50+ Prayers For A Relationship: Blessings of Love

It takes time and effort to grow a healthy relationship. Good connections are formed based on the foundation of trust and honesty.

We must pray to our Almighty Father to bless our relationships and keep us together in love forever. Here are some uplifting prayers that can be very helpful.

Prayers for a Strong and Loving Relationship

-Dear God, we pray to your Holy Spirit not to let us be burdened by the heavy loads of stress and ancientness that has come within our relationship. We are weary of struggling for ourselves, and the issues seem to grow with each passing day. Please look after us, Father.

-Gracious Father, being with each other as a couple takes a lot of effort. Bless us so that we can have the willpower and urge to be with each other and share our good as well as bad days with our partners. Fill our hearts with endless love to give. 

Best Prayers For A Relationship

-Kind Lord, as we find our mind disturbed and our souls distracted, we place ourselves before you and pray to your Divine Spirit to calm our minds and hearts. Allow us to think clearly and see everything in your pure light of righteousness and wisdom. We give ourselves to you.

-Precious Almighty, just like every other difficult phase of our lives, we place this one into your Mighty hands too because we believe this firmly in our hearts that only your powerful Holy Spirit can help us get through this situation and rise again as a strong and united couple.

-Heavenly Great God, this day, we pray to you with true faith to bless us with good health so that we can live longer and be with each other for a longer timespan. Allow us to be with each other in sickness and be comforting to each other whenever needed.

-Blessed Lord, we pray to you today that you allow us to spend every day of our lives together in your Holy Name. No matter where we are, together or apart, being united in your unconditional love will keep us continually drawn to each other with love in our hearts.

-O Faithful Protector, we call upon your Holy Spirit to be a part of our mind so that every thought or idea is encompassed in your mighty love and wisdom. Give us the energy to accomplish greater things in life and make each other proud and beaming as a partner.

-O Merciful God, we pray to you to fill our relationship with tenderness and kindness. Protect our hearts so that no negative force can overcome our emotions and lead us to behave unjustly toward our partners. Protect us from the evil eye of the devil that threatens to harm us.

-Dear Father, we pray that your Holy Work is found through our relationship and in our hearts so that we can meet up to each other’s needs and desires and do everything in our power to keep them happy and lively. Infuse all of your Holy Spirit into our love.

-O Heavenly Lord, please crush any reproach or bitterness that grows between my partner and me and bless us so that we can replace all harsh feelings with positivity and unconditional love. We place this relationship into your hands and ask you to nurture it with your blessed compassionate care.

-Heavenly Beloved Father, I pray to your Mighty Being to keep us intertwined forever in this beautiful relationship with you at the center, looking after both of us so that no force can break us apart and keeping us together in love forever. I give my connection into your hands. 

-O Great Protector, I pray to you to guide us properly so that every word or action we set upon brings only positivity and radiance into this relationship. Make our bond more profound and strengthen the friendship that we have created out of this. Develop our feelings for each other.

-Dear Loving God, you are the Eternal Lord of our lives, and we are blessed by your Holy Spirit. Thank you for sending a true friend in the form of my partner and blessing me with a relationship that teaches me the value of companionship and true love in life.

Amazing Prayers For A Relationship

-Blessed Creator, we seek your wisdom in our relationship. Man and woman have both been created by you, and the differences are quite obvious. We digress in our opinions and values, how we think about stuff. But, despite these differences, allow us to be understanding and kind towards each other.

-Dear Good God, bless my partner and me so that we can use the blessing of your Holy Wisdom in our relationship and mold ourselves as a single force that can face any problem in this world with a brave heart and confidence. Lead us into your blessed way, Father.

-Heavenly Beloved Almighty, bless this relationship with your supernatural grace and give us your power of discernment so that we can lead our lives together by your godly Spirit that is so perfect and radiant in all its glory. I pray to you to watch over us at all times.

-Blessed Savior, I pray to you to bring unity in our relationship. It is the most precious gift I can achieve from your Holy Spirit. Guide me so that I can learn the proper meaning of harmony and sacrifice- things that are so important in any relationship of our life.

-O Father, lead us to follow your Holy Scriptures rigorously, which has always shown us the correct path when we have been misled or distraught in the way of life. Teach me all the principles that I must incorporate in my life with consistency and honesty to improve my relationship.

-Loving Father, keep your Spirit reflected in my soul at all times so that my character and heart are molded in your blessed Image. Help me so that I can dwell peacefully with my partner in your unconditional affectionate love, united as one soul. I give all honor to you.

-Father Beloved, guide us so that we can follow your instructions and develop fervent love for each other. Let us be true believers in your Holy Spirit and teach us the value of endless faith. Allow me to be able to express my adoration for him/her openly with pride.

-Heavenly Lord, if I have ever been incapable of expressing how I feel about my partner in this relationship, I ask you to forgive me and give me a second chance. Never let any miscommunication ruin our love and understanding. I call upon the deep love that comes from you.

-O Merciful Lord, I pray that you allow us to make the best out of this relationship. There are lots of things to learn from each other, and we must learn to respect each other for the individuals we are. Let us be able to get over each others’ shortcomings.

Great Prayers For A Relationship

-Gracious God, your unconditional and eternal love for us overwhelms me and makes me submit myself humbly to you. Alle me to learn the Spirit of commitment from you and reflect that in my relationship. Bless us that we can love each other the way you have loved us affectionately.

-O, Dear Lord, bless this relationship and protect our hearts so that we never run out of love for each other. GFull us with reasons why we would like to spend eternity with our partners without being drawn to someone else. Keep the light of affection burning within us forever.

-Precious Great Master, allow me to pursue those things in this relationship that will only bring about peace and joy for each other. Allow us to work for edification for ourselves and seek your great joy within our souls. Bless our lives with your grace and fill them with contemplation.

-O Loving God, bless me so that I can not only speak of my love but also express my emotions through my actions. Allow me to be loving and endearing to my partner and be the perfect partner that he/she has been seeking for so long in their lives.

-Father Beloved, bless this relationship and help us to fill it with a continuous demonstration of our adoration for each other. Bless us with that perfect love everybody seeks and which takes a lot of effort to be developed between two people. Let us live in your agape compassion forever.

-O Dear Almighty, look after us so that we can learn from your sacrifices for love. Being united in your Holy Spirit gives us comfort and peace, and the joy that builds within us is rare and perfect. Thank you for always answering our prayers and helping us get together.

Prayers For A Relationship

-O Father, I pray to you to make us more attentive and caring to each other in this relationship. Let us be slow to get angry or upset with each other and help us remember that there are no problems that cannot be solved as long as we are together.

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