50+ Uplifting Prayers For A Great Life

Prayers are an important part of your spiritual life. It gives us the scope to reach out to the Almighty Father for help and also appreciate Him for His mighty greatness. Here are some prayers that can be very promising for a great life ahead with God in our souls.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For A Great Life

-Dear God, to live a happy and serene life, I must be able to practice acceptance in all aspects of my life. Teach me why it is very important to accept things the way they are because certain things cannot be changed or modified by me to suit my needs.

-Father Beloved, I pray to your Mighty Spirit that you bless me with the mental strength and firmness of heart to boldly go for a big change where I think is needed to make my life better. I must never be afraid of bad influences that threaten to harm me.

-Great Lord, I pray to you to give me the power of discernment. Allow me to understand the huge difference between what I want and what I need. The secret to living a great life lies in understanding the value of contentment in everything, which we must learn from you.

-O Almighty God, I pray to you that you bless my life so that I can enjoy every moment of it. Allow me to live every single day just the way it was meant to be lived- with happiness and positivity in my soul. Let my life never be dull. 

-Heavenly Master, thank you for teaching me that hardships and struggles are an integral part of our lives. We cannot predict what’s coming our way, and we cannot stop a mishap. But, what we can do is to accept the situation bravely and never let it go without a fight.

-Dear Beloved Father, build my spirit so that I can face the challenges of my life just like you did. You tell us that it is the gateway to peace and wisdom, and I believe so too. The world is sinful, and we must work hard to bring a change.

-O Gracious Protector, I thank you for blessing me with a great life, and further, I place it into your hands because I know that you will always make everything right for me. My trust in your Holy Spirit has never failed, and I am proud to be a believer.

-Dear God, I surrender to your Holy Will, and I go as you want me to. Your path in life is holy and perfect, and I can never question your great wisdom that works its way into the lives of all your blessed children and makes them happy and peaceful.

-Almighty Lord, I pray to you that you make me reasonably happier with your Holy Presence in my life. I keep myself strongly connected to you because I firmly believe this way, I will always be rejoicing in your never-ending love. I want to be in your Mighty Hands forever.

-Dear Savior, there are lots of things in this life that we are grateful to you for. Your bountiful grace has provided us with more than we needed, and we can only pray to you that you give us the wisdom to understand that we must use our favors wisely.

-O Heavenly Father, thank you for letting us wake up every day and do our duties to serve your godly purpose in the Thai world. Thank you for the food we eat, the water we drink, and every other minute thing without which this great life would have been impossible.

-Almighty Lord, you have taught us the value of friendship and love in this life. You have blessed us with great people, our family, and friends, who are also your blessed children, and who fill our lives with happiness and bliss. Thank you for always keeping us privileged in grace.

-O Great God, bless me so that I can feel your pure love within my soul and work hard to transcend that precious feeling to other people around me as well. Teach me how to love my close ones just like you have loved us all with your compassionate grace.

-Father Beloved, thank you for giving us shelter in your arms. Thank you for the house we live in and the rest we get from you. You have been kind enough to bless us with the basic amenities we need to have a great life full of warmth and comfort.

-O Lord, I am also reminded of the people who are in distress. I can never have a great life myself if other people around me are unhappy or unprivileged. So, I pray to you to be with them and give me the power to help them if I can.

-Precious Father, allow me to spend some moments every day in solitude, thinking of all the good things I have in this life and how I have been lucky enough to be blessed endlessly by your Holy Spirit. You have always been very kind to me, and I thank you.

-O Beloved God, the quiet peace of this great life is often tempted to be ruined by negative powers that sound to me who constantly try to bring me down, crush my uplifted spirits and self-confidence and make my life distressful or weary. Help me fight against them with courage.

-Blessed Master, I pray to you to be present in my spirits at all times so that every battle of my life becomes easier for me, and I am not worried about the challenges I must face. With your love and strength in my heart. I can fight against anything.

-O Faithful Master, I pray to you that you transform my life yourself. Mold it how you meant it to be and fill it with all the good things, getting rid of anything that provokes evil or impurity. I am so grateful to you for always loving us so unconditionally.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to show your mercy and cater to our worldly as well as spiritual needs. Keep us away from all temptation and allow us to live this life with an uplifted spirit and brave wisdom in our souls. Prepare us for all circumstances to come.

-Dear Heavenly Creator, bless us so that we can focus more on your Holy Words that promise to give us peace and salvation and encourage us to lead a great life, encompassed in your endless graceful love. Allow us to make the best of your instructions in our practical life.

-O Lord, I pray today for gratitude and love in my heart. Bless me so that I can draw myself closer to you and feel grateful for the things I have in my life every day. Teach me to forgive others and forget memories that cause me pain or anxiety.

-Great God, I pray that when I go to sleep every day, I do so with peace in my heart, knowing well that you are reigning in my soul, and I can reach out to you whenever I feel like. Thank you for taking my soul under your mighty protection.

-Kind Loving Father, every day of my life, I ask you to guide me and show me the way I must tread upon. Your Ways for me have always been meaningful and easy to follow, and I place complete trust in your powerful Holy Spirit to direct me in life.

-Dear Great Protector, thank you for shielding me from all negativity and troubles in my life. I have never been clouded by impure thoughts or indecision in my heart because you were always there in my spirit to guide me through right and wrong. For you, I can rest peacefully.

-Precious Beloved Lord, I pray to you to extend your blessings and protection over all my family and friends. My happiness and peace are also shared by them because our lives are interconnected, and I can never lead a great life without knowing that they are in your safe hands.

-Heavenly God, I pray to you on behalf of the whole world. We are all your blessed children, and we all are a part of your mighty creation. Our Lives are linked to each other, and I want everyone to be happy and peaceful. Direct us towards your Holy Spirit.

-O Good Father, thank you for teaching me the value of peace and kindness in life. Allow me to be able to incorporate your lessons in my life and be helpful and benevolent to everyone around me. Teach me to put the welfare of everyone else above my selfish wishes.

-O Father Beloved, I pray to your Holy Spirit to keep me humble and righteous in life. Give me the courage to accept my mistakes and apologize for them and not rest until I have fixed something that I have done wrong. Bless me with your wisdom and mighty love.

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