50+ Prayers For Discipline And Time Management

Discipline is a very important practice that we often fail to incorporate into our lives. Falling prey to our urges is one big mistake we all make often. We must pray to our Almighty Lord to evoke the spirit of a rigorous life that we must lead for our salvation.

Prayers For Discipline And Self Awareness

-O Good Father, I pray to you today for self-control. Allow me to control my words and actions so that I always speak or act wisely. Look over me when I communicate with people so that I always behave appropriately with grace and manner that speaks of discipline.

-Lord Beloved, I confess before you that I have often been offending or hurting others. I have not realized that this has ultimately ended up making me look like a very foolish person. Bless my mouth with your godly wisdom so that I never speak with a negative attitude.

-Gracious God, teach me the value of discipline so that I can lead a life that brings praise and glory to your Holy Spirit. Allow me to create an example of encouragement and hope for others who lack discipline in their lives. Let my words and actions be their reflection.

-O, Dear Almighty, I pray to you to help me practice discipline even in my regular eating and drinking habits. Allow me to choose wisely what to eat or drink and what to avoid. Help me remember that gluttony is one of the biggest sins, and we must practice self-control.

-Beloved Savior keeps me away from mindless habits that cause problems related to health and lifestyle. I must never indulge in bad habits that prove to be unhealthy and lead me to diseases and bad health conditions. Make me aware of what goes into my body through my food items.

-Precious Creator, I have seen how the consumption of alcohol and drugs can ruin the mental and physical stability of a person. Allow me to be disciplined in this aspect as well so that even If I do drink, I must have control over myself so that I don’t become addicted.

-O Beloved Master, I pray to your Holy Spirit to take charge and control my life and all my decisions. Let my mind and heart be filled with your awareness so that I never make any harsh decisions that hurt my disciplined moral values and principles.

-Kind Loving Lord, I pray to your mighty Holy Spirit to bless me with great self-control so that I can be the master of my mortal and spiritual self. Let me be in charge of what I do and say and not be controlled by petty, selfish thoughts. 

-Blessed Almighty, allow me to lead a disciplined life to avoid bad habits like gambling or cheating. Let me remember that these practices are meaningless, and they do not add any true value to our lives but rather end up ruining our finances.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to give me control over my impulses and reflex actions because those are also an important part of discipline. Bless me with your innate wisdom so that I can understand the places and people to avoid so that I never develop them.

-Good God, I pray to you to keep me surrounded with people who support my adherence towards discipline and encourage me to follow the correct path instead of muse guiding me into temptations. Bless them with a sense of responsibility and rigor so that I can also learn from them.

-O Merciful Lord, my heart is troubled, and my mind has no stability. I am constantly irritated because my life never runs on a fixed schedule. I pray to you to teach me the value of discipline so that I can live my life in a controlled manner.

-Heavenly Beloved Protector, I am worried about my demeanor. I pray that you make it peaceful and composed rather than being guided by uncontrollable anger. Teach t]m the value of controlling our temper and how it facilitates the practical use of good discipline in our lives.

-Holy Being, I am constantly encouraged by your Holy Commandments, and I have always kept faith in them because it has taught me the correct way to lead a disciplined life with honesty. I ask you to look over my temper so that I can have a strong mental defense.

-O Great Deity, I pray to your Holy Spirit to arouse in me so that I can develop all the godly virtues that make a man complete and keep them happy. You have always taught us that leading a disciplined and rigorous life keeps us away from suffering and pain.

-Dear Almighty, I will always be grateful to you for keeping my mind and soul away from any form of temptation. You have given me the kind of self-control that helps us to understand that no materialistic pleasure overtakes our minds, and there is always a way out of it.

-Father Beloved, allow me to learn from your Holy spirit the great art of discipline over one’s mortal self and the mastery to rise above petty bodily desires. You have always been faithful to us and protected us from being misled by pleasure or luxury that plunges us into conflict.

-Precious Great Creator, you have always stood before me as the impenetrable solid rock of immense control and faith. You have not allowed any indiscipline or casual behavior to reach out to me and destroy my self-control. I can never thank you enough for being my strongest shield when needed.

-O Merciful Father, I pray to you to give me control over my passions and desires. Let your Holy Spirit align my thoughts and cations to your Holy Will working through our lives so that we never end up walking on the wrong path or doing something wrong or unjust.

-Good Lord, I pray to your Holy being to give me command over my body and mind so that I can instruct them to work according to my needs and wishes. Allow me to think/act with purity in my soul and remember that I am always connected to you. 

-O Heavenly Master, I want you to encourage me through your Holy Way towards a sustainable plan for my regular life. Give me the determination and conviction to stick to the plan I chalk out, no matter what happens. Allow me to understand and incorporate the precious value of regularity.

-Kind Loving Deity, please bless me with good intentions and keep me proactive in whatever I am doing so that I can give honor to this blessed life and body given by your Holy Spirit. Allow me to consider this body and mind as a temple and praise it accordingly.

-Lord Jehovah, laziness or self-deception can be very challenging to overcome, and they can lure us to get away from the practice of self-discipline. This will only bring dishonor in our lives and disrespect to your Holy Being. Protect us from such practices and deliver us from everything bad, God.

-O Holy Almighty, I am very desperate to receive your graceful blessings, and so I come before you in earnest prayer. Please be with me on this journey of practicing self-restraint, another important part of discipline, which helps us to determine what things we truly need for peaceful survival.

-Dear Blessed Savior, allow me to exercise my dominations over the futile temptations of my life that are wreaking havoc in every aspect of my life. I am unable to focus on what’s important, and I suffer from indecision and self-doubt. Please look after my desires and aspirations in life.

-Lord Beloved, give me the courage to practice my disciplinary activities so rigorously that I can kick out any temptation that my body or mind wants. Let me silence the call of worldly desires and listen to your voice that speaks unto our souls and spreads radiance in our hearts.

-O Faithful Father, I believe the key to getting closer to your Holy Spirit is to practice discipline in our regular lives. Let me be drawn closer to you and spend enough time every day trying to comprehend the mighty nature of your divine being. Allow me to practice truthful worship.

-Good Gracious Master, I am unable to focus on your Holy Spit, and I believe this is due to lack of discipline that I get so easily distracted by external influences. I have strayed away from your Word, and this has had severe implications in my life. Please forgive me.

-Beloved Master, I pray to you to bring order and system in my regular life so that I can lead this life according to your Holy Will, filled with all the good habits and practices that make me a complete person and worthy of being showered with your endless grace.

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