55+ Prayers For Dad: Sending Heavenly Blessings

Our fathers are a very crucial part of our lives. They are our backbone, and they guide us through the correct way.

They are the embodiment of the Almighty Lord Himself. It is our duty to pray to Him on their behalf so that they can get His blessings too.

Prayers For Dad: Divine Intervention

Thanksgiving Prayer For Dad

-Holy Father, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with the best earthly Father I could have asked for. I am also grateful for the commandments he had received from you and now impress upon us, his children. We see your image in him.- Amen

-Good Lord, I thank you so much for giving me the blessing of being guided from the very initial steps and being taught how to progress in life by a mighty figure, my earthly Father. Even when I am older and self-sufficient, my Father continues to be my guiding light.- Amen

-Blessed God, my earthly Father, a reflection of your mighty Being, has showered me with genuine compassion and cared for me with the utmost precision. I thank you for his love and concern for us in his heart because I believe that has been given by you too.- Amen

-Blessed Lord, my Father fears you. He considers you to be his Guardian, and that is what makes him a humble and rigorous human being. I thank you again for giving me the most diligent earthly Father, but I also praise you for being the best Father of all fathers.- Amen

-Dear Almighty Father, I thank you for blessing my Father and me with the strong bond of a father-child relationship. We both take great delight when we are with each other. I pray to you to let my Father do everything that he does out of his love for me.- Amen

-Lord, thank you for instructing my Father through proper parenting so that he doesn’t provoke me in any way but brings me up like a perfect human being. My Father has told me how important it is to live a righteous life, remembering that you rule us forever.- Amen

-Dear God, when I have done something wrong or unjust, my Father has scolded me and tried to correct my mistakes. He has shown me why it is wrong to do this and gave me a solution for all my problems. I thank you for such a rigorous earthly father.- Amen

-Gracious Father, bless my Father and me so we can celebrate the special days and every occasion of our life together very happily. Let us never get involved in heated arguments even if we do; help us to resolve them quickly. Thank you for my special gift, Dear God.- Amen

-Dear Good God, your power and glory are unmatched in all of the world. I have always loved and been grateful to you for many things, but my gratitude increases towards you when I think you have given me my Father as the greatest blessing of my life.- Amen

-Dear God, my Father is the one person who always tells us about you, our Holy Father, informs us about your ways, and ensures that no matter where we are, we always think and reflect upon you. At all times, you are there for us to think about.- Amen

Prayers For Father About Protection

-O Father, I pray to you to protect my Father and shield him from all troubles. Stand as armor around him so that no evil scheme can even think of causing him any harm. No matter how troubling a situation is, my Father must be able to stand his ground.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, as I look at my Father, I see that he is an honest and caring person, completely dedicated to your love. So, I pray to you to take him under your protection and keep him safe. With you there, I am sure that nothing can defeat him.- Amen

Prayers For Fathers

Prayers For Father About Guidance

-God, I look at my Father and think about the power of your love and guidance. I believe perfection comes by following your Word rigorously and leading our lives under your guidance. I pray that you let me understand my Father as an example of your perfect creation.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, it is almost as if your mighty Word has been symbolized in the pious hands of my blessed Father and guides him to look after us and direct us on the correct path. This is only why I could have thought of becoming who I am today.- Amen

-Dear God, my Father, speaks to me about the blessing of prophecy that you have showered us with, and I am grateful to you for that. He tells me the importance of faith and helps me to create a rock-solid faith in your mighty existence. Thank you for guiding him.- Amen

Blessing Prayers For Father

-Blessed Holy Father, I ask you to give your graceful love and blessings to my Father every day and be with him in everything he does for himself and us. Give me victory, restore him in aspects of his life where he is lacking, and give him endless joy. – Amen

-God, you are the most righteous of all. Your love has always been the foundation stone of the pious relationship of my earthly Father with me. You have taught us to speak the language of love and affection for each other and why it is important to care for others.- Amen

-Blessed Father, the language of love and truth has been permanently printed in my mind and heart due to the blessings of my earthly Father and you. I pray to you to bless me so that I can pass on to future generations and try to be like my Father.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, you are the greatest power in this Universe. I look around and find many people aren’t even lucky enough to revolve the love of a father. I consider myself lucky, and thank you for considering me worthy of your blessings and for receiving the gift of an excellent father.- Amen

-Good Kind God, my Father, is the source of our financial stability and comfortable living. So, I pray to you to look after his career and finances so that he can gain prosperity and unimaginable success in life. Increase his income so that he can provide for us more efficiently.- Amen

-Dear Father Beloved, no matter how much my Father loves me or I care for him, we are nothing without your love and care. So, I bow down to you today on behalf of both of us that you let us be a part of your unconditional love and attention.- Amen

Prayers For Fathers

-Dear God, I pray to you so that I can be an obedient child to my Father and listen to every Word he says because I believe that he can speak or do no wrong and that you guide his words and actions. Let me give him honor.- Amen

-Blessed Father, even if I have gone the wrong way. My Father has never removed his hand of protection above me or stopped nurturing me with his gracious love. His unconditional love has always been true to my meaning for me. For all this, I praise your mighty name forever.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, I pray to you to let me honor my Father and his care for me like he does for you. We are so grateful to you for taking both of us under your mighty refuge and listening to our prayers whenever we have been in trouble.- Amen

-Dear lord, I adore my earthly Father, who has been blessed upon me by you, my Almighty father. He has given me life, nurtured me with love, and brought me up till now. I pray to you to guide me so I never despise him when he grows old.- Amen

-Dear Lord, I don’t want to be separated from my Father. So, I pray to you to bless him with a long and healthy life so that I can count many more years with him and live in his shadow. Bless me to be the perfect child to my Father.- Amen

-Good God, as I go through your Word in the Scriptures, I find you saying that if a child is obedient and righteous, that gives his Father great joy and satisfaction. Bless me to be a child of this kind so that I can make my Father proud and happy.- Amen

-Great Lord, my Father, is my inspiration. He is my source of strength, and I pray to you to help me be motivated and inspired by him. I give all praise and glory to your name, and I also praise my Father in your Holy Spirit. Look after him, God.- Amen

-Good Father, my Father, loves me but is strict with me. I never despise this discipline because I know this is how you would have wanted me to be controlled. There is no reason to resent his rebukes because you are shaping my life and character through him.- Amen

Prayers For Fathers

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