50+ Prayers For Good Medical Test Results

We mostly dread the arrival of our medical reports. We are unsure what to expect about our health conditions.

Instead of worrying unnecessarily, we must submit everything to the Almighty Lord’s hands and trust Him to take care of it, reassuring us that everything will eventually be okay.

Powerful Prayers For Good Medical Test Results

Prayers For Assurance Kept Me In Good Health

-Faithful Father, you have always had sovereign influence over every aspect of my life, including my health. Now that I expect my medical reports very soon, I need your assurance that you have always kept me in good health. Thank you for blessing me with your strength and abundance forever.- Amen

Blessing Prayers

-Good God, my body, mind, and soul do not belong to me. Everything is a blessing from your Holy Spirit, and you will make sure that I am always in good health. I trust you to make the best decisions and constantly lead me toward the correct path in life.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, you have created and nurtured me in the godly magnificence of your Spirit. Every cell in my body functions how you want it to, and we are blessed to receive your abundance and protection over our health. With your blessings, my medical reports will be fine every time.- Amen

Prayers For Your Supervision Over Medical Report

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I pray for your supervision over this particular medical report so that the results can be favorable according to my needs. You have always kept me away from all dangers in life, and I believe you will not let any of my organs malfunction in any way.- Amen

Prayers For Forgive Me For This Sin

-Holy Creator, forgive me for the sins I’ve committed that have made my body imperfect. I am constantly worried that my medical reports will reveal some serious illness in my body, and I ask for your mercy and compassion to be with me when I am physically and mentally distressed.- Amen

Prayers For protection and reassurance

-O Gracious Almighty, I believe that you will never let us fail in life. The doctors think that my medical reports shall reveal some serious disease that may affect my body and even cause a threat to my life. I ask for your protection and reassurance in this difficult time.- Amen

-Blessed Lord, the future is unknown to me, but not to you. When I panic about my impending medical reports, I want you to reassure me, reminding me that you are in control of everything and that when you are taking care of me, I have nothing to worry about.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I pray for one of my loved ones whose medical reports shall arrive very soon. He/She is very close to us, and we are constantly worried about their health condition. Shower them with your divine abundance so that we can be reassured that everything will be favorable.- Amen

Prayers To Give Me Wisdom And Motivate

-Precious Holy Protector, bless me with good health. Give me the wisdom to always take care of my body so that I am never anxious about my medical reports going wrong in any way. This motivates me to be disciplined and rigorous when it comes to taking care of my health.- Amen

-Loving Lord, you have always fixed every problem in our lives, and I believe that only you can fix the malfunctioning of my organs, leading to unfavorable medical results. I trust my body into your hands, and I pray to you to bless me with your godly compassion and abundance.- Amen

-Father Beloved, as I wait for my medical reports to arrive, I pray to you to bless me with patience and wisdom. I have faith in my doctors and you, and I know that with your divine mercy and compassion, everything will be alright, and my reports will be good.- Amen

I Pray To You For Perseverance

-Dear Great Master, even amid the anxiety of expecting a bad medical report, I pray to you for perseverance. My trust in your Holy Spirit has always been rewarded, and therefore, I have immense hope in your good plans for me. Reassure me that I will always maintain perfect health.- Amen

Prayers About Good Medical Test Report For Peace

-Eternal Savior, I am so thankful to have such a loving and motivating family by my side when I am expecting my medical reports. I pray to you to bless them with peace and understanding because they are very worried about my health and constantly anxious about what may happen.- Amen

-Holy Father, as I pray today, I admit that the medical reports I am expecting are very important because they will decide the future of my health. This thought often plunges me into great anxiety and distress, and I want your godly peace to rescue me from this troubling time.- Amen

-O Good God, in times of uncertainty, when we are distressed because we don’t know what to expect from our medical results, remind us of the earlier times when we found ourselves in a crisis, and you were there to rescue us and restore balance and peace in our lives.- Amen

-Kind Loving Father, I believe that along with proper treatment and skilled professional care, we also need your godly peace and understanding to help us deal with unfavorable medical results and the distress that comes along. We pray for your merciful favors to be exerted upon our fragile health conditions.- Amen

Prayers For Good Medical Test Results

Prayers For Your Divine Intervention

-Kind Deity, I need your divine understanding and comfort as I am expecting my medical reports very soon. I can’t deal with this uncertainty by myself, and I don’t know how the entire thing is going to work out. I need your divine intervention and guidance in this difficult time.- Amen

-Gracious Good God, I pray for your divine intervention in my medical reports so that there is no misunderstanding regarding the results. Let there always be a definitive diagnosis that helps the doctors understand the problem so that they can devise an efficient treatment plan to help me heal faster.- Amen

Prayer For Miracle Of Your Healing Power

-Lord Jehovah, I have always had endless faith in your Spirit. I believe your miraculous healing grace can help us overcome every difficult health condition and make sure that our medical reports are always favorable. I pray for the miracle of your healing power to be within my body forever.- Amen

-Dear Almighty Protector, even if my medical reports have revealed a problem regarding my health, I trust your healing power to help me deal with it. I know that if I can submit myself humbly to you and pray earnestly, you will bless me with your godly compassion and care.- Amen

Thanksgiving Prayers

-Blessed Savior, I am so thankful to you for sending me the best professionals to take care of my health. Even though my medical reports are a bit negative, I believe that my doctors and caretakers are strong enough to help me go through this time with efficiency and ease.- Amen

-Beloved Creator, I pray to you urgently for your godly favors. Your abundant compassion and protection will help me resolve this medical issue that has arisen very unexpectedly, according to my medical reports. Bless me with the strength and perseverance to deal with the difficulties that have come up now.- Amen

Prayers For Good Medical Test Results

Prayers For Your Divine Presence

-O Good God, I pray for a dear one who is very anxious about receiving their medical report. Let them feel your constant divine presence in their heart so that they can be comforted by all worries. Remind them that you will help them overcome this difficult situation very soon.- Amen

-Precious Master, every outcome of every situation is known well to you. Therefore, we place our medical reports in your hands, and we trust you to always give us positive results so that we can become more aware of your divine presence and influence in every aspect of our lives.- Amen

-Loving Lord, we need to be prepared for the medical results awaiting us and not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Bless us with unquestionable faith so that we can remember that everything is controlled by you and so we will never have to face any unwanted crisis.- Amen

-O Heavenly Almighty, we must have the understanding to keep in mind that it is always foolish to lean on our naive understanding. The only thing we can do is trust you gratefully and leave everything in your hands. Therefore, with complete trust, I give my medical results to you.- Amen

-Kind Sweet Deity, my medical reports have revealed that my health is not favorable, and there is no way to deny this. But, instead of worrying about the future of my health, I choose to trust you unconditionally and remember that your godly compassion and protection are always with me.- Amen

Bless Us With Your Calm And Strength

-Faithful Father, expecting the medical results can be very tiring, and we are constantly overcome by unwanted anxiety and distress. Bless us with your divine calm so that we can trust you and have faith instead of getting our bodies and mind all worked up about what may happen next.- Amen

-Dear Savior Beloved, the process of receiving a negative medical result and waiting for our good health to be restored can be very stressful and painful. Bless us with your divine strength and patience in such troubling times, reminding us that with your divine mercy and grace, nothing is impossible.- Amen

Prayers For Good Medical Test Results

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