50+ Prayers For The First Day Of The Week

A new week brings a lot of new opportunities and aspirations for us. It gives us the time to reflect on what we have done in the past and then choose the course to follow in the coming week. Also, we must not forget to pray to the Merciful Father.

Prayers For The First Day Of The Week

I pray to you to keep me at peace

-O Good Father, as I begin this new week, I pray to you to keep me at peace all the time. Look after my heart so that I can go through this week with endless faith within myself. Let me trust everything into your hands and work according to you.

Thank You Prayers

-Precious Lord, I have always kept faith in your decisions for my welfare. I am proud of myself because I know that I’ve been carved by your mighty hands that make everything beautiful and marvelous. I thank you for giving me this new week to perform better in every aspect.

-Faithful Father, I begin this week always remembering in my heart that there are infinite possibilities for me in this mighty Universe created by you and that I just need to maintain my focus and faith to achieve great things in life. I thank you greatly for the constant motivation.

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Blessing Prayers

-O Loving God, this week, I look back at my life, and I am reminded of the countless favors that you have showered us with. We are your blessed children, and we have always been privileged enough to receive your blessings. Thank you for always being so merciful to us.

-O Heavenly God, we have always been gifted with your hope and peace in our souls. Your unconditional love has protected us from falling apart. Bless us so that throughout this week, we can make good use of those beautiful gifts and be wise while we do or say anything.

-Father Beloved, this Universe runs on the strength of your mighty love and motivation in our souls. Bless us so that we can understand the value of this affection and pass on the love to other people in our lives so that they can be drawn towards your Holy Spirit.

-Gracious Lord, every time I have been tormented by failure, my heart has been comforted knowing that I am one of your blessed children and God is the ultimate protector. Protect my faith in your powers that have always shielded us from danger and kept us away from getting hurt.

-Good God, I pray to you to bless us with purity so that we can understand the value of your Holy presence in our souls and appreciate your constant protection and love for all of us. Allow us to remember that your love runs through every vein in our bodies.

-Precious Almighty, look after me so that my faith in your Holy Spirit is always protected. I must learn to be grateful to you for being a constant supporter in my endeavors. At the end of each day, I shall thank you for your benevolence and favors in my life.

-O Dear Lod, bless me so that I can learn to live my life according to your directions. Allow me to be considerate of other people’s feelings and never disrespect or behave rudely with anyone. Allow me to be a messenger of your Holy Love that is so beautifully pure.

-Dear Good God, there is no end to learning. The world around me has instances to learn from every moment. Bless me so that every encounter I have, every communication I make with other people can be a source of inspiration, a ray of hope, and better learning for me.

-Dear Almighty, on the first day of this new week, I pray to you to free my mind and heart of all the burdens they have carried up till now. Release my mind from the endless spiral of meaningless thoughts so that I can focus on the more important matters.

pray to you for a better life

-O Great Creator, this new week, I pray to you for a better life. Give me joy and allow me to enjoy every single moment throughout the week. Allow me to rejoice in the beautiful creation of this Universe and sing the songs that praise your Holy Name to all.

-Father Beloved, as I wake up to a new morning on a new day, I find myself seeking you before everything else. Since everything in our lives is unpredictable, I cannot assume what’s coming. But, I can always keep trust in your Ways and the Holy commandments in my life.

-Precious Master, you hold all power in the Thai world, and you are the Supreme force of all. As I begin a new week, I ask you to be with me and prepare me so that no matter what comes my way, I shall always be ready to face it.

-Loving Lord, often I have found myself at a loss of courage and dignity to face the hardships of my everyday life. So, I ask you to help me out. Fill my soul with your Holy energy so that I am prepared for every battle, every storm that threatens me.

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Prayer To Guide Me

-Heavenly Beloved Father, I have realized that I face problems because I am quick to anger, and I have the least patience. Guide me so that I can be wise and patient before making any decisions and trust you to take care of it with efficiency better than me.

-Kind Loving Master, there is no point in working to achieve things in life if there is no joy in it. Bless me so that I can always approach my endeavors with your gallant happiness in my heart that guides me to work even better. I seek your Holy joy.

-Father Beloved, I want you to be present in my spirits, every second of my days, all twenty-four hours. I want you to lead the Way because when I walk the Way shown by you, I always end up with success and prosperity, and there are no chances of falling.

-Father Beloved, throughout the week, I pray to you to bless the mouth with which I speak. Bless me so that I can always speak with conviction and righteousness in my heart, knowing that you are always looking over us, guiding our regular activities and whatever we do or say.

-Kind Father, even though I have the freedom to make my choices, I want your guidance in every matter. I may be stubborn, but I m]pray to you to control whatever I do or say because only you can decide wisely and make sure that nothing ever goes wrong.

I pray to you to fill me with the spirit of kindness And Peace

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to fill me with the spirit of kindness and cooperation so that in every aspect of my life, I can learn to work with others peacefully. This Way, I can be sure to have a productive as well as a peaceful week at work.

-O Beloved Creator, I am not unaware of the challenges life can give us. I have your peace in my heart, and I choose to be composed and never overwhelmed by problems. I pray to you to let me listen to your soulful voice speaking through my heart every day.

-Faithful Lord, I pray to you to spread the Holy Word of love and inspiration to all of your blessed children, me, my brothers, and sisters in this Universe so that we can all rejoice in your Holy peace and joy and lead a life shown by your Holy Will.

Pray For happy and righteous life

-Good God, bless me so that I can not only remember your Holy Commandments for us but also apply them in my regular practical life. Allow me to practice what you have reached because when I follow your Way, I lead a happy and righteous life full of your love.

-Beloved Protector, my mind is tormented by thoughts, and my heart is broken as I think of all the people who have hurt me deeply. Make me understand that sadness is also a part of our lives, and rather than being overwhelmed, we must learn the important lessons from it.

-Precious Lord, as I look back on the previous weeks, I notice that I have often been selfish and dishonest. I may have treated someone unjustly. I am very apologetic for my mistakes, and I promise to work on my shortcomings and pay for my sins in the coming weeks.

Pray to you to be with me

-Good Almighty, there will be moments throughout the week when I shall be plagued by confusion. Conflicts are a part of our regular life, and I would pray to you to be with me in those moments and help me get through it with complete ease as fast as possible.

-Gracious Dear Master, every single day, I feel refreshed and energized by your Holy vigor in my soul. I discover you with a fresh perspective on a new day, and this makes me feel closer to you. Allow me to appreciate the majesty of your Holy Being within my spirits.

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