50+ Prayers For Couples to Strengthen Their Relationship

There is no greater feeling than finding that one person who is perfect for you. Prayers For Couples help to improve relationships and love between each other.

A strong and caring relationship is a blessing from the Almighty Father. So, all couples must pray to him daily so He can shower us with endless blessings and keep us together forever.

Prayers For Couples to Deepen Their Love

– O Father, as a couple, we humbly submit ourselves to you and trust you to guide us when we are distraught. Show us the correct path to lead that will bring us happiness and give us glory. Teach us to lead a gracious life completely dedicated to your Spirit.- Amen

– Heavenly Lord, we call upon your blessed Spirit that has always knit us so compassionately in unity and fulfilled our purpose in life. You have always kept your promises of blessing us with your modest grace, and you have equipped our connection with everything it needed to bloom with care.- Amen

– Precious God, bless our souls so that we can always think of you in our love and spend eternity with each other, remembering the affection that builds so deeply in our hearts. We are so grateful to you for all the blessings you have given us.- Amen

– O Great God, I pray to you today to protect my spouse and me. Keep us away from being influenced by evil forces that try to break us apart and snatch away this blessing of love in our souls. We want you to guard us against all problems.- Amen

– Dear Good Father, we pray for each other to your Divine Being that you always keep us sober and controlled. Allow us to honor each other gracefully and never disrespect each other for petty reasons. Keep us away from being encouraged or guided by selfishness or ego.- Amen

– Lord Beloved, I thank you endlessly for allowing us to wake up to a new morning in your Holy Universe together as a couple every day. Thank you for filling our lives with peace. With your grace in our spirits, we will work harder to strengthen the bond between us.- Amen

– Dear Lord, before we acknowledge our love for each other, we come before you to appreciate the love and respect we have in our hearts for you. Your Holy Spirit is the most loving of all, and we bow down before your strength in prayer from deep within our souls.- Amen

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– O Father, I pray to you to look after our bond through your divine eyes so that with each passing day, our love and respect for each other strengthens. Bless us so that we can grow together in love with each other; we seek your Mighty Spirit.- Amen

– Precious Good Lord, even in disagreement and conflicts, allow us to be understanding and respectful to each other. As a couple, the goal is not to make harsh decisions without consulting each other because immature behavior fueled by a heated mind can never bring out any good results.- Amen

– Faithful Father, as we gather here before here, two people united in your Holy Name, we ask you to be there for us forever. Look after us as we go about our regular life and ensure that we never forget that blooming love for each other.- Amen

Prayers For Couples

– Heavenly God, the most important thing to remember as couples is that we must always be very mindful and caring towards each other- our opinions and emotions. Bless us so that we can follow your words and reflect your compassionate love between us and be attentive to each others’ needs.- Amen

– Almighty Father, when two people get engaged in a relationship, it is their duty to share their lives but keep in mind the borderline of privacy. Allow us to be able to discuss every aspect of our life with each other so that we can make better decisions for ourselves.- Amen

– Loving Great God, we want to lead our lives together as a couple in the light of your blessed way. Bless us so that we can feel your shadow behind us, watching over everything we do and being everywhere we go. Reassure us of your great love that blesses us.- Amen

– O Jesus, bless us so that we can always remember that you have made us and connected us, and your Mighty Being has also gifted this great love we have for each other. We praise you for keeping us together and love you more than anything else.- Amen

– Good Gracious Lord, we pray to you for a stronger emotional bond. Give us the pure love that makes us strong as a couple and becomes a source of inspiration for other people who want to understand the meaning of true love and develop a strong relationship with a person.- Amen

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– O Kind Master, we pray to you for happiness and warmth in our relationship. Allow us to be the companion to each other that we truly deserve. As we pray before you, we ask you to bless our unity so that nothing can break us apart.- Amen

– Dear Beloved Father, our power as a couple comes from your Holy Spirit, so we kneel before you graciously and pray to you to keep us humble and dedicated to you forever. As long as you rule in our hearts, our love for each other shall be protected.- Amen

– Blessed Good Lord, our hearts yearn for your grace to reflect in it because without you, our lives as individuals and as a couple become meaningless. We pray that you be with us every moment and bless us with happy days. We keep ourselves in search of your compassion.- Amen

– O Gracious God, you have already given us enough in this life. We have nothing more to ask of you. We pray to you to look after us so that we can use the gifts given by you wisely and learn the importance of contentment and self-control in life.- Amen

Prayers For Couples

– O Father, we pray to you for the days that are yet to come. Bless us so that our lives have days filled with joy and laughter. Keep our minds and hearts peaceful and kind towards others and each other. Allow us to reflect your holy compassion in our souls.- Amen

– Dear Great Lord, every time I look at my partner, I feel sure in my heart that I have found my soulmate, the one person who loves me unconditionally and cares for me like no one else. This makes my heart more grateful to your Holy Spirit that protects us.- Amen

– Faithful Protector, as a couple, we place all the aspects of our life into your Mighty hands. Our financial, physical, mental, as well as spiritual matters belong to you, and only you can take proper care of everything in a way others can’t. We praise your Holy Being in us.- Amen

– Beloved God, bless us so we can plan wisely for the future. Look after us as we try to help each other settle down and motivate us to do the best we can. We are eager to spend the rest of our lives in love.- Amen

– O Blessed Father, we pray to you today that you bless the words we speak regularly and the activities we set ourselves upon. Whatever we do or say must bring endless glory to your Holy Spirit and express how we feel- our adoration and respect for you to others.- Amen

– Heavenly Lord, build our character in such a way that we never do or say anything to be disrespectful or hurt each other. We must always be able to look into each other’s eyes and not be ashamed or guilty of having done or said something wrong or untrue.- Amen

– O Father, I pray to you today that you bless our relationship with grace so that we can see each other’s love and compassion. Let my partner be sensible enough to understand that I do care for him/her deeply, and my love for him/her is true and pure.- Amen

– Great Almighty, you are aware of everything happening in this world, and so you already know about the struggles we are facing in our relationship as a couple. The roads we tread are difficult, but we choose not to lose hope and faith in your powers protecting us.- Amen

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– Father Beloved, we are currently facing a hard phase that we haven’t encountered before. I believe the problem lies in miscommunication, and we cannot find a solution to our problems. In these troubling times, we place our problems before you with faith in our hearts that you will save us.

– O Gracious Lord, in the tough days, it feels like every decision we make, every step we take, is wrong and doesn’t do us any good. We feel lost and distracted. So, we reach out to you to guide us as a couple. Bring us back on the correct track.- Amen

Prayers For Couples

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