50+ Uplifting Prayers For Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be a very traumatic experience for most people. It is very difficult to cope with such complicated situations, and our minds and hearts are constantly restless. In these uncertain times, we should pray to the Almighty Father to give us peace and help us overcome our struggles.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Domestic Violence

-Merciful Almighty, I know that you are constantly watching over all your blessed children. No one knows and understands us better than you do, and you are aware of everything we are going to do. I can not bear this domestic violence anymore, and so I ask for your mercy.

-Precious Creator, as I submit humbly before your Spirit, I believe that you are very aware of the complicated situation of domestic violence that I have to face right now. You can see my troubled heart, and so I ask you to show me a way out of this despair.

-Blessed Almighty, the most unexpected circumstances have befallen me, and I was not ready for this. I never imagined my relationship with my partner would turn out to be a case of domestic violence that would be so difficult to deal with. I ask for your divine wisdom and guidance.

-Faithful Father, malice, and mistrust have poisoned our relationship to a great extent, which has led to this domestic violence. I ask you to impart your divine compassion and wisdom over my partner and me so that we can restore the love and understanding we have lost in our relationship. 

-Loving Protector, I constantly fail to understand that although my partner and I have always tried to lead our lives and our relationship according to your Holy Commandments, we have ended up in a situation where we are domestically violent to each other in some way. Please help us.

-Merciful Master, I ask you to bless my partner and me with the wisdom to understand that this domestic violence is very inappropriate and harmful to each other. Guide us in your divine love so that we can understand where we are mistaken. And fix our behavior towards each other.

-O Father Beloved, I pray to you to give me the strength and patience to deal with the domestic violence I have been facing. Remind me that I must never give in to any form of injustice, and therefore I must protest when people around me are not behaving appropriately. 

-Dear Good God, the Scriptures have always guided us to be kind and honest to our partners. It is the lack of love and understanding that has led to this domestic violence in our relationship. Bless us so that we can follow and incorporate your teachings in our life rigorously.

-Faithful Father, please forgive us if we have not been able to trust this relationship in your hands. Forgive us if we have been disrespectful to you by being domestically violent to each other. Help us repair the bond in our relationship so that we can again praise your Name. 

-Blessed Almighty, I ask for your Holy Commandments to convict my partner and me right now so that we can understand that domestic violence can never lead to happiness, and these were especially in a relationship to help us understand and love each other more, as you would’ve always wanted. 

-Faithful Father reminds us that when people of different mentalities stay with each other, it is very natural to have conflicts. But domestic violence is never the solution as it ends up making the relationship more bitter and irreplaceable. Teach us to approach each other with more love and understanding.

-Lord Beloved, I believe that if I want to eradicate domestic violence, my partner and I need to spend more time with you. Allow us to be honest and eager in our prayers so that we can seek your guidance and wisdom to help us overcome the troubles we’re having. 

-Precious Holy Protector, please remind me that as long as I am righteous and strong, nothing can ever make me feel weak or unwanted. Only if I can have enough faith in you will you keep me away from all domestic violence, and you will help me fight my battles.

-Lord Jehovah, I’ve always believed in the power of your divine truth and love. I have always tried to be honest and kind in my relationship. I don’t deserve this domestic violence. Bless me with your divine strength so that I can protest, no matter how difficult circumstances may arise.

-Holy Spirit, reassure me that with the power of your Holy Spirit, all wickedness and evil powers around me shall vaporize. With all my heart, I believe that you shall remove all negativity from my life, and you will replace my broken heart and soul with hope, positivity, and love. 

-Dear Good God, you have always tried to evoke the spirit of love and understanding in our hearts and souls. Forgive us if we have ever tried to walk in the path of violence and injustice, thereby bringing domestic violence to a lovely and understanding relationship blessed by you.

-Lord Beloved, this domestic violence is becoming very unbearable for me. My heart is constantly tormented. I ask you to bless me with the patience I need to realize that this tough time shall pass soon, and I just need to be strong and righteous, standing firm in my faith.

-Precious Holy Protector, although I deal with this domestic violence patiently, I ask you to remind me that it is never okay to be domestically abused by a partner, no matter how much I love or adore him/her. Teach me to stand on firm ground and never give up easily.

-Holy Spirit, I still believe that we can get out of this domestic violence and be more loving and understanding to each other only if we can submit ourselves and this relationship humbly into your hands and trust you to take care of it. Bless us with unquestionable graceful faith.

-Eternal Savior brings a change in perspective for my partner and me. Allow us to see things in the light of your godly love and truth so that we can understand how dreadful this domestic violence can be for us. Lead us into your divine heaven of compassion and understanding.

-O Blessed Almighty, I ask you to teach us that love demands patience and faith and that any relationship should always be formed on the foundation of peace and love. Teach us to trust each other as much as you so that we can feel your presence in our relationship.

-Precious Dear Creator, I pray for your divine love to consume my partner and me so that all abuse and misunderstanding can be eradicated. Bless my partner with the understanding that the domestic violence in our relationship is becoming very overwhelming for me, and I cannot deal with it anymore.

-Dear Good God, I know that you understand my pain and you empathize with me. I can’t bear the pain inflicted upon me by this domestic violence, and I want a way out of this despair. Give me the burning light of your hope and positivity amid all this darkness.

-O Merciful Master, I believe that I will soon receive a transformation in my relationship that I have been seeking for a long time. I am one of your blessed children, and I know that you will never let me face any domestic violence that may ruin my mental peace.

-Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to guide my partner and me to always look for your Word that instructs us to behave appropriately in a relationship. Evoke the Spirit of love and understanding that is very important to eradicate this domestic violence that is causing disrespect to your Holy Spirit.

-Faithful Father, bless our hearts so that we can be slow to anger and hatred. Teachers to be patient and calm while dealing with a problem in this relationship and never speak or act in any way that could be hurting or disrespectful to our partner leading to domestic violence.

-Lord Jehovah, teach us to respond to any conflict with our heart. Keep us away from any kind of domestic abuse towards each other, and allow us to turn towards the pages of the Scriptures when we feel like this relationship is lacking the grace of your love and motivation.

-Good God, you are well aware of the sleepless nights I spend as my heart suffers from the pangs of the domestic violence I have to suffer. It gives me great pain to realize that my partner, whom I have always loved so much, is causing me so much pain.

-Lord Beloved, I ask you to constantly encourage me to fight any kind of domestic violence that I may be suffering while living with my partner. Teach me to walk away when things aren’t appropriate and are resulting in the disruption of the mental peace that you have blessed me with.

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