50+ Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

Often we are overwhelmed with the stress of poor health- physical or mental. In these moments of distress, God heals us and gives us the peace we are looking for. Praying to the Lord to restore our health and that of our loved ones is the best thing to do.

Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

pray to you to help us live well.

-Father, how can I ever praise you enough for blessing us with this gift of a beautiful life? We are lucky indeed to wake up to a new morning on this side of heaven. Every new day has a purpose and we pray to you to help us live well.

Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

give us your precious wisdom and protection

-O Lord, this morning, I ask you to give us your precious wisdom and protection. Please guide us through the correct path- what is right and what is wrong. Let us live each day the way it is meant to be and let us exist for your glory all along.

-O Blessed Father, we are so grateful to you for giving us your Word. The pious Word gives life to our tired and agitated mind, heart and soul. You are always present in us and you communicate with us through the holy texts. We pray to you to reach you.

let us be grateful to you for everything

-O Holy Father, your sacrifices are an example to us. You have suffered, paid with your life so that we can easily access you through the Scriptures and diligent prayer. We pray to you to let us be grateful to you for everything you have done for us in life.

-Lord, your message reaches us through the stories of the holy texts. We believe in our hearts that everything you have spoken is the truth and there is no bigger reality outside that. This truth has woven itself into our lives and that is a result of your perfect timing.

pray to you to always continue doing so for us

-Father, we are constantly reminded that you have always been a faithful and loving Father to all your children. You have promised to give us good health and you heal us when needed. We pray to you to always continue doing so for us. We need you at all times.

Fine Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

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blessed with good health

-Lord, if we all are blessed with good health and we live with abundant peace and protection, it is an indication of your grace on us. If we are tired and sick today, that is simply a result of our utter negligence and rebellion towards our bodies, minds, and souls.

-Father, heal us. Heal our sick minds and bodies and take us towards love and care. Nobody ever cares for us the way you do, and your love has protected us and kept us happy till today. So, we turn to you to wrap us in your love that heals.

I ask for forgiveness from you

-O Lord, if I have ever neglected the gift of this beautiful and long life and I have not cared enough to look after it, I ask for forgiveness from you. I have failed to keep your trust and I ask you to bring me back on the right track. 

I pray to you to help me understand that purpose and work

-Father, I know that this life has purposes– you have set them down for us. You demand us to do and experience a lot more things in this life than we can even think of. I pray to you to help me understand that purpose and work towards fulfilling it.

-O Dear Lord, I see that every time I go about on my way, I eventually wear myself down- both physically and mentally. Also, even if I am attentive toward my physical fitness, I am negligent about my mental health. Help me to fix these problems and develop myself better.

Good Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

pray to you to give us strength and power

-Dear Father, I pray to you to give us strength and power. Make us strong enough to be able to experience the joy and excitement of our daily blissful lives, which is also a gift from you. Let us see everything, hear everything and understand everything in your miraculous world.

-Dear Loving Father, I pray to you to let us walk freely- let us always be surrounded by your love. No matter how much we work towards physical or mental fitness, our good health is incomplete without the presence of godliness in our lives- something that benefits everything around us.

Give us your Holy Spirit

-Dear God, hold your promise for the life we are leading right now and also for the life that is yet to come. Give us your Holy Spirit, and let us run our lives by following your word in every moment. Broaden our minds and give us a kind heart.

-Father, I ask earnestly for wisdom. The kind of wisdom which makes us seek you every day. The kind of wisdom that makes me look for your opinion. I pray to you to be a part of every little thought in my mind and every action that I embark upon.

-O Good Lord, I have often seen that very little things in life have led me into bad health. So today I ask for your bright knowledge. Enlighten me and show me what is correct to think. Every new day, make my heart ache a little more for your love. 

We pray to you to give us the power

-Father, we live in a world that is sinful and scattered. I know that certain health conditions can never be healed. We pray to you to give us the power to endure the suffering of these chronic diseases. Let us never be overwhelmed by anything- no fear must engulf us.

pray to you to never let us forget

-O Loving Father, in the moments of terrible pain and suffering, we often fail to understand your truthful hand in everything. I pray to you to never let us forget that You are the ultimate guardian of our lives and whatever we do will be for our good and well-being.

-Father, as I look upon your Word, I see that you have promised us that you will heal us and restore us. As I look around myself, I see miracles happening in this world of yours and that makes me trust you a little more and I express my gratitude.

-Almighty Lord, today I claim all your promises over my loved ones- my family and my friends. I trust your power of healing and I pass on this faith to them. Please take care of them and bless them with good health, just like you have always done for me.

Blessing Prayers For Good Health

-God, I have immense faith in the power of prayer. I know that if I pray to you with a true heart and honesty, you will fulfill all our wishes. Today I pray to you to offer your mighty blessings in the lives of other important people around me.

Give Strength To Recover All

-O Father, please bless my loved ones with your peace. Give them the strength to recover from all illnesses and establish the faith that makes them think that with you in their lives, nothing is ever impossible. You are perfect and you are constantly working to make our lives perfect. 

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pray to you to protect me, My Family, And Friends

-Dear Kind Lord, this day, I pray to you to protect me, my family, and my friends from all evil. I ask you to always motivate us and never let us be discouraged by anything that comes our way. Father, I want to experience the miracle of your healing process.

Thank You For Blessing

-O Heavenly Lord, thank you for responding to my earnest prayers and blessing me with the ability to witness your miracles in my regular life. I have woken up to a new and bright day and I am breathing properly- I consider these little things to be a gift too.

-Dear Good Lord, this new day, please never let me take the gift of good health for granted. I must never neglect this blessed life and the loved ones in it who are also a blessing from you. Let me care for them as much as I do for myself.

Nice Prayers For The Good Health Of Others

-Father, I strive to make better choices that will facilitate better health. Help me to spend my time wisely and let me always set aside some time to look after my health. Thank you for the gift of good health and nourishment, and I promise to celebrate it every day.

pray to you to never let me lose my faith

-Father, no matter what happens to me, I pray to you to never let me lose my faith. My unquestionable trust in you and your processes is what keeps me going. Let me focus on you, especially when I face unexpected situations and I am clueless about what to do.

pray to you to nourish my body and soul

-Dear Father, today I will submit all my unhealthy habits and practices before you. I accept my flaws and I ask you for forgiveness. I pray to you to nourish my body and soul. See me through your eyes, understand what’s happening to me, and decide what’s best for me.

-O Lord, I believe that this physical body is your temple and I need to respect it just the way I do you. Father, I promise you today I will take good care of this body- I will eat healthy food and I will give it the rest it demands.

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