50+ / Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

Children with abusive parents may lead a tough life if not guided well. They must never be deprived of the love and bonding they need to share with their parents. In the case of abusive parents, they must ask the Lord to forgive them and help them moderate their behavior.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

-Lord Jehovah, we are sinners asking for mercy before your Spirit. We have failed to fulfill our responsibilities as parents, and we are very ashamed of our abusive behavior towards our children. Please forgive us and show us how we can return the love and affection our children have lost.

-O Dear Creator, like abusive parents who have realized their mistake and are very sorry to you and our children, we call upon the Spirit of your mercy and forgiveness to help us get on the right track where we can love our children as they were meant.

Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

-Good God, children are the blessings we luckily receive through your grace. They are your blessed fellows, and we have treated them badly despite being their caretakers appointed by you to help them grow. We ask you to forgive us, for we have often behaved inappropriately with our little kids.

-Kind Deity, please forgive us for our abusive and inconsiderate attitude towards our children. Accept our prayers for mercy, and let us get back to your graceful compassion so that we can evoke that Spirit of love and understanding to deal with our children better. All glory be to you.

-O Father Beloved, we have realized that we have often been abusive and rude to our children in our communications and actions. We are very ashamed of our behavior, and so we seek you to bless us with the redemption we need to become kinder and more righteous in life.

-Dear Great Master, you have promised to cleanse and purify us of all our sins only if we can stand firm in our faith. I have always believed that your godly mercy and love will sustain me through the guilt and shame I feel, having behaved abusively with my children.

-Good God, allow me to receive the grace of your salvation so that I can understand the blunder I have made by acting abusively with my children. Teach me that kids are sensitive and gentle, and we must always treat them with kindness and respect, never behaving rudely or harshly.

-Blessed Almighty, your forgiveness is one of the most priceless gifts we can hope to receive. Remind me that children are a reflection of your divine image full of love and hope. Bless our senses so that we can see you in them and, therefore, never treat them with disrespect.

-Good God, I ask you to make me remember that just like all other sinners, I shall also receive my salvation. Remind me that your love and forgiveness surpasses everything and so desire my abusive behavior with my kids; you will guide me well and help me correct my mistakes.

Best Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

-Faithful Father, although I have failed to play my role as a kind and understanding parent to my children, I know that your love and mercy never leave me. Bless my faith so that I can lead my life in your Holy Way and seek guidance and support from you.

-Holy Good Creator, bless my heart and soul so that I can always be full of love and respect towards my children. Eradicate all abuse and rudeness from within me and clothe me in your divine love so that I can always remain in perfect harmony with my little children.

-O, Dear Protector, I ask you to forgive me for my inappropriate abuse of my children and help me learn from your graceful Holy Spirit how I can demonstrate unconditional compassion and support to these little bundles of joy when they need me most. Please help me guide them well.

-Blessed Savior, it hurts to see that my children are afraid of me. They don’t feel comfortable with me as a consequence of my abusive behavior. Help me fix things so that I can make them understand that I love and care for them, and they need not fear me.

-Eternal Beloved Almighty, I accept that often I have behaved abusively with my children because I failed to take control of my emotions. I pray to you to speak through my soul so that your divine voice can comfort my troubled soul and help me move towards peace and love.

-Precious Creator, your divine love has always saturated my mind and heart and led me towards positive and hopeful thoughts. I ask you to help me eradicate hurt and abuse from my heart and always speak or act kindly and lovingly with my children, allowing them to feel the warmth.

-Faithful Father, just like my kids, I am also one of your children, and I deserve to be blessed too. Please forgive me for my abusive attitude towards my children and for not understanding the Spirit of compassion and patience with which you have wanted me to raise my kids.

-O Protector, I cannot express how grateful and relieved I am to realize that I have the favor of your forgiveness. I am so ashamed of the abusive approach to parenting that I was hopeless of being able to fix things with my kids, but you came to the rescue.

-Dear Holy Savior, I believe that your forgiveness and mercy can help me evoke the Spirit of compassion and understanding I need to make up for the abuse and hatred my children have received for me. I wish to be enlightened and touched through the grace of your Holy Spirit.

-Holy Protector, we are sinners, and there is nothing we can do to reverse our abusive interactions. All we can do is pray to you with an honest and faithful heart. If you don’t save us from the burden of our sins, we shall find no way. Please help us.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

-Merciful Almighty, bless me with the gift of remembrance so that I can always keep in mind the mercy and love you have treated me with. Allow your compassion to be expressed in my altered treatment of my kids, where they shall never expect any abuse or rudeness from me.

-Precious Dear Creator. I ask you to constantly remind me that being abusive and arrogant to children is ungodly, and this shall take us away from your gift of compassion and mercy. Allow me to make sure that I never become the cause of pain and suffering for my children.

-Father Beloved, consider me worthy of being drawn closer to your Holy Spirit so that I can feel your divine presence filling my heart and soul with the love and kindness I am lacking right now. You are the reason I shall oppose abusive behavior and replace it with compassion.

-Lord Beloved, I apologize to you if I have ever reflected my inner resentment and bitterness in my words and actions toward my children. Please forgive me for letting my children go through the abuse and hurt they have because of my inability to be a good and loving parent.

-O Good Master, my heart is damaged, and my abusive behavior towards my children reflects this vividly. Please help me overcome this bitterness I constantly feel so that I can treat my kids with the attention, love, and respect they truly deserve. Please bless me with your grace and compassion.

-Kind Deity, with a humble and sorrowful heart, I submit all my regrets and disappointments to you so that you can take care of them. Clear my mind and heart so that I can be more attentive and kind to my children and next act rudely or abusively with them.

-Dear Heavenly Almighty, touch my inner wounds with your love so that I can give up being rude and offensive to the people around me, especially my children. Remind me that parents are the biggest support system for a kid, and I must set an example of a good parent.

-Loving Lord Beloved, I am eternally grateful to you for blessing me with the reassurance that you will bear the burden of my sins, and only if I can be faithful and humble forever will you help me revive the beautiful love and understanding in my relationship with my children.

Excellent Uplifting Prayers For Forgiveness Of Abusive Parents

-Eternal Savior, I ask you to bless me with humility and acceptance so that I can acknowledge my mistakes and never be too proud to apologize for them, even if it is to my kids. Allow me to treat my children as you treat us with no hurt or abuse.

-Faithful Father, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness so earnestly because I believe that I am nothing without you. Only when you are there, guiding my way, can I hope to be more loving and respectful to my children, never letting them feel abused or forsaken from parental love.

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