50+ Prayers For Courage: Finding Strength to Persevere

Our Lord is the source of all our courage and determination. He inspires us not to fear anything and go on our way.

Also, his true love and faithful protection are constantly with us. We must completely submit ourselves before Him and let his Holy Way work.

Prayers For Courage: Divine Empowerment

– O Holy Father, I cannot explain how much I love you. You are the shining light of my life, and I come before you to pray so that you give me courage. Make me a strong and determined person created in your holy love and uplifted by your Holy Spirit.- Amen

– O Good God, our resentments and pride have plunged us into a sphere of fear and indecision. Give us your mighty courage to push past this fear and move forward in our lives, always remembering that we have your grace and compassion as our pillars of strength.- Amen

– Heavenly Beloved Father, I am grieving over the loss of a loved one, and I find my heart troubled. Everything around me seems to have stopped, and I find no strength to do anything. Please come to me and give me your eternal courage that speaks of grace and capability.- Amen

– Loving Beloved Lord, as I find myself weak today and physically and mentally strained, I come before you because I know that you will rescue me. You are the Knight of our lives who we can always reach out to when we are in danger. Please be with us.- Amen

– O Good God, I have reached a point in my life when I regularly struggle with various difficulties and can’t cope with the race. Incidents and certain times overwhelm me, and I don’t know how to handle them by being calm and composed. Please help me now.- Amen

– Great Almighty Creator, in our times of hopelessness and self-doubt, you have come to us and filled our lives with your mystical power. You have reassured us that when you are looking after us and protecting us, we have nothing to fear in this world also created by your Being.- Amen

– Blessed Holy Protector, as I bow down before you today and pray for courage, I find my spirits uplifted magically. It is as if your powerful grace is being transported into my soul, and I feel much better. I have the strength to fight against the world.- Amen

– Lord Beloved, today I come to you and place all my griefs and weaknesses before you, knowing that I will never be judged for being weak or under-confident. With your blessings and grace, I will overcome my shortcomings one day, rise to glory, and my sufferings will be relieved.- Amen

Prayers For Courage

– Heavenly Master, I not only come to you praying for courage, but I also ask you to bless me with your constant divine guidance that helps me to distinguish between right and wrong. With your knowledge, I can always tread the path of life with determination and hope.- Amen

– Dear Good Lord, I know people who are in a difficult phase of their lives and are completely misguided. Their lives have fallen apart, and they don’t know what to say or which way to go. Give them your mighty courage so that they can be benefitted from your wisdom.- Amen

– Negative thoughts like greed and anger have tormented gracious Master, our minds. We have been judgemental, and our hearts contain no love or appreciation. This has made us weaker and compelled us to doubt ourselves. Show us the correct way to regain the strength that we have lost.- Amen

– Blessed Holy Deity, you have always asked us to come to you whenever we feel deeply burdened. So, I place all my burdens before you and trust you to take care of them. Bless me so that I can approach every responsibility with your graceful wisdom in my soul.- Amen

– Dear Good God, I have always been lucky enough to be overflowed with your compassionate love, and I have always looked forward to you as a ray of hope and illumination in my difficult times. You are Truth itself, and I will listen to your Voice for guidance and wisdom.- Amen

– Blessed Almighty, guide me well so that I can always pay attention to the instructions laid out in your Holy commandments and incorporate them wisely in my life. Whenever I need strength, I must be truthful towards you because you have an endless store of gracious courage for your children.- Amen

– Great Savior, I have always believed in the awesome power of prayers. Praying to you energizes me, and I always believe that you will answer all my wishes that are just asked appropriately. Bless me so that I can always remember your Word of strength and love.- Amen

– Holy Father, our lives have been filled with darkness and despair. We are afraid to do everything, and it feels as if our bodies and minds cannot fight against the brutal world. What more can we do but pray before your mighty Holy Spirit for strength and hope?- Amen

– Loving Dear Almighty, you have always been faithful to your children. You have carried the burden of their lives so that they can lead their life with peace and contentment. Give me the strength to fulfill my duties, always remembering that you have given us endless capabilities.- Amen

– O Dear Almighty, no matter what it is- sickness, agony, despair, everything can go away if we can manifest your mighty peace and courage in our hearts. We will be taken away from all distress when we learn to keep faith in your Holy Way to improve our lives.- Amen

– Precious Master, many things concern me deeply, and when I feel at a loss of energy, I give them to you and seek your guidance and love. The circumstances are grave; only you can save me from the never-ending turmoil. I will never lose faith in your Holy Spirit.- Amen

Prayers For Courage

– O Good God, I pray that your Holy presence will always surround our lives. In every storm and every hurdle, your light will guide us and lead us to victory. Enlightened by your Holy Spirit, we will live with peace in our hearts and conviction in our minds.- Amen

– Lord Beloved, allow us to be worthy of walking through this life, hand in hand with your Holy Spirit. When we seek you, allow us to find you easily, close to our hearts. Your gracious presence in our lives has made them colorful and lively; we are forever grateful.- Amen

– Almighty Protector, this lack of strength within us is because our souls are worn-out, and we have no hope to live for. We pray that you restore our broken souls and bless us with vigor and confidence. Remind us that being your blessed children, we are never to lose.- Amen

– Precious Creator, we have sinned by not keeping faith in your Holy Spirit and thinking to ourselves that we hold the ultimate power. Thinking of ourselves as the largest power in this world has been a huge mistake, and we repent for it. Please take us back into your shelter.- Amen

– Good Creator, this life, with all its hopes and aspirations, has been blessed by your mighty hands. Bless us so that we can lead it in an ideal way, not fearing what may come or what difficulties we may have to face. Let us keep our hearts turned to you.- Amen

– O Lord, you have always promised us that as long as I believe in your Holy powers, everything is possible, and I will be delivered from all fear. Remember that I move by your Spirit’s power and will always lead me into everything good and noble.- Amen

– Master Beloved, I pray to your Holy Spirit today that your mighty strength abides with me eternally so that I can lead my life with faith. Remembering your Holy Commandments that speak of forgiveness and love towards oneself and other people around you will give us strength and confidence.- Amen

– Beloved Mighty Father, give us strength so that we can easily shun greed and expectations and rise above petty, selfish needs and materialistic desires that only lead us into unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Bless us with your divine wisdom so that we can look toward the good things in our life.- Amen

– Kind Loving God, give me the courage to defend truth and justice in everything happening around me. Evoke the Spirit of righteousness in my soul so that I can stand bravely against the evil powers in this world and stay firm on my ground. Let me practice what I preach.- Amen

– O Great Creator, I don’t understand why this feeling of emptiness occupies my heart and doesn’t allow me to think of anything constructive. My soul is constantly distressed, and my mortal self is out of energy. I call upon your grace to save me from this crisis and re-energize me.- Amen

Prayers For Courage

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