50+Prayers for The Family: To Protect And Bless My Family

Family is the main structural unit of human society. Each member of a family is connected with the other on the grounds of emotions and sentiments. Family is very important for the upbringing of an individual. Hence here are some prayers for the well-being of our families.

Prayers For Family Blessing

-Oh Jesus, everything is your creation; bless this mankind so that they can understand that you have created the family to teach mankind the power of togetherness, and that thing gets much easier when you have the support of your family. – Amen

-Dear Almighty God, shower your blessings on mankind so that they learn to value their family and understand the importance of family. Family is regarded as the backbone of an individual; it’s the main support system of an individual when in trouble.– Amen

-Dear Almighty God, shower your blessings on mankind so that they learn to value their family and understand the importance of family. Family is regarded as the backbone of an individual; it’s the main support system of an individual when in trouble.– Amen

-Dear Jesus, the family, is universal; no human society can exist without the family system; all the essential and basic needs of an individual are full filled by their family members. Lord, shower your blessings on every household and the members residing in it.– Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, as you know, family is based on the ground of emotions, that is the strong feeling of love and affection, care and respect, morals and values that are instilled into us from our very childhood, bless everyone, may no individual gets detached from their basic roots of morals and values.– Amen

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Prayer For Family Happiness

-Dear Everlasting God, family is the place where happiness resides, God, I pray to you that my happiness remains constant in every household, may each member of a family lives in harmony and peace.– Amen

-Oh Lord, the family continues to exist smoothly by the collective efforts of its members. Thus God bless all individuals so that they can take up their responsibilities and can successfully full fill all their duties and obligations.– Amen

Prayer For Family Strength

-Oh Almighty God, give strength to the members of my family so that we can stick together with each other in times of our crisis, and bless us so that we can support each other when in need.– Amen

-Oh Lord, as said, loneliness slowly and gradually destroys the mental peace of a person and breaks a person from the inside. At the end of the day, every individual needs someone close to share their worries and difficulties with; family here by yet again plays an important role. Thus, Lord, I pray to you, may no individual ever get detached from their family.– Amen

-Oh Lord, Family makes us aware of our culture and traditions; it transmits folkways and mores, beliefs and values, ideas and ideologies from one generation to another. Lord, bless mankind so that they can value and respect their families such that these customs might keep on existing till eternity.– Amen

-Dear God, may you make people realize the importance of a family since family is where our first formal education begins; the family teaches us our basic etiquette, it teaches us to respect our elders, and it teaches us to take care of those younger than us.– Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, shower your blessings on all the existing families, may love and harmony always resides in their houses such that no negativity can overpower the bond of love and respect.– Amen

-Oh Heavenly Father, there is strength in unity; even our families stand a great example to this statement. May everyone understand the benefits of having a family. When we live in a family, the works get divided equally among the members of the family, which decreases the workload and makes the work easier and faster.– Amen

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Prayers For Family

Prayer For Family Will Be Strong and Safe

-Dear Everlasting God, bless everyone so that their bonds with their family always remain strong; functions and festivals bring all the family members together, which helps to create a strong unbreakable bond amongst the members of the family, a bond that is priceless and lovely.– Amen

-Oh Lord, help this generation understand the importance of family, make them realize that real fun and happiness is in staying together; staying away all segregated and alone might seem peaceful at first, but in the long run, it turns out to be depressing and sad.– Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, bless every individual with a loving and caring family. May everyone experience the bond formed by love; bless everyone with parents who take care of their child with love and care, grandparents who can nourish them with morals and values, and siblings and cousins with whom they can enjoy their childhood with.– Amen

-Dear Almighty God, shower your blessings on all the members of my family with good health and prosperity so that we can happily celebrate and enjoy all the upcoming festivals together.– Amen

Prayers for Family Peace

-Oh Lord of love and power, may all of us always stay close to our family, since not only family helps us mentally, it is capable of supporting us even economically at the time of our crisis, the family provides us with constant support throughout our struggling phase.– Amen

-Lord, bless everyone with a family, such that when they come back home after a tedious day, all tired and exhausted, they can see all smiling faces waiting for them at the dinner table with their meals all ready and served.– Amen

-Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing us and surrounding us with such lovely people who care and worry about us, and such people are no other than our family members who make us feel at home, all peaceful and happy.– Amen

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Prayers For Family

Thanking God For Family

-Oh Everlasting God, keep on making every individual realize the importance of having a family, though today every individual is independent, still when our parents fall ill, and we need to manage your work life, but since we live in a family our responsibilities get divided, such that we can manage both the places easily without worrying much.– Amen

-Dear God, may you bless everyone with a family since everything in this world might be temporary, but family is always constant; all of us start and end with family; being a part of a family means that we will always be loved the way we do for the rest of our life.– Amen

-Dear Almighty God, everyone in this world wants freedom and their own space, thus, thank you for blessing everyone with a family. Family is where we can be ourselves without restriction; it’s where we first discover our interests, likings, and dislikes.– Amen

-Oh Lord of power and love, the bond that is created amongst the members of a family is unbreakable; family ties are something so strong that no matter how hard we try to run away from it, we can’t, at the end of the day, we always find our way back to them, Lord I pray to you, may these things never change.– Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, bless me, guide me, so that I never get detached from my roots so that I never forget where my basics are from, may I always hold on to my family and be by their side always, even during the worst times just they way they supported me in my work days.– Amen

-Dear Everlasting God, always stay by my side, such that where ever I might go, I can remember all the memories I cherish with my family, all the happy moments from when I chatted with my mom and aunts while helping them in the kitchen to the times when the entire family came together for every celebration.– Amen

-Oh Jesus, kindly bless my extended family since family is not always about blood relations, its always been about the people who value you and want you in their lives; it is about those people who accept you the way you are and above all love you and make you smile.– Amen

-Dear God, you are all kind and generous, bless everyone in this time of crisis, instill your kindness in us so that we can treat our neighbors just like our family. Neighbors are our extended family, which makes us generous so that we can help each other when in need and support each other in this time of crisis.– Amen

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Prayer For Family Healing

-Oh Lord of power and love, family is our pillar of strength; it never lets any of its members lose hopes and give up; it always supports us and motivates us every time we fail, to try once again and keep on trying till we find out way out. Lord, bless me so that I never lose my pillar of strength.– Amen

-Oh Almighty God, always keep me attached and connected with my family; they are my peace, they guide me, stop me when I am wrong, praise me for my success, inspire me to reach my goals, and comfort me when I occasionally falter.– Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, family is a hub that contains many individuals having different choices, ideologies, and opinions, which results in a mixture of ideas and preferences, and for me, that’s the beauty of staying in a family. Hence God, may these things never change since it also teaches me to deal with different types of individuals outside my household.– Amen

-Oh Jesus, may people realize the importance of family and learn to value it, we might choose to live separated, but somewhere we will always stay connected since all of us know that we need a family to protect us when in need, support us during our mishaps and love us for whatever we are.– Amen

Prayers For Family

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