50+ Uplifting Prayers For Common Sense

The daily challenges of our practical lives require us to apply our wisdom and common sense to solve our problems, be it personal or professional. We must submit to our dear Lord and pray to Him to bless us with this common sense and help us overcome our problems efficiently.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Common Sense

-Dear Lord, I have often handled my problems unwisely. I have failed to apply wit to understand the root cause of my troubles and deal with them smartly. Please bless me with the wisdom and common sense I am 5lacking right now so that I can stop making these mistakes.

-Father Beloved, I ask you to consider me worthy of seeing things around me through your divine perspective that is pure and honest at all times. Allow me to understand everything as you would have and therefore refrain from making any such decision that lacks common sense and general understanding.

-Good God, I admit that I have often given it to petty emotions and therefore refused to see things radically and apply common sense to understand them in the way they are. Forgive my negligence and show me how I can become wiser and more efficient in handling my problems.

-Faithful Almighty, I ask you to bless me with common sense that it is useless to run after the things I don’t have or aren’t useful in any way to me. Allow me to validate the things I already have and make good use of the opportunities you have given.

-Precious Creator, give me the humility and common sense to keep endless faith in your ways by which the world is facilitated. Allow me to believe in the power and wisdom you have given to your children, helping us live our lives righteously and happily with your mercy and compassion.

-Kind Holy Deity, bless me with kindness and common sense so that no matter how successful and happy I am, I must never forget to take care of other people around me who are needy and unhappy. Teach me how unity and mutual understanding can make our lives even better.

-O Merciful Master, in our rush to achieve more, we often overlook the little things around us. In our attempt to be knowledgeable and wise, we forget the value of common sense and end up acting unjustly or unwisely. Help me so that I can save myself from this mistake.

-Dear Protector, allow me to use the wisdom and common sense you have given me so that I can learn to become efficiently prosperous and lead a peaceful life. Allow me to find happiness in small things or people around me and remember that everything here is made by you.

-Lord Beloved, we often tend to look for extraordinary things, people, and events in life. We look for things that are way beyond our reach, and when our expectations are not met, it gives rise to discontent and depression. Teach me to look towards the more common things in life.

-Heavenly Almighty, I have always believed in the greatness of your Holy Spirit. Nobody can be more powerful, and everything we do or say is only because of the wisdom and common sense you have blessed us with. Teach us to understand the favors we have and use them wisely.

-Mighty Being, nothing you have done has ever been restrained, and you have taught us the value of applying wit and common sense to solve our problems. You have given us the knowledge and intellect to understand how we can deal with our problems more easily than we generally do.

-Good Father, I ask you to bless me with common sense to understand that difficult situations are a very common part of our lives, and we must not be afraid or disheartened. Rather, we should be patient and wise and trust you to help us overcome our problems in life.

-Loving Lord Jehovah, my mind is constantly tormented as I find myself plunging into a pit of depression and anxiety because of my problems. I seek your godly comfort in my heart and soul so that I can become wise and learn to apply common sense to eradicate my problems.

-Almighty Good God, teach us how we can plan and execute well to overcome our problems more purposefully and never be afraid to face any difficult circumstance that we may come across. Fill us with your divine hope and strength and prepare us for every tough phase of our lives.

-Heavenly Blessed Father, I ask you to bless me with the favor of intellect and common sense so that I can face all my troubles confidently, knowing that I have your support and motivation encouraging me to continue to use my capabilities and overcome my problems, restoring the peace I’ve lost.

-Precious Creator, you are the source of all wisdom and sense we have. Bless us so that we can validate your supreme common sense and knowledge to deal with issues. Establish my faith that our lives are controlled by you, and we have your constant support and guidance in everything.

-O Lord Beloved, bless me with common sense and wit to make the right choices and never fall into the traps of the evil powers around me. Remind me that your infinite power and love are always with us, and it will help us avoid the wrong paths in life.

-O Merciful Almighty, as I come before you today in earnest prayer, I ask for nothing else but a sound and rational mind that can apply common sense when needed. Bless my mind and heart so that I can always think and act clearly and never respond harshly or unwisely.

-Beloved Master, I am constantly afraid of being brought down by the fear and anxiety that comes along with confusion and foolishness. I ask you to give me the power of discernment so that I can use common sense appropriately, saving myself from following the path of unrighteousness or malice.

-Dear God, thank you for showering me with your divine grace and compassion. Thank you for being merciful to me and always helping me out with my problems whenever I have needed you. Your gift of wisdom and common sense has helped me survive through some of the toughest times.

-Faithful Father, thank you for blessing me with a common sense and intellect that completely aligns with your Holy Will in my life. Thank you for making your way so vivid and blessing me with the humility to follow you without any doubt or fear ever creeping in my mind.

-Precious Protector, thank you for giving me the common sense to understand and distinguish between good and evil. Thank you for saving me from walking down the wrong paths in life. You have always protected me from negative influences, and I am forever indebted to you for everything you’ve done.

-Blessed Almighty, I have always trusted you to provide me with the best of everything. Thank you for answering my prayers and giving me the common sense and wisdom I need to survive in life. Thank you for being my constant caretaker and nurturer in every aspect of my life.

-Heavenly Good God, I ask you to bless me with the humility and diligence to always seek you in my heart whenever I feel like I need strength and sense in life. I ask you to be my constant supreme power who fully controls my life and everything that happens.

-Kind Holy Deity, nothing in this world is unknown to you. Everything is so prominent in your divine perspective, and I wish to see everything in that light. Allow me to use common sense and determination to remind myself that nothing is impossible and I am capable of doing everything.

-Lord Jehovah, please be my guiding light and lead the way for me so that I can learn the value of common sense and knowledge from you and apply it to every aspect of my life. Allow me to know how I can be more sensible and wise in life.

-Holy Creator, I want you to always watch over me and make sure that my thoughts are directed by your godly wisdom and common sense so that I do not end up making any silly mistakes that might affect my future life. Bless me with your divine assurance in everything.

-O Eternal Savior, I ask you to let me feel and respond with more common sense and kindness so that my thoughts and actions are always directed towards others’ welfare. Bless me with the discernment to understand when I am not being sensible and behave appropriately with everyone around instead.

-Blessed Dear Almighty, I ask you to help me yield to your motivation and guidance so that I can always have the assurance of treading on correct ways. Bless me with the affirmation that I am applying wisdom and common sense to everything, and I will make no harsh decisions.

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