50+ Prayers For Co-Workers

While working under the same roof, we come across co-workers of different personalities. We must develop a good relationship with them to maintain a healthy and productive ambiance at the workplace.

We should pray to the Lord for their welfare and also if we are having any issues with them.

Prayers For Co-Workers: Divine Grace

-Good God, since I spend a large part of my regular life at the workplace, I think it is important to develop a friendly and understanding relationship with my co-workers. Bless us all through your divine grace so that we can work together amicably and responsibly to deliver good service.

-Savior Beloved, bless the workplace environment with your divine grace and compassion so that no malice or clamor can ever creep in. Let us be as kind and understanding to each other as possible because maintaining good relationships with our co-workers is our responsibility, and we must fulfill it readily.

To watch over my communications

-Faithful Father, before going to work, I pray to you to watch over my communications with my co-workers. When people of different ideologies are united under the same roof, conflicts may arise. Ensure that we never end up being hurtful or offensive to each other in our words and actions.

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For your divine peace and understanding

-Precious Creator, I pray for your divine peace and understanding to reign over my co-workers and me when we are all gathered at the same place. Remind us that the productivity of the workplace depends on how efficiently we can perform as a group and look out for each other.

To protect the sanctity of the workplace

-Lord Jehovah, I, along with my co-workers, pray to you earnestly so that you can remove all selfishness and bitterness from our hearts and souls, especially when we are working together. Teach us the importance of being kind and polite to each other to protect the sanctity of the workplace.

Teach us to be sympathetic and benevolent

-Blessed Almighty, teach us to be sympathetic and benevolent to our co-workers and never mock or abuse someone for their weaknesses. Give us the humility to accept every person with their uniqueness and adapt to the workplace ambiance so that everyone can work and prosper together without hurting each other.

-Dear Protector, all human beings are flawed. No matter how trained or efficient we are, everyone is bound to make mistakes at some point. When our co-workers make a wrong decision or do something inappropriate at the workplace, teach us to patiently deal with the problem and not rebuke them.

Forgiveness Prayers For Coworkers

-Gracious God, evokes the spirit of brotherhood and forgiveness in our hearts. Let us consider our co-workers as a part of our family, our brothers and sisters, and therefore maintain that kindness and respect towards one another. Allow us to forgive each other in case we end up misbehaving somehow.

-Beloved Good Lord, when we are working on the same project, conflicts and disagreements are very natural. Look after my co-workers and me so that we never end up indulging ourselves in meaningless arguments that may lead to personal issues. Teach us to be patient and wise in difficult situations.

Prayers For Co-workers To Maintain peace

-O Mighty Being, as I go through the Commandments, I find that you have instructed us to maintain peace and understanding, no matter where we go. Bless me so that I can keep your Word in mind when I am at the workplace and always behave amicably with my co-workers.

Blessing Prayers For Co Worker

-Dear Father Beloved, there are no words to describe how grateful I am to have received this opportunity of working with such amazing co-workers. They are understanding, kind, and the example of righteousness they create through their lives is very inspiring. Bless me so that I can always respect them.

-Dear Creator, remind me that any job at the workplace can be done more easily and perfectly if we maintain a good relationship with our co-workers. Teach us to put all our heart and soul into whatever we do, remembering that the key to perfection lies in love and peace

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Prayers For Co Workers

-Eternal Deity, no matter how hard I try, I cannot establish a good and understanding relationship with my co-workers., even though I try to behave appropriately with them. Bless their hearts so that they can also be full of the kindness and patience we need for a good workplace environment.

-Heavenly Almighty, reminds me that no work can be successful if the people involved have malice in their hearts. Bless the heart of my co-workers and me so that whatever we do, we can always perform with efficiency and righteousness. Allow us to be loving and kind to each other.

-O Merciful Master, I ask you to forgive me if I have been agitated or rude in my behavior with my co-workers. Remind me that I must never release the burden of my pressures at the workplace. Teach me how I can be more thoughtful and understanding with my co-workers.

-Good God, I pray to you to bless us with the grace of your divine presence at the workplace whenever my co-workers and I are working on a particular project together. Let us always stay away from any conflicting or inappropriate thoughts and actions that may affect the work quality.

-Precious Protector, it breaks my heart to see that my co-workers don’t understand me. I am constantly tormented by false accusations and abusive comments. Bless me so that I can prove myself righteous and guided in your Way and make my co-workers understand that I am also one of them.

-Kind Deity, it feels like we are deprived of your gracious presence at the workplace. My co-workers spread rumors and false statements around, and this is disrupting the peace and understanding at the workplace. Bless us so that we can only spread positive and hopeful thoughts to everyone around us.

-Lord Jehovah, I believe that working with people of different mentalities can be very tough if we lack understanding and kindness between us. So, I ask you to circulate your gracious love and compassion at the workplace so that everyone can be happy and intrigued to work with each other.

-O Heavenly Almighty, my co-workers and I are going through very uncertain times at the workplace. We ask you to let us seek refuge in the solace of your Holy Word, which promises to eradicate all troubles from our life and only leads us to good things in our lives

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to make me righteous and courageous so that when I find any of my co-workers behaving or acting inappropriately, I must always be able to go up to them and point out their mistakes to them. Allow me to guide them in your Holy Way.

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Prayers For Co Workers

-Divine Being, I pray for your divine understanding and compassion to be imparted upon all my communications with my co-workers. I would never want any uncertainty or indecision to affect my interactions at the workplace. Bless us so that we can all validate and understand each other’s opinions and feelings.

-Faithful Father, help us remember that irrespective of our positions at the workplace, we are all co-workers, and therefore, we must always learn to treat each other with respect and honor. Bless me with the humility to congratulate my co-workers on their success without any feeling of selfishness or jealousy.

-Good God, it feels like my co-workers, and I have been feeling weak and incapable of working with determination and honesty for the task we have at hand. So we ask for your divine strength and guidance to empower us so that we can work responsibly and deliver the service.

-Merciful Master, bless the heart and soul hearts and souls of my co-workers and me so that we can always remember that through our work, we are serving your Holy Cause. Give us the determination and honesty we need to be worthy of serving you and giving you endless glory.

-Lord Beloved, allow me and my co-workers to place you at the center of the workplace and remember that you are in control of everything, and you watch over all our thoughts and actions. Let us lead our personal as well as professional lives in the light of your Way.

-O Eternal Savior, the Scriptures say that you will bless us for our hard work and determination. Bless us so that we can put our hearts and souls into what we do and therefore earn the fruit of our labor. Fill the lives of my co-workers with joy and prosperity

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to eradicate all laziness and unproductivity from the minds and hearts of my co-workers and me so that we can never be negligent of our responsibilities. Let us remember that our work determines complete faith, and therefore, we must learn to believe in ourselves.

-Dear Holy God, I ask you to come to my co-workers and me when we are lacking the strength and motivation to carry on with our jobs. Make your divine presence around us very clear because we need your motivation and inspiration to help us complete the jobs we have.

-Precious Protector, I believe that our inability to perform well at the workplace results from our lack of focus and determination. Bless us with the wisdom to understand that we must fulfill the goal we have set, and for that, we have to work hard and never give up easily.

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Prayers For Co Workers

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