47+ Prayers For A Clean Heart: Seeking Divine Purity in Life

All our wishes and dreams would be granted only if our hearts were pure and our motive was just. So, we must pray to the Lord to bless our hearts with purity and honesty so that we can be worthy of receiving His love and unconditional grace in our lives.

Prayers For A Clean Heart and a Renewed Spirit

-Lord Beloved, bless my heart with complete freedom so that I can love you with all my capacity. You are the embodiment of compassion itself, and it would be a great honor to love with as much gratitude and honesty as you have given to our hearts with great humility.

-Blessed Savior, watch over my heart so that I can never be too self-absorbed to forget the divine presence of your Holy Spirit in my soul. Allow me to know and love you with a pure heart and feel your presence in every person I shall encounter in my life.

-Loving God, bless me with a pure heart that is filled with the joy of your eternal peace. Let my heart always brim with great happiness, knowing that the ultimate goal of my life is to stay rooted in your eternal love forever, irrespective of what circumstances I may face.

-Almighty, Good Father, I pray to you to bless my heart with purity and faith so that I may never doubt you or your important role in my life. Allow me to trust your faithfulness, knowing that you will always have a plan for me to follow.

-Heavenly Master, let my heart with your pure divine strength so that I never doubt myself. Let me always be aware of my capabilities and believe that your immense power is constantly empowering me and that I have nothing to be afraid of. All glory to your Spirit.

-O Holy Creator, I pray to you for a malleable heart. Allow me to be able to mold myself as needed and shape my heart out of your unconditional love that is so pure and perfect. Let my heart be created out of the compassionate clay of your eternal grace.

-Kind Holy Spirit, I pray to you for a pure heart that has kindness and compassion as its cornerstones. Let me be able to feel the pain and suffering of other people just like you have and use my capabilities and resources to help them in any way I can.

-Great Lord, bless my heart with the humility and kindness I need to embrace the lonely and hurting ones. Allow me to be a messenger of your divine strength and stand firm by those who are weak and needy. Allow me to serve your Holy Cause with kindness.

-Dear Holy Father, I pray to you to enlighten my heart with the burning light of your grace and benevolence so that I can learn the ideal way to love and be compassionate to others. Give me a secure place in your sacred mighty heart of gold.

-Good Almighty, I pray to you for the transformation of my heart. Allow me to forget old grudges and be forgiving to everyone who has wronged me ever, evoking the print of love and mercy as shown by you. Let me be able to replace their hate with my love.

-Loving Lord, I pray for your graceful mercy towards every heart that is broken and weary. Bless every heart that follows the path of sin and unjust means and transforms them into purity and love. Only you can be benevolent to us irrespective of what happens and bless our souls.

-Gracious Master, I pray to you to rejuvenate my weary heart with the pure joy of your newness that blesses our faith and gives us a different perspective towards life. Allow us to find the true purpose of our lives and serve to fulfill that cause with all our hearts.

-O Holy Creator, I pray to you to erase all images of evil and false ego from my heart so that nothing can ruin the holy purity and eternal peace that you have given to my heart. I pray for you to protect my heart and soul from all danger.

-Blessed Holy Father, allow me to place you at the center of my heart, knowing that love and compassion are the building blocks of our personality. Thank you for your constant presence in all my endeavors, ensuring that I put in all my heart and soul in what I do.

-Almighty Protector, I pray to you for nothing but to have a clean and pure heart. Let my heart be free of desires and wicked thoughts that may ruin the sanctity it possesses so innately. Keep my heart and soul away from all bitterness and depression that comes my way.

-Kind Master, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever sinned and acted or spoken harshly as a consequence of the anger and bitterness that I have held in my heart. Purify my soul of all its weaknesses and uplift my spirits to rejoice in your divine joy.

-Father Beloved, I believe that I have no control over my heart. It feels like I am giving in to the evil forces that fill my heart with hopelessness and depression. I pray to you to retain the joy and warmth that my heart and soul are lacking right now. 

-O Lord Jehovah, I believe in your eternal grace to be my greatest source of inspiration. I pray for that grace to be imparted upon my heart so that I can have the power to turn all my inabilities into capabilities, transforming my weaknesses into my strengths with your love.

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to bless my heart with pure faith so that I can turn every difficult situation to you to take care of it. Let me always believe that my faith will protect me, and I will never be forsaken by your divine compassion and grace.

-Heavenly God, I pray to you to purify my heart because I have endless love and faith in your Spirit, and I want your Holy Way to keep me in the righteous path of life. Bless me so that I can lead a life in the Holy light of truth.

-O Gracious Almighty, I pray to you that my heart should burn in the flames of your refined and profound love. From the ashes, I wish to see a heart emerging that is purely molded with compassion and grace. Allow us to be holy and pious in your divine sight.

-Kind Sweet Lord, I wish to set apart my heart unto your Spirit so that your holy Will can work itself in my life, influencing my thoughts and actions and guiding my decisions. It would be unwise to trust my judgment, and so I place the matter into your hands.

-Lord Jehovah, having faced the difficult challenge of my life, my heart is bruised. I have no strong will to guide me, and there is no peace in my heart. What else can I do but trust myself into your hands and rely on you to take care of me?

-Good God, I pray to you to always let me walk in your divine truth and seek things that are blessed by your divine grace. Allow me to indulge only in things that can help me exercise your power from within my soul and bring endless glory to your Name.

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to keep me away from all encumbrances that may approach me and threaten to hinder my search for your divine purity. In your Holy Name, I pray to you to be merciful towards me and seek you within my soul for peace and comfort.

-Loving Beloved Lord, I pray to you to remind me that the purity of soul that I seek can only be attained by searching within our hearts. I submit myself before you humbly, and I ask you to remove all impurities and wretchedness that ruins the purity of my soul.

-Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever engaged myself in impure thoughts and actions that have consequently questioned the chastity of my heart. I admit that I am unworthy of your graceful compassion, but I pray to you to be merciful and considerate to me.

-Kind Father, you have always created great instances of sacrifice by paying for our sins, making sure that the simplicity and purity of our hearts are never touched by anything impure. I pray to you wash my soul off any effects of the acts of dishonor that I have performed.

-Lord Beloved, I pray that you help me be mindful of the purity of my heart, remembering that you reside in my soul and that I must do nothing to destroy the purity of your divine presence. Thank you for always blessing me with the assurance of your divine truth.

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