55+ prayer for fever to go away

Fever is one of the most common diseases that happen to us. Whether it’s normal or severe, suffering from fever can be depressing and irritating for some people. They must pray to the Almighty Father to look after their speedy recovery so that they no longer have to remain bedridden.

prayer for fever to go away

-O Faithful Father, I am down with a high fever, and my mind is constantly disturbed. The doctors predict that if not treated well, this fever can aggravate some severe illness that is harmful to my body. In such a physically distressing time, I seek your godly comfort and compassion 

-Good God, we are your blessed children, and you always take care of our physical as well as spiritual welfare. Our spiritual stability controls our physical wellness, and therefore if we can have honest faith in your Holy Spirit, you will help us get rid of this fever very soon. 

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you for those little children who are brought down by fever right now. The constant suffering has hampered their focus and confidence, and their progress has been delayed. Please be merciful to them and make sure that they can recover from this fever very quickly. 

-Lord Jehovah, it saddens me to think that I have to stay bedridden for such a long time because of a fever. I pray to you to touch me with your magical healing grace so that I can recover very soon and get back to leading a normal life again. 

-Holy Creator, I have always had sufficient faith in the importance of the spiritual realm in our lives. This is why I earnestly request you to look after my spiritual stability so that my physical conditions can be improved. With your grace and Mercy, my fever will be treated efficiently.

-Gracious Almighty, suffering from this fever for such a long time, is making me question my faith in your Holy Spirit. I pray to you to restore balance in my life and cure me of this illness so that I can once again be reassured of your constant divine presence.

-Precious Holy Protector, the evil powers around us try to overpower us by making us suffer from fever and other such illnesses. Bless us with your godly courage and patience so that we can deal with these physical troubles strongly, remembering that your love and power are always with us.

-Kind Loving Lord, you have always blessed us with your divine protection and abundance, and you have answered all our prayers. This is why I come before you, asking you to heal me of a fever that has been tormenting my body and mind for quite a long time now. 

-Great Master, fever and other such illnesses lead us to suffer and distress that affects our physical as well as mental health. I pray to you to bless us with victory over such negative elements so that we can remember that we have your grace and comfort with us forever.

-Eternal Savior, as I begin a new day of my life, I start by praying before your Holy Spirit. I pray to you for good health so that no fever or unwanted sickness can weaken me and stop me from fulfilling my responsibilities and giving you endless glory and praise.

-O Holy Father, numerous invisible evil forces operate in our lives and try to bring destruction and illness by making us sick. Help us in our battle against such forces so that we can protect our physical and mental health, remembering that your courage and love work within our bodies.

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you to watch over my daily activities so that I may never indulge in any unhealthy habits that can cause fever or any other illness. Mold my life in your Holy Way, making me disciplined and controlled so that no difficult situation can overpower me.

-Dear Kind Deity, let me abide by you forever so that I can always be reassured of your constant protection and love for me. Remind me that even if I am struck by a heavy fever right now, my faith in your Holy Spirit will help me overcome this illness. 

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to let me develop healthy eating habits so that I can take good care of my body and never do anything that can induce the possibility of fever or any other disease that makes us suffer tremendously. Make us conscious and disciplined about our health. 

-Father Beloved, the doctors and caretakers that help us when we are sick are also a blessing from your Spirit. We are so thankful to you for such medical professionals who help us diagnose our disease and provide us with the best medical service to recover quickly from our weakness. 

-Dear Almighty Protector, you have always blessed me with your divine abundance and protection and made sure that I am physically as well as spiritually healthy. Suffering from this bad fever is affecting my body and mind largely, and therefore I seek comfort in the presence of your Holy Spirit.

-O Blessed Savior, thank you for preserving my life and good health all the time, making sure that no illness like fever or cough can cripple me. It is only owing to your constant presence in my life that I never have to worry about my physical or mental health. 

-Gracious Good God, your constant guidance and protection have always been a great favor to my family and me. Thank you for always keeping us all in good condition, never letting any physical illness overpower us in any way. We look forward to having your divine presence around us forever.

-O Beloved Creator, as I am suffering from fever today, I ask you to be my shield. Fill me with the courage and patience to realize that even though I suffer greatly right now, my good health will be restored very soon. Bless me with the gift of unquestionable faith. 

-Lord Jehovah, your love and Mercy for us is eternal and unconditional. It is only because you take care of us that we never have to worry about physical or spiritual illness. I am constantly reassured that I will never have to suffer from any fever or other related sickness.

-Good God, suffering from fever makes me seek your divine presence in my heart more earnestly. Fill my heart and soul with your unfailing compassion and reassure me that my faith in your Spirit will be rewarded, and you will do everything in your power to facilitate my speedy recovery. 

-Precious Master, I wish to stay in the comfort of your compassionate care forever. I trust you to take care of my health and make sure that even if I am ever down with fever, I shall recover quickly and understand that your divine love and Mercy never forsake us.

-Loving Lord, let your supreme power and strength be reflected upon my physical and mental health. No fever, cough, or other unexpected illness can be strong enough to attack me because your courtly courage and strength flow through every cell of my body freely. All praise be to your Name.

-Heavenly Almighty, this fever is stubborn, and I have been suffering for a long time now. Although I am in good hands and the doctors and caretakers make sure that I always have the best medical facilities and treatment, I place my trust in you to help me recover sooner. 

-Sweet Deity, I am tired of this sickness that takes away the hope and peace of my mind and heart. Life seems to have no joy or positivity anymore, and I can only look towards receiving your eternal grace and Mercy in my heart that shall rejuvenate my worn-out spirits. 

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to eradicate all arrows of physical sickness that cause this fever to torment my body and mind. Protect my health with your divine grace. Even if I fall sick, I have your godly comfort and healing to make sure that I eventually feel better. 

-Savior Beloved, nothing in this world happens without your knowledge. Therefore, you already know how much despair and negativity this fever causes in my heart and mind. I ask you to remind me that when I learn to trust your Will in my life, every problem shall find a solution.

-O Good God, I pray to you to subdue every evil power that works for the manifestation of negative elements in my life by making me sick. I give this fever into your hands, and I trust you to make sure that I can recover from this illness very soon,

-Kind Loving Father, keep me guarded in your divine protection so that no physical or spiritual danger can even touch me. When surrounded with your godly love and Mercy, no fever or any related illness can try to take away the comfort and peace that you have blessed me with.

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