55+ Prayers For Comfort During Difficult Times

Leading a life that is blissful and free of all worries is very difficult. Anxieties are a common part of our lives, and we can never escape from them.

Prayer For Comfort help to make life peaceful and happy. we can always pray to the Lord to keep us safe from all the things that snatch away our comfort.

Inspirational Prayers For Comfort

– O Dear Lord, I thank you for giving us a beautiful and prosperous life. You have abundantly showered us with your endless mercy, which is very valuable to us. Today, we pray to you for our comfort- that of our body, soul, and Spirit. Look after us, please.- Amen

– Beloved Father, we are always thankful to you for being so faithful to us and readily catering to our every need, even if we sometimes fail to be faithful to you. We pray to you to comfort our deeply hurting souls and help us to overcome stress and grief.- Amen

– Almighty God, thank you so much for setting us free from all bondage in our life that takes away our peace and comfort. We are so blessed to know that you are bigger and more magnificent than anything else we have encountered or will do later.- Amen

– Almighty Good father, even from the gravest circumstances of my life, it is you who manages to bring out the positive things. All I need is to let go of the situation and believe in you to solve it. Instead of worrying, I must pray to you and thank you.- Amen

-O Almighty Lord, I pray for your innate wisdom that is so reassuring to our naive spirits. Help every other person who is going through a similarly difficult phase as me. Thank you for letting me have faith in you, both in my life’s good and bad times.- Amen

– Good God, eradicate everything from our lives that causes sorrow or discomfort to us. Be our guide throughout our life and keep us away from all unprecedented troubles. Help us so that we can make peace with even our enemies. We call upon your peace within us.- Amen

– Heavenly Lord, in every matter of my life that brings stress and discomfort, I pray to you to give me peace and come to me yourself as the image of peace itself. Your serene presence motivated us to mold our hearts positively with your blessings.- Amen

– Dear God, I pray to you to comfort us in every arena of our lives-be home, work, or our communications. No matter what we lay our hands upon, we must always have your peace as a part of it. We praise your grace.- Amen

– O Father, we need you in every second of our lives. O, today, we pray that you send your guardian angels to look after our comfort when we step out of the house till we come back home. Only your security can assure us of no danger.- Amen

– O God, bless me as I try to live a life where you reign supremely, and I follow you obediently. Help me to be an instrument of your comfort and learn to spread your unconditional love and support to others. I surrender my strong will to your Holy Spirit today.- Amen

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Prayers For Comfort

-Almighty Lord, we are at a point where only your eternal and Holy truth can comfort our hearts and souls and keep them from being misguided or hurt. Our minds are disturbed, and we are restless. Please help us with your endless mercy and love, Father.- Amen

– Dear God, when we wake up in the middle of the night and behave restlessly, it is because the spiral of troubling thoughts in our minds continues to overwhelm us. Our needs press upon us, and we can find no way out of it. Please help us to overcome these problems.- Amen

– Blessed Lord, today we call upon your Mighty Spirit to come to us with all its power and surround us forever. Remind us that we are your blessed children, constantly loved and healed by you. Nothing can take away your grace from us, and it continues to enrich our souls.- Amen

– O Father Beloved, we present all our burdens to you and trust you to take care of them. This relieved us of the unbearable weight and let us know that we are in safe hands and know how to deal with tough problems better than we do.- Amen

– Father, for comfort, I draw myself closer to you. I try to feel your presence within my Soul and around me through prayer and reading the Holy Scriptures. Allow me to prepare myself to work on your behalf and relieve someone else when they are asking for comfort.- Amen

– God, my heart is at ease now that I have poured out all my fears and worries to you. I call upon your promises that you will look after and protect us. Bless us with your peaceful Spirit and give us the strength to lead a better life.- Amen

– Dear Lord Beloved, whenever I am in trouble and I feel stress overpowering me, I go to you and bow down to your Holy Spirit in prayer, asking for help. You had comforted me when I was very afraid and restricted me from behaving fretfully with other people.- Amen

-O Good God, I suddenly feel very lonely in these hard times, and I don’t think I can handle the situation all by myself. So, I seek you to hold my hand and be with me as I try to pass myself through the storm. Walk by me.- Amen

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Prayers For Comfort

– Beloved Lord, bless my soul so that it can always be peaceful. The calm in my heart is a blessing from you, surpassing all understanding of the world. It helps me shine as a bright light upon everybody else so they can feel you in me.- Amen

– Good Lord, only confusion and discomfort rule over my heart, and this has stolen the innate joy and peace you gave. I pray to you to return me that peace deep within my soul that stays with me forever and makes me confident to fight battles.- Amen

-Father, I know that if I want peace and comfort within my Spirit, I need to keep unquestionable trust in you and your mighty Soul. If I don’t have faith in my heart, fear and indecision will grasp me, and I will never be able to get out of it.- Amen

Good God, allow me to inspire other people and spread the message that one can lead a blissful and comfortable life only when they seek your Holy Spirit within their Soul and follow your Words strictly. Allow me to be an embodiment of your strength.- Amen

– Almighty God, with our limited power and patience, it would be impossible for us to control the people or events in our life. Everything is unpredictable, and that is the beauty of this life. I can be assured of a comfortable life when I yield everything in life to you.- Amen

– Loving Lord, I express my gratitude to you for every good thing you have blessed me with and all the gifts you have showered upon my life. You had forgiven me for my mistakes, even in times when I was not deserving. Your constant presence in life is my comfort.- Amen

– Heavenly Lord, sometimes it feels like a battlefield within my Soul. It is as if a storm is going on, but there is no end. Give me the strength to grip tightly over these thoughts that appear to fly out of my control all the time.- Amen

-Beloved God, I pray to you to soothe my Spirit that is very anxious right now. My mind constantly hovers over the ‘what-ifs’ of my life, and the tension builds within me. I keep on worrying, although I know that doing so is pointless because you are there for us.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, I place my life into your mighty hands and ask you to take control. I want to get myself out of the busy daily schedule of life and spend more time praying to you in solitude. Give margin to my thoughts and give yourself to me.- Amen

– Dear God, whenever I have focused too much on something that is a matter of concern, it has only messed with my thoughts and given rise to negative emotions. So, I pray to you so that I can take my mind off these unnecessary things and place it on you.- Amen

-Good Father, it seems like ages that I have been waiting for your grace to shine upon my worried Soul. Honestly, I am tired of waiting for you. So, today I pray to you earnestly to listen to my prayers and answer me so that I can use your advice.

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Prayers For Comfort

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