50+ Prayers For Fear To Overcome

If we provoke fear to cripple us in the various aspects of our life, it will take away all our inner peace and will never let our spirits be uplifted. In that case, we can pray to our loving God to help us restore our courage and innate strength.

Prayers For Reducing Fear

-Beloved Lord, I find the darkness of fear shadows my life. I am tormented by the thoughts of my mind that make me anxious and never let me have peace. I find this fear crippling my spirits, and I turn to you for help. Please guide me correctly.

-Good Father, I pray to you to be my constant guide. Teach me to walk in your footsteps and speak in your powerful words so that no fear can engulf me and I am always on the right track. Mold my heart so that it can feel like you do.

-Father, this fear is pulling me down where there is no hope and optimism. If I let this grip me tightly, it will never let go of my mind, and my life will be wrecked. I pray to you to look after me and help me out of this situation.

-Blessed Lord, I have always believed that nothing in this world has the power to stand against your Holy Spirit and endless courage. You are our Almighty Father, and nothing can ever transgress the laws created by you. So, I keep the trust that your undefiled holiness will protect me.

-Good God, you give shelter to everyone who approaches you with a true heart. So, although I have sinned several times, I have no fear because my heart is laden with your blessed name. I am grateful to you for bearing the penalty of my sins and keeping me safe

-O Good Lord, you are the most merciful of all. Your Word is magnificent, and it gives my heart the peace it seeks to forget every fear that haunts it. Help me to survive in this world that seems to spin out of control. Help me to fight against differences..

-Almighty God, I pray to your Holy Spirit to illuminate its bright light upon every dark corner of my mind and heart. Let me be able to see the wicked powers working within myself and get rid of them with your power in my spirit. Bless me with your courage.

-Dear Lord, this darkness is engulfing me, and in these moments of distress, I trust you and give myself completely to you. Help me to see you in your graceful spirit and allow me to rejoice in your love so that no sudden fear or danger can affect me.

-O Good God, I feel that this fear inside me is making me feel mortified. I am terribly scared, and I want to avoid the things that are still unknown to me. I have many questions that I cannot find answers to. So, I ask you to be with me.

-Lord, I can perceive that a storm is coming. Although I am afraid, I seek you to guard me and make me courageous enough to handle the circumstances. Look after me when I am weak, and help me understand why I was brought into your world.

-Blessed Father, I pray to you for my family and ask you to stay by their side as they support me to fight this battle. Be with all my friends so that they can motivate me on your behalf and help me to overcome this fear inside my heart.

Prayers For Fear

-Dear Good God, it is very natural for me to be afraid during my physical weaknesses. But, please assure me. Bless my physicians and caretakers with wisdom and guidance so that they can take care of me appropriately. Cast all things away that can cause me pain.

-Good Father, you have created me and decided what happens in my life. I know you only have good things planned out for me because you care for me so much. So, I have nothing to worry about as long as I leave everything in your mighty hands.

-Lord, I trust you, so I believe you will never leave my side, especially when I’m afraid or worried. Uphold me so that my spirits are uplifted and I can face any challenge. Bless me so that I am never afraid of any struggle.

-Gracious Father, I feel myself going astray whenever I think that death awaits me. I pray to you to imprint it in my heart that we all come from dust and will go back to dust as well. Don’t let the fear of death manipulate me in any way.

-O Lord, I find many negative emotions taking over my heart and soul, and I fear this will ruin my spirits. I pray to you to eradicate jealousy or greed so that all negativity leaves me alone. Bless me so that I can always be humble and dedicated. 

-Father Beloved, I demand liberation from you. Liberate my heart from everything it fears. Forgive me for every sin I have ever committed, and resurrect me to a better life. Keep my mind clear of all doubts, and let me be happy because I have your wonderful resurrection with me.

-Dear Lord, when I look upon your commandments, I find that you ask us to trust ourselves unto you when our hearts and minds are laden with fear and depression. I trust you to give peace to my troubled soul and keep me from being overwhelmed by unnecessary factors.

-O Good God, I find misery following me wherever I go. This fear keeps me awake at night, and I cannot find a way to escape from it. So, I seek your shelter now and pray to you so that you yoke your Holy Spirit unto my troubled soul.

-Blessed Holy Father, it is as if nobody around is worthy of trust. Fate makes me feel afraid about myself and my family and the nation’s welfare. Give me deliverance and protection, which I can only hope to receive from your Holy Spirit. You are my secure fortress.

Prayers For Fear

-Great Lord, I want you to comfort my troubled heart blissfully and reassure me that there is no reason to live in fear and anxiety. I want to abide in trust and hope that you induce in our hearts. Grant me your spirit, for I trust you endlessly.

-Good God, your Word tells us to be bold and wise in our lives. Bless me so that I don’t live like a timid and unwise person who doesn’t know how to fight his/her struggles. Let the fear of what’s coming next not take a toll on my mind.

-Gracious Father, I want your blessings so that I can have nerves of steel and a brave heart with all the courage in the world. I pray for your hope in me that teaches me to endure every fear with strength. I give every concern in my heart to you.

-O Father, I believe that as long as I believe in you and call upon your blessed name, nothing can ever condemn me. I pray to you to bless me so I can grow my trust in you and believe that your mercy upon us is endless and unconditional.

-Lord, you promise to fulfill all our needs and wishes. So, when elements of fear surround me, I still trust you to eradicate these feelings from my heart. Don’t let me be enslaved by temptations that distract my attention from important matters.

-Gracious God, I want to pray to your mighty presence to be forgiving and forget our sins. Take us into your arms again and give us peace so that we can start afresh. Please give us the reassurance of your constant company so I never feel alone. Bless me, Father.

-Good Father, every moment in my life is plagued by fear. I can feel the evil forces weighing me down. The weight is so massive that the burden is intolerable. I believe that I am being attacked spiritually. Help me to get out of this Lord and save my soul.

-O Good God, I have always believed that your mighty power can drive away any fear and oppression that builds in our souls. Demons inside our minds and hearts are driven out in your name, and so I submit myself to you. Heal my worn-down spirits, Father.

-Dear Father, I ask you to send over your guardian angels to watch over me and defend me in all fears. Let them surround me at all times so that I can emerge as a strong person who can bravely serve to be a witness of your true holy Word.

Prayers For Fear

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