50+ Prayers For The First Day Of The Year

Starting a new year is emotional as well as exciting to us. This hope to start afresh, leaving behind the sorrow and failures of the past year, must burn brightly in our spirits.

We must seek God’s presence throughout the year by praying to Him on the very first day.

Start the New Year Off Right with These Powerful Prayers for a Prosperous Future

Thank You For Helping

-Father Beloved, I would like to thank you for helping me get through the past year and continue being a part of your Universe in this new year. I have been blessed with your grace and favor throughout the last year, and I am very grateful to you for everything. 

Prayers For The First Day Of The Year

-Dear God, I thank you for every good thing that came into my life in the past year and for every time you have helped me through difficult situations with all your might. Thank you for constantly reminding us that we will always need your Holy grace in our lives.

-Dear Almighty, thank you for this new year, and we pray to you to lead us into it. We ask you to be with us at every moment throughout the year so that our words and actions can be guided by your Holy Spirit, which has always been so pure.

-Good Lord, bless us so that this year, we can keep our hearts directed towards your passionate Spirit all the time. Allow us to seek you in everything we do, and everywhere you go. Your presence has always been very comforting for us, and we thank you for your love.

-O Faithful Beloved Creator, wherever I have lost faith, you have created miracles to reassure me that you are always with me and you have plans for my life that will always be successful. Thank you for allowing me to begin this new year with that trust in my heart.

-O Father, your mighty presence has filled our blessed lives and our hearts with wholeness every single day. We pray for the same grace to be showered upon us this year as well. Without your blessings, none of our endeavors can be successful, and our wishes shall not come true.

Pray to you to keep your doors open for us at all time

-Kind Father, as always, we pray to you to keep your doors open for us at all times. Bless us so that whenever we are in deep trouble, we can trust you and believe in our hearts that you will guide us and help us get over our problems effortlessly.

-O Heavenly Creator, there is no bigger force in this world than you. So, please allow us to keep pursuing your Holy Spirit before anything else throughout this new year. All our biggest dreams and aspirations we place them before you and desire your Holy Will to work through them.

Good Prayers For The First Day Of The Year

Pray for your Holy Wisdom in our hearts and minds

-Mighty Protector, on the very first day of this new year, we pray for your Holy Wisdom in our hearts and minds. We ask for your great strength to empower us through everything. Whatever we embark on doing or saying, we want your constant presence in our spirits for comfort.

Pray to you to look after us

-Lord Beloved, you have always made us feel more capable than we think ourselves to be. You have prepared us to achieve greater things in life, and we pray to you to look after us so that we can strive to achieve those goals and dreams in this new year.

-Kind Great God, many elements threaten to lure us into evil and surround us with temptations. Bless us with your endless grace and confidence so that we can be strong enough to overcome ourselves from the shackles of these evil thoughts and actions that can ruin our faith and self-confidence.

-O Precious Master, this life has been blessed by your Holy Spirit, and it is our responsibility to lead a life that only brings endless honor and glory to your Holy name. Allow us to remember your Holy Commandments in every aspect of our life and live with graceful pride.

-O Loving Father, bless us so that we can spread your Holy Word to other people in our lives and let them be drawn into your Holy Spirit. Allow us to understand your grace and love better as we communicate it to the outer world and spread your blessed faith.

Pray For Ourselves

-Dear Great Master, we not only pray for ourselves, but we also ask you to be present with all your might in the lives of our family and friends. They need your grace just like we do, and we all want to live happily together forever in your peaceful shadows.

guide us in everything we set

-O Heavenly Father, we want your blessed hand to cover us from all dangers throughout this year. Help us to distinguish between good and evil and only cater to the necessities of our lives, rather than whimsical luxuries. Please guide us in everything we set our hearts upon this year.

Pray for this Holy grace to act through this year

-Precious Beloved Lord, we have always trusted your presence within our souls and believed in our hearts that all our strength and hope comes from you. You have kept us safe, and you encourage us to do better. I pray for this Holy grace to act through this year too.

Pray to you to let us keep our faith

-Blessed God, please bless us with discernment. We want to go into this new year with your Holy insight in our minds so that we can always be sure to succeed in everything we attempt to do. We pray to you to let us keep faith in your faithful Will.

-Good Father, this year, we want to be drawn closer to you. We want you to allow us to listen to your voice that speaks through our souls and your ways that work so beautifully into our lives. Allow us to keep you first in every moment of our life.

Give us endurance

-Gracious Almighty, bless us so that we can learn to be humble and grounded in your eternal love. Keep us on firm ground where there is no fear of falling apart. Give us endurance so that we can learn to stick to our course, no matter how difficult it is.

-O Faithful Father, distractions are very common, and it is human nature to get carried away. But, we believe that your wisdom in our hearts will keep us away from being overwhelmed. You will show us what’s right and what’s wrong, and we trust whatever you do for our welfare.

pray to you not to let this happen this year

-Almighty Lord, in the past year, we have often allowed fear to have a strong grip over our minds and hearts and to cloud our thoughts and affect our decisions. We pray to you not to let this happen this year. Please keep our hearts full of your affection only.

-Kind Master, we have often tried to believe in self-sufficiency and neglected your Holy way in our lives. We have made our decisions, not considering your thoughts regarding it. We ask you to forgive us for this imprudence and give us the discernment to keep you in our souls forever.

-Dear Good God, many times in the last year, we have encountered unfavorable situations only because of our selfishness and the inability to protect our faith. Havoc has been wrecked over our lives every time we have left the comfort of your Holy Spirit and gone about on our own.

Gives us vigor and hope

-Beloved Master, on the first day of this new year, we can understand that we need you in our lives more every day. We need your fresh presence in our souls that gives us vigor and hope in times of hopelessness. Please come down to us and answer our prayers.

Purify our spirits and eradicate all negative elements

-O Father, we pray to you to refresh our weary souls with your graceful energy. Purify our spirits and eradicate all negative elements that have stood in the way of our development. Bless us so that we can keep ourselves firmly rooted in the words of your truth and love.

Best Prayers For The First Day Of The Year

pray to you to help us stay focused

-Almighty Protector, we pray to you to help us stay focused on all the good things that this new year has to offer. Allow us to keep our faces turned only towards what’s righteous and pure and surrounded by your mighty love. Let us obey every Word you have preached.

We are grateful to you for protecting us

-Heavenly God, just like all previous years, we pray to you to cater to our needs through this year as well. There is nobody else whom we can trust the way we do. You have never judged us or thought us needy. We are grateful to you for protecting us.

-Almighty Master, bless us so that everyone who comes in contact with us throughout this year can feel your Holy presence through us. Allow us to think and act in the way you would want us to so that we can be worthy of being called your blessed children.

-Precious Good God, allow us to keep the spirit of kindness and mercy in our hearts just like you. Allow us to serve our purpose in this world and be helpful and compassionate throughout this year to anyone who needs us when they are in distress or anxious about something.

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