50+ Powerful Prayers For The Dead

Just like praying for our family and friends, it is also important to pray for the dead people we have known in our life. They were nice and kind people who believed in the Almighty Lord and now reside in His Kingdom. Few inspirational prayers for them.

Powerful Prayers For The Dead

Prayers For Gain Back Strength

-O Almighty Lord, I have recently lost a loved one, very close to me. This time is so difficult to pass and it brings us intolerable pain and suffering. Be with us in these tough moments and keep your hand upon our heads so that we can gain back strength.- Amen

-Lord, it is unfortunate to lose a family member or a close relative. We are going through one of the roughest phases of our lives. The sudden death of our beloved has shocked us and it pains us in a way that cannot be explained. Give us strength and peace.- Amen

Prayers For a Strong Mind And Heart

-Father, we are going through a phase where we can only mourn the loss of this person. We pray to you to be merciful to us and bless us with the peace of mind that can never be surpassed by any other understanding. Give us a strong mind and heart.- Amen

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Prayers For Keep Happy

-Dear God, it gives us immense satisfaction to remind ourselves that the person who has just left us has gone to your Kingdom and is serving you directly now. He/She is rejoicing and is blessed by your grace. Look after them as your special children and keep them happy.- Amen

Thanksgiving Prayers

-Father, today we sing to you in prayer, as we celebrate your glory and praise you for being the loving parent you are. Thank you for loving them so much and for caring for them. Thank you for giving them a place in your kingdom and letting them serve you.- Amen

-Lord, who in this universe is more compassionate and full of grace and mercy than you are? This is why we bow down to you and express our respect and gratitude. We are grateful to you for letting us live in the company of our loved ones for so long.- Amen

-O Good Father, although our loved one is now with you and is living under your presence, we thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts for blessing us with so many wonderful days with him/her. We have spent so much together and we have such beautiful memories.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, although we presently weep and mourn because this person was close to us and we loved him/her so much, it calms our heart to know that they have gone back home now- your place, which is where we all truly belong at the end of everything.- Amen

-O Lord, it gives our confused and scattered hearts a little bit of peace in knowing that one day, we shall be reunited with this person in your Kingdom when you think it is time for us to go home. We pray to you today and thank you for everything.- Amen

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Best Prayers For Dead

Grateful To God

-O Kind Lord, thank you for relieving my beloved of the insufferable pain they were going through. Thank you for taking them into your blissful paradise where there is only happiness and joy. We know that their soul is in your presence now and we thank you for that, Father.- Amen

-O Savior Lord, you are the most righteous of all. I commend you so that the spirit of my loved one who has just passed away comes into your hands. I thank you for giving us this person as a gift in my life. I will forever cherish those moments.- Amen

-Father, thank you for giving our loved one the time so that he/she could prepare himself/herself- his/her heart, body, and soul to be eternal. Victory has swallowed up the shallowness of death and we are grateful to you. You give us the strength to fight our wars.- Amen

-Father, as far as I have known this person, he/she was a blessing to this world. Thank you for placing them in our life as such a close loving person. I sing today in your glory and I praise your name for being such a wonderful Lord to us,- Amen

Prayers For Love And Kindness

-Good Father, we pray to you to give shelter to this person. Let him find love, peace, and kindness in your presence, and never let them be separated from you. Bless them so that they can forever relish and praise your glory. We always believe in your powerful name, Lord.- Amen

-O Father, this person who has just left us was also a human being like us. So, all of us are flawed and we have our imperfections. But we assure you that he/she loved you truly and their hearts were of gold. They have honestly repented for their sins.

-O Blessed Lord, you love our souls. We are grieving the loss of our beloved now but we are also grateful to you for taking him/her out of the Thai world in peace and kindness. Please accept him into your presence so that he/she can abide with you.- Amen

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Prayers For Make Us Strong

-O Gracious Lord, please help us understand that death is a part of our lives and it must be welcomed with an open embrace. Let us not just sit and mourn like people who are not believers and who do not have faith in you. Let us not be weak.- Amen

Amazing Prayers For Dead

Prayers For Faith And Joy

-Father, we believe that the deceased person has always been a loyal child to you. This is why we also have faith and joy in our hearts that he/she will be celebrated in your kingdom and this makes us happy and relieved to know that we are your children.- Amen

Prayers For Faith

-O Dear Father, as I endure my faith in you and consider myself a true believer, I tell myself that being away from the physical being means the person is with you now. Therefore, I am satisfied to know in my heart that my loved one is in Heaven now.- Amen

-Good Father, no matter how much I try, it always feels so difficult to accept the absence of a loved one. Every time I look around and search for them. The fact that I will never be able to see them again aches my heart..- Amen

Prayers For Secure Us

-Lord, I tell myself every day now that you love them more than we do and you are personally taking care of them. Bless them so that they can bask in your mercy and glory. I also pray that when my time comes, you must come yourself to take me.- Amen

-O Father, you are our Savior. Our lives and everything in it- the times and the seasons are controlled by you. It is you who decides everything about our births and deaths. You are the Almighty Lord who always knows everything. We praise your name and bow down to you.- Amen

-O God, today we pray to give us peace that soothes our hearts and reaffirms our faith. Our loved one was very important to us and we cannot even think of replacing their presence with anybody else. So, we ask you to fill in the gap and be with us.- Amen

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Prayers For Grief And Loss

-Father, in these times of distress and grief, we find no one around who can guide us on getting back on our feet again. So, we turn to you for help now. Please take us under your shelter, comfort us and relieve our minds and hearts of this heart-wrenching pain.- Amen

-O Good Lord, you are the Creator of this Universe. You have created us, and you are the one who continues to sustain us. I have so many questions that are troubling my mind. Tell me why does it feel so empty inside my heart to lose a loved one?- Amen

-Dear Loving Lord, amongst all this grief and loss, what keeps us moving is the confidence and hope we have in your love and mercy on us. We believe that as long as we have you by our side, nothing can defeat us and no sorrow can make us weak.- Amen

Prayers For Comfort And Heal

-Dear Good Father, each day appears to be a burden to me. I don’t even know how to face the day. I pray to you to heal my heart and comfort me because it hurts so much and I can’t accept it. Give me the warmth of your unconditional love.- Amen

Prayers For God’s Presence

-O Father, it is in these moments that my family and I need you the most. Please help us understand that our beloved is still with us and their presence can be felt when we understand your presence in our life. Let us believe that you will look after them.- Amen

-Dear Gracious God, we just pray to you to let our beloved rest in peace. We just want to remind ourselves that he/she has not lost a battle against life and they were always brave enough to fight it. So, now they are with you in the lovely Paradise.- Amen

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Great Prayers For Dead

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