50+ Prayers For The First Day Of The Month

The first day of each month can be a good time to take a step back and make some changes. Prepare yourself with a refreshed mindset at the beginning of the month so that you can perform better. You must also pray to the Almighty Lord to guide you constantly.

Set Your Intentions for a Successful Month with These Inspiring Prayers for the First Day

Thank You Prayers

-Dear Good Father, I take the beginning of this month as an opportunity given by you to make me understand that there is always enough time to try again. Failures do not define us, and I thank you for giving me another chance so that I can prove myself worthy.

Prayers For The First Day Of The Month

Pray to you to help me get over

-Kind Loving Master, I feel so grateful to realize that your precious compassion and mercy upon our lives has constantly been percent no matter what we have said or done or how we have acted. We can never thank you enough for everything you bless us within this life.

-Precious Lord, I admit that in the past month, I have made some bad decisions that have backfired against me. I have not controlled my thought process that eventually led to the growth of despairing thoughts in my mind. I pray to you to help me get over it now.

Pray to you to let me see your Work of hand in my life this month

-Great Creator, I have failed to understand your divine serenity that was always there in my soul. This has left me disoriented and confused. I pray to you to let me see your Work of hand in my life this month so that I can do everything with full confidence.

Pray to you to let me live more fully this month

-Heavenly Father, I pray to you to let me live more fully this month. Allow me to enjoy the little things that make us happy and not focus on the things that trouble my mind and heart. Your blissful voice speaks through our spirits and gives us courage and enthusiasm.

-O Good Lord, this first day of a new month, I place my heart and soul before you so that you can nurture it with your endless love and purify it of all its negativity. Fill my heart with your compassion that makes us understand the true meaning of life.

-Beloved Master, in the past month, I have made some terrible mistakes and spoke unjustly. I believe I tried to move away from your guidance and lead my life on my own. Bless me so that I can keep myself close to you this month and always think of you. 

-O Great Father, I thank you so much for this new month that only gives me good vibes and the hopes to start afresh. Your Way gives me the desire to prove myself and work beyond my capabilities to achieve the greater things in life I was meant to do.

Prayers To Forgive Us

-Faithful Master, you have always forgiven us for our mistakes and given us a second chance to redeem ourselves. This month, I pray before you so that you can shower me with the wisdom and grace that I need to fulfill your cause and do my duties rigorously every day.

-Precious Almighty, I have always considered myself as your blessed child, and I believe in my heart that as long as I stay close to your Holy Spirit, I have no fear of failing, and even if I do fail, I can always start over with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

-Heavenly Good Master, I will never be able to perform efficiently this month if I hold onto my failures and shortcomings of the past months. Bless me so that I can forget everything that has threatened to discourage me and start with nothing but positivity and hope in my spirits.

-O Kind God, you have always been the initiator of restoration, and new beginnings are all you promise us of. With your Spirit in my heart, I set about this new month, and I promise to work hard so that all my targets are achieved and my dreams are fulfilled.

Best Prayers For The First Day Of The Month

Pray that your Holy Way guides me

-Lord Beloved, I surrender myself before you, and I pray that your Holy Way guides me properly in every endeavor I take up throughout this month. Bless me so that every time I try to start over, I can seek you to be present in my soul and instruct me.

-Blessed Father, whenever I have found myself in despair, I have believed that I need you. I have sought your Holy Spirit, and you have come to me. I have been lucky enough to receive your mercy, and I ask you to continue doing so throughout this month as well.

-O Good God, I promise to keep every word of your Holy Commandment in my mind as I go about my Way in this new month. Your Scriptures give me strength noise whenever I feel inadequate. Bless me so that I can always ask for the just and appropriate things.

I pray to your Holy Spirit to control my life and guide

-Faithful Beloved Father, I pray to your Holy Spirit to control my life and guide every decision I make. When your Holy will aligns with my thoughts, I shall never go wrong. I have faith in your power that has constantly worked to keep us on the correct path forever.

I pray to you to protect my faith

-O Heavenly God, just like other human beings, I am flawed, and I mess things up now and then. But, as a new month presents itself before me, I ask you to be with me as I try to pull myself together and pay for the sins I have done.

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to receive your blessings so that I can pass all your tests that life gives me and prove my soul to be pure and just and thus worthy of being showered with your endless grace. I present my doubts before you to clear them.

-O Precious Creator, on the first day of this new month, I praise your supremacy over our blessed lives, and I declare you as the sovereign power that keeps us all together. I pray to you to protect my faith so that my mind is never driven away from you.

Amazing Prayers For The First Day Of The Month

I pray to you to look over my heart

-O Beloved Protector, I pray to you to look over my heart that is troubled for various reasons. Touch my soul with your refreshed Spirit so that I can be uplifted and start this month with a new perspective towards life and a special reverence for your love as well.

I pray to you for the purity of soul

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you for the purity of soul that you so effortlessly portray in yourself. Allow me to lead a life only full of compassion and righteousness, fixed in your graceful love. Each day of this month, allow me to grow a little more in your love.

-Gracious Good God, I pray to you to bless me so that I can lead my life while following the straight path only, the path directed by you. I must never fall prey to the forces that try to destroy my faith and turn me away from your blessed love.

thankful to your Holy Spirit

-Dear Great Father, I can set into this new month with a clear mind and heart only because you have cleared away all my doubts, and you have purified your souls of its sins and selfish desires. I am very thankful to your Holy Spirit for constantly looking after me.

-O Precious Master, you have protected me from danger, and I go about my Work every day knowing in my heart that you are there to look after me and help me in my troubling times. I thank you for your eternal essence in my soul. That is so comforting.

-Almighty Creator, when I was completely hopeless, and I found myself in despair and confusion, you were there to rescue me. You have shown me that there is a path to follow amid all this darkness. You filled me with hope, and you molded my heart with strength and determination.

-Heavenly Father, as I look around myself in the new month, everything in my surroundings seems to be communicating your message of hope and love to me. I am constantly energized and motivated to work on myself this month and improve my humane nature with your kindness and merciful compassion.

Blessing from your Holy Spirit

-Great Lord, this life is a blessing from your Holy Spirit, and it works according to your Holy Will. I have total faith in your holy powers that work for my transformation from naivety into confidence in whatever I strive to do or say. I give all praise to you.

-Heavenly Blessed Almighty, this new month, I feel hopeful as I seek you in my heart. I am confident about your eighty blessings on me, and I believe that great things are in store for me because you have always made sure that we get only the best of everything.

-Loving Lord, I pray for my relationship with you, and I ask you to bless it with your boundless love so that I never stray away from you. I wish to stay in your peaceful love forever so that every day of this month goes as I want it to.

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