53+ Prayers For Depression: When You Feel Lonely

The most important thing to remind yourself while you are feeling depressed is that you are not alone, and there is no need to feel isolated. God will always be there to look after you and be with you when you need Him.

Prayers For Overcoming Depression

-Dear Father, today, my mind is preoccupied with a cloud of negative thoughts that I cannot get rid of in any way. I pray to you against this. Please give my mind and heart the peace it wants, calm down my senses, and keep me surrounded with positivity and happiness.- Amen

-O Savior Lord, this new day brings new challenges for me that I must not be afraid to face. I pray to you not to let the burden of these hurdles bring me down. I declare that my life runs according to your Word, and whatever you decide is final.- Amen

-Father, I know that troubles are also a part of our regular lives in this world. I pray to you to let me take everything with an open heart and embrace my dark days the way I do to my brighter days. Let me not be affected by anything.- Amen

-O Lord, let me have faith in your Word forever. You have promised that you will always go before me and are present to me. I pray to you never to leave me alone, especially in these moments when I feel lonely and feel like reaching out to you.- Amen

-Father, I beg you never to forsake me. Please don’t let me be afraid of anything that comes into my life, and give me the courage to fight against everything. I must not be demotivated and always walk on the road of my progress to cure this depression.- Amen

-O Dear Father, please give me strength in all aspects of my life- physical, mental, or spiritual. Only when I am completely strong will I be able to overcome any barrier that comes my way and not let anything bring me down. I want to become a more confident person.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, I pray to you to give me clarity of thought and action and give me the strength to stand in a place firmly. Father, bless me with a new life- where I can sing about your glory and peace and write hymns to praise your glorious presence.- Amen

-Heavenly Good Lord, in these times of adversities, when I can find no way, my heart weeps to you and seeks comfort from you. This depression continues to drag me into the darkness of utter despair, where there is no coming back. I pray to you to protect me.- Amen

Prayers For Depression

-O Father, I pray to you today to listen to my constant cry for help and help me to recover from my troubling situations. I know that you- only you- can drive me into the completeness and give me the peace I am looking for every day.- Amen

-Good Lord, I want to be delivered through you, and my physical and spiritual being will become whole only when it passes through you. God, I thank you for everything you have done for me. I also express my honest gratitude for everything you will do after this as well.- Amen

-O Blessed Lord, I express my gratitude and respect to you because I know that your mighty hand is upon me and will take me out of this darkness when it is the right time. I pray to you never to let me lose my faith in you.- Amen

-O Dear Father, as I pray to you today, I wait here patiently. I have complete faith that you will eventually hear me out and answer my prayers. I know that only you can take me out of this dark hole of never-ending depression and lift me into the sunshine.- Amen

-O Father, I give all praise to you today. You are the source of all my hopes and aspirations, and I strive for happiness because of your presence in my life. I have faith that as long as I follow your Word, I will get over this depression one day.- Amen

-Dear Good Father, I have been misguided in my life up till now. I have disobeyed your Word and have been punished accordingly. False aspirations and passions have lured me- lies told by people that have only made me depressed and forced me to doubt myself. Help me.- Amen

-Father, I believe that this state of stress and depression is a result of my thoughts. I have constantly thought of myself to be inadequate and isolated. I have believed every Word said by my enemy. I pray to you today to show me the correct path and guide me.- Amen

-O Blessed Lord, today I pray to you to renew my lost vigor and refresh my body and mind. Guide me through the correct course of thoughts and actions. All my hopes lie in you, and I trust you and praise you for being my Savior and the Good Lord.- Amen

-O Father, you appear to me to be the messenger of peace. I express my gratitude to you for sending me your Word, and I pray you continue guiding me just as you have done so far. With your power within me, I will overcome my depression.- Amen

Prayers For Depression

-O Lord, never let my faith in your Word waver for any reason. You have promised to shield us from all pain and suffering, and you will protect my glory. Let me trust your methods and be patient. Father, let my head be always held high with nothing to fear.- Amen

-Dear Good Father, help me to get rid of any negativity that remains a burden on my mind. Let me allow you to lift me and keep me in your peaceful arms. Let me have unquestionable faith in you and never overthink any incident or action in my life.- Amen

-O Lord, please help me always to remember that with you by my side, I should never consider myself to be a weak and incapable person. Give me confidence and let me go into any battle, knowing in my heart that you are always there to fight in my defense.- Amen

-Dear God, you are the Almighty and eternal Father. I place my faith in you and pray to you to keep me enveloped in your unconditional love and care. Even at the lowest point in my life, I must always remember that your love for me is always there.- Amen

-Father, right now, I am burdened by the pressures that life has brought upon me. I still have unwavering faith in your love. Even in these troubling times, I choose peace and serenity of mind and heart. Bless me, Father, and guide me if I do the right thing.- Amen

-Dear God, even when darkness fills my life, help me to choose only light. Give me joy when life appears more despairing and make me stronger when life expects me to be weak and worn-out. Allow me to shine within myself and reflect on that outside.- Amen

-Lord, on this day, I can only pray to you to not let my struggle to get over depression disturb the firm authority I have over my life. I pray to you to heal my downcast soul, clear my mind and heart of all disturbances, and purify my unclean spirits again.- Amen

-O Father, please help me understand the source of all my troubles- let me know what is it that disturbs my mind, heart, and body and does not let me rest. Lord, please never allow pessimistic thinking and self-doubt to rule my life and the way I think and act.- Amen

-Father, I know nobody cares for me like you do. So, I give all my anxieties and my depression to you. Please don’t let me be bound within these dark ties of worry and doubts, and help me to learn how to live a free and fulfilling life.- Amen

-O Dear Lord, I have been slow to understand that this state of depression and unhealthy lifestyle is not what you had intended for me. This is not how my life was supposed to be. I deny this state, and I was hoping you could help me work towards achieving development.- Amen

-Father, let me always be positive, knowing that the world is all yours and you have overcome it. So, every obstacle that comes my way has been tackled by you, and hence, nothing is impossible. I declare that my life is blessed with a powerful spirit that gives me confidence.- Amen

-O Dear God, what keeps me going in these dark times is knowing that nothing in this world, not even death, can keep me from your unconditional love’s blessing. So, even when I doubt myself and start to hate myself, I am constantly reminded that I love you.- Amen

Prayers For Depression

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