50+ Prayers For Financial Blessings

Financial problems are very common in our lives. There always comes a time when we are out of money, and this may make us feel low or stressed out.

To feel better during these hard times, you must pray to the Almighty Father to give you strength and motivate you.

Prayers For Financial Blessings

To Bless With Finance Miracle

-O Eternal Father, as I follow your word, you have promised us that we will never need to worry about what we shall eat or wear. Therefore, I am not worrying about my finances because I know that it is fruitless to chase after these things when you are there.

-Good Father, I know that you are already aware of what I need, and I don’t need to repeat these things to you. I pray to you to bless me with a financial miracle that is very much needed right now. Only you can help me out in this situation.

-Good God, in these times of inadequacy, I submit myself to you so that your mighty grace can shelter me, and I claim that you bless me with a small part of your abundance. We are your children, and without your assistance, in these tough times, we will not survive.

to help me by flowing the money

-Beloved Lord, for some reason, I am currently going through a financial crisis. I pray to you to help me by flowing the money into my life that I need urgently right now and fill my bank account, which is experiencing a shortage right now. Please guide me now, Father.

Prayer to come to me with your mighty protection

-O Lord, my current economic circumstances have left me feeling hopeless and stressed out. I feel very helpless in the face of such a sudden troubling situation, and I bow down before you in humble prayer to come to me with your mighty protection and take me out of this.

-Heavenly Father, of all the moments in my life when I have needed you, now is the most important time. I feel that I can do nothing without your assistance, and so I turn to you so that you can tell me what to do by hearing out my prayers.

-Dear Holy Father, I want you to answer my prayers with your power of creating a new miracle every day. Don’t just help me to pull through but also let me win over this situation completely so that it is under my control and I can do whatever I want.

To Help Me To Clear All Debt

-O Father, I pray to you today to help me clear away all the debts that have arisen before me. Help me to correct myself in aspects where I went wrong. Help me so that I can praise your astounding honor over all of us. I express my heartfelt gratitude.

-Beloved Lord, it is very natural to be anxious in this terribly tough phase of my life. But I pray to you to let me hear our graceful voice, which tells me to calm down, asks me to be quiet and composed, and affirms me that you will fix everything.

-I give all thanks to you for being with me during this phase of my life. It is not only my prayer, but I also petition you to hear my requests and answer them duly. I give all my finances to you so that you can take care of them.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you for a substantial increase in my finances so that I can face my losses and remedy the condition to some extent. I let go of all these things that have been bothering me, and I choose not to be depressed or overwhelmed by anything.

-Dear God, I pray to you to make your mighty power stand as a shield in the battle against all my financial debts. I want you to help me so that I can ensure that nobody owes even a single penny from me, and I am obliged to love people.

Prayers For Financial Blessings

Prayers For My Financial Problem

-O God, I pray to you that my financial problems must not be able to oppress me, and I also hope that prosperity rules over everything else in my life. Work your miracle in my life so that I can save myself from this pain that keeps on troubling me.

Give Me Your Love And Protection

-Dear Lord, I know that your biggest concern is my happiness and stability in life. I know that you will never want me to be anxious or in trouble for any reason. So, give me your love and protect me from anything that instills fear and tension in my mind.

To Overwhelm Mental Condition

-O Savior Lord, I know that you are already aware of my overwhelming mental condition as a result of these money troubles that are happening. It makes me afraid to think about what’s going to happen in the future, and I don’t know what I would do without your miracle. 

To Keep Me Confident

-O Father, as I cry out to you for help, I hope in my heart that you will hear me readily and answer me so that I can be worthy of receiving your compassion and love. I pray to you to alter this hopeless feeling in my heart into confidence.

To wisdom over my way

-Beloved Lord, I want you to shine the light of your wisdom over my way so that I can move in the correct direction that will help me to prevail over my issues and get back on my feet after I have successfully dealt with them and solved my problems.

give me the encouragement

-O Father, I just want to pray to you so that you empower me and give me the encouragement needed to thrive financially, although things look pretty dreadful at the moment. As I take my steps towards a better phase, I pray to your Holy Spirit to look after me.

to give me financial stability

-Dear Great Lord, I know that when asked with honesty and dedication, you give your children what they need in life. Father in heaven, today, I pray to you to give me financial stability, without which I can find no other way to get out of this phase right now.

Prayers For Financial Blessings

-Lord, today I pray to you because I have trust in your ways and your promise to look after my welfare. So, I know that an economical breakthrough is on its way to sorting things out for me. I believe that you will do everything for me in your power.

-O Graceful God, whenever I find myself in complete despair, I look up to you in your mighty throne. I must learn to approach my problem straightforwardly with a brave heart. With your power by myself, I can always be assured that I will emerge victoriously with nothing to fear.

-O Father, lift me out of all my financial shortcomings and place me high above where there is no fear of falling down. I consider this as a battle that must be fought with courage and confidence. Bless me so that I can emerge victorious as more than a conqueror.

-Dear Blessed God, you have always been my strength in all matters in my life. You are eternal, and your sovereign power rules me in everything. I have absolute trust in you, and I know that you will listen to my prayers and help to calm my mind and heart.

-Lord, my current struggle has worn me down momentarily, but I will not lose faith in you. I will always trust in my heart that you will meet my needs, and your riches will help me out. You are the Savior, and I need to fear nobody else but you.

-O Good Father, I pray to your Holy Spirit to exercise its divine inspiration over my finances, understand what I truly need, and provide for it. I thank you for everything you are doing to help me, and I trust those good days are ahead of me in my life.

-Dear Father, whatever my difficulties are, I place them before you, and I trust you to remedy the conditions that give me back my better financial state. Don’t let me get drowned under these mighty waves of despair and rescue me from this trouble so that I can praise you.

-Dear Good Lord, all these troubles have taken away my sleep and are continuously harassing me mentally. I know that these bills need to be paid immediately, but I can’t find a way out of this inadequate condition. My confidence in you will never shake, and your power will reign.

-Great Father, I am so thankful to you for keeping your promises of delivering all goodness and mercy upon me. I have nothing to fear, and I submit to you all my hope and respect. You are the miracle worker in our lives, and I express my gratitude to you.

-Good Lord, you are the Righteous Being of all. I pray to you to help me be the same righteous person. I thank you for guiding me and being the Lord of Abundance in our lives. With you by my side, no financial problem will be an issue for me.

Prayers For Financial Blessings

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