean Air Around Us

Nature has always provided for us abundantly. The gift of clean and fresh air is a blessing that we have been lucky to receive from our Almighty father.

We must pray every day to Him and express our gratitude to Him as well as ask Him to protect the environment.

Prayers For The Clean Air Around Us: Breathing Easy

-O Dear Lord, the scriptures have revealed to us that everything around us is a part of your mighty creation. You have created everything, big or small, by your own hands, and this handiwork is just a representation of your magnificence. Thank you for the blessing of this beautiful nature.

-O Good Father, although this Universe has been created by you, we are the apparent owners because we reside in this beautiful Earth. I pray to you to bless us with your grace so that we can understand the value of the power we hold and use it very wisely.

Prayers For The Clean Air Around Us

-Precious Holy Creator, we must always remember that we, along with this Universe, have been created in your mighty divine power, and we must never be proud of the apparent power we hold. I pray to you to bless our minds so that we can look upon ourselves as stewards.

-Lord Jehovah, we are often naive, and we do not consider the blessing of clean and fresh air around us very important. This is why we end up misusing our resources. I pray to you to grant us the knowledge so that we can tread upon this soft ground lightly.

-Dear Great Almighty, the resources that we have in this beautiful Nature are gifts given by you, and I believe that we must cherish them p[roeprly, validating their importance in our lives. Thank you for the clean air that we breathe, without which our bodies would have been damaged.

-Kind Loving God, let us remember that the resources in their nature are not just for us, but they are to serve the coming generations. Let us never misuse the clean and pure air around us, keeping in mind that our usage affects future generations and their consumption of resources.

-O Gracious Master, I pray to you to spread your graceful protection over the clean air we breathe so that it can remain pure and unaffected for many years to come. Bless all our generations so that they can also enjoy the gifts that we have been lucky to receive.

-Almighty Lord, we are servants of the mighty Universe created by you. Let us remember that our activities have a direct impact on your image, and therefore we must always be careful towards the element of nature. Bless us so that we can bring endless glory to your Holy name.

-O Merciful Creator, I can understand how much you adore your creations, and therefore we must learn to reflect that love through our approach to the natural elements. We must remember that you love what you have created, and we must do nothing to destroy it or defile its purity.

-Great God. I pray to you to give direction and wisdom to the people who have lost track and are plunged into negligence. Open their eyes to nature and let them understand why it is important to be grateful for having the blessing of clean and fresh air to breathe.

-Savior Beloved, we may have neglected the importance of pure air in our lives, and the result has been devastating. The world is already plagued by the issues of pollution. Guide us well so that we can get back on the correct path and learn to use our gifts wisely.

Excellent Prayers For The Clean Air Around Us

-Dear Holy Spirit, your divine presence in our souls is an indication of the fact that your love finds its true reflection in what we do or how we behave. So, grant us the wisdom to take proper care of this planet and imbibe your compassion in our regular activities.

-Loving Lord, let us always remember in our hearts that you have walked through this Earth, and you have also breathed the same air that we do. So, we must work hard to protect the sanctity of the air by keeping it clean and doing nothing to destroy its clarity.

-O Holy Father, this Universe has always been blessed by your Holy Spirit that has infused its magical power into everything, giving rise to everything good and everything fresh and lively. I pray to you to teach us the value of life and always treat it with respect and humility.

-O Merciful Protector, I pray before you majestic Holy Spirit, and I ask you to come to us when we are in grave danger. The purity of the air we breathe is being compromised, and only you can renew the lost vigor in your creation, giving us back our abundance.

-Almighty Blessed God, the lack of awareness in people living on this Eary gets us thinking about the assurance of your presence in our souls. Our minds are filled with doubts, and we are ashamed of our behavior. Please restore your Holy image in our hearts by guiding us well.

-Good Loving God, I am ashamed to admit that we have been careless in our approach to the gifts of nature. We have taken the blessing of clean and fresh air for granted, and we haven’t treated it well. Turn us into faithful and careful stewards dedicated to your purpose.

-O Holy Being, your blessings on us are countless, and you have showered us with uncountable favors. But, amongst them, having clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and an abundant rich Earth to live in are some things that we must always be truly grateful to you for.

-Beloved Master, I pray to you to keep the spark of life alive in nature for many more years to come so that we can pass on the inheritance of an abundant Earth with clean and fresh natural resources to our future generations and make them humble to you forever.

-O Eternal Protector, I pray to you to bless our minds and hearts so that we can experience the liveliness in your Holy Word, knowing how they infuse life into us and teach us the proper way to validate the resources we have. Reveal your glory in its sheer grace.

-Almighty Blessed Father, this Earth is your mighty creation, and nothing in it can happen without your Holy Will guiding it to function. Please command the natural resources to maintain their sanctity and give us the wisdom to rise above our petty, selfish needs and think for the entire mankind.

-Heavenly Master, we have been misguided, and so we now seek your guidance in our lives. Show us the correct way that we must lead to make healthy environmental choices and protect the abundance of the resources we have. Lead us into a healthier and safer environment to live in.

-Good Gracious Almighty, we have forgotten how much you love us and care for us. Nobody can ever be more concerned about our welfare than you are. We apologize for not having returned the favor by validating the blessings you have selflessly showered upon us and provided for our welfare.

-Kind Lord, she would never have functioned if it wasn’t for the natural resources that have protected our bodies and minds and kept us going without being worried about our health. Protect these resources so that our welfare is never compromised. All glory and praise be to your Holy name.

-Faithful Beloved, consumerism has engulfed our environmental awareness, and in a rush for wanting more and leading a luxurious life, we have defiled the sanctity of the environment and polluted the resources we have. Our air is impure, and we have not been able to protect it. Forgive us, Father.

Best  Prayers For The Clean Air Around Us

-Blessed Father, I pray to you to always keep us mindful of the great value of clean air. Let us always remember that it is very precious, and we must never do anything to destroy its purity or lead to its abolishment from the environment. Please guide us well, Lord.

-Gracious Good God, I pray to keep us together so that we can always work hard for the protection of this environment and all the important resources in it. Remind us that they can be vulnerable, and we need to handle them very carefully and wisely as you would have.

-Holy Creator remind us forever that the blessing of clean and fresh air is not just for us. We must be considerate and learn to share these gifts among ourselves, maintaining the welfare of the entire mankind. Give us the kindness our hearts need today to learn how to share.

-Beloved Holy Spirit, we place every polluted element in this nature in your merciful hands, and we ask you to eradicate them from this Universe so that we can get back to having the environment that is full of vigor and has abundance needed for every resident on this Earth.

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