20+ Prayers for Guidance, Moral Path, Decision, Wisdom

Prayers for Guidance help in strength, peace, taking correct direction, taking correct Decisions, and receiving wisdom. Guidance refers to the advice and suggestions given to an individual when they are stuck in a complex situation and are trying to find their way out of the complications of life. Thus, let us all close our eyes and fold our hands and pray in front of the ultimate guiding force of this universe, the Almighty God. 

Thanksgiving Prayers

– Oh Supreme Lord, thank you for letting me grow under the shelter of my parents and my grandparents, the experience they have gained throughout their life has always helped me make important decisions in my life; they have always guided me in the correct direction. Lord bless me so that I can always utilize their guidance and can make correct decisions.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, thank you for always guiding me and helping me find my way out through the darkest phase of my life. I am grateful to you for always staying by my side, guiding and motivating me. Thank you for making me realize heartbreaks and misfortunes are a part of my life and that such situations should never be the reason behind my downfall.- Amen

Oh, Everlasting God, I am grateful to you for always guiding me towards my joy and happiness; whenever I found myself sad and agonized, I sought your shelter and care. Every time I sought your help, you guided me, and I have found my way out of my miseries leading me towards peace and harmony again. Thank you, Lord, for always staying by my side and guiding me.

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Guide Me And Blessed Me

-Oh Almighty God, at times things seem to get complicated in life, I tend to get diverted from my goals, confusion, and fear of losing everything engulf me; such thoughts often stop me from taking a step forward. God kindly shower your blessings on me and guide me such that I can make correct decisions that will lead me to my rewards.- Amen

– Oh Lord of love and power, teachers advise us and prepare us to face the outer world, which is diverse and at times very complicated, hence Lord bless me so that I can always follow and utilize the guidance given to me by my teachers since their years of experience in the academic field will not only help me in my studies but also will be useful in my day to day life.- Amen

– Oh Heavenly Father, every individual has different experiences, which gives rise to different opinions and advice; thus, kindly bless me with your conscience and guide me so that I can make my choices wisely after drawing important conclusions and listening to everyone’s opinions. Amen.

– Oh Lord of love and power, may you always keep me under your surveillance, bless me such that I can always stay connected to my roots, bless me so that I can always follow the guidelines of my parents as well as my grandparents, may I always remember their teachings and the morals they instilled in me. Amen.

Get Back On Moral Path

– Oh Heavenly Father, help those who have been diverted from their moral paths, kindly guide them, show them their way back to morality, and may you make them realize that no individual can attain happiness by making someone else suffer. Amen.

– Oh Almighty God, you are the ultimate guiding force, kindly be my torch-bearer, help me make correct choices, guide my morals such that I don’t get tempted by excess wealth, guide me so that I never opt for unethical ways to earn prosperity, and grant me rewards only when I work hard to attain them with good intentions.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, may you always guide me so that I can always be morally upright, bless me such that it doesn’t matter how difficult things might get in my life yet still I can always remain faithful and loyal towards my fellow beings, guide me so that I can always be in the paths of morality, may the humanity in me never die such that I can help others in need.- Amen

Guide for being kind and sympathetic towards each other

– Oh Lord, kindly keep on showering your blessings such that humanity keeps on prevailing till eternity, guide us such that we can be kind and sympathetic towards each other irrespective of religion, caste, or creed, may every individual stay together in peace and harmony, avoiding internal riots and hatred.- Amen

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Prayers For Guidance

For Desire Goal, Success, And Motivate

Oh Supreme Lord, may you guide everyone towards their desired goals, show them their way towards their success, motivate them to work hard, push them to their edge, check their dedication, help them flourish, and reward them with peace and prosperity. Amen.

Help Me For Taking Correct Decision

– Oh, Everlasting God, bless me with your calmness and patience, such that I can take guidance from my family members as well as my friends and colleague since their experience might help me make correct decisions in my life. God, may you bless me with patience such that I can listen to their experiences and can prepare myself for further challenges in my life.- Amen

Guide Me For Being Positive And Hopeful

– Oh Heavenly Father, may you always keep me under your surveillance, guide me so that I can gather the courage to try new things in my life, chase things I want, guide me such that I never lose hope so that I  can learn from my mistakes and try all over again till I don’t achieve my goals. Amen.

Guide Me For Helping Other

– Oh Almighty God, bless me such that I can help others in need, help me so that I can guide those who rely on me for my advice, help me collect all my experiences in life so that I can guide them in the best way possible, help me such that I can show them tentative consequences to their decisions that might help them decide accurately depending on their situation.-Amen

To Resort To Our Friends For Guidance

-Oh, Everlasting God, bless everyone with caring and understanding friends since, at times when we feel uncomfortable sharing certain kinds of stuff with our family members or feel like non of the family members will understand us, we tend to resort to our friends for guidance, at such times friends who stand by our side and help us through our difficult times are very much important.- Amen

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Guide to Poor People For Earning

– Oh Supreme Lord, kindly shower your blessings on the poor and ignorant, guide them and motivate them to work for their living, and show them their paths to earn. Lord guide them and help them such that they can earn their minimum wages and live their life with respect without begging others for food and money.-Amen.

Prayers For Guidance

Guide Us In Global Crisis

– Oh Everlasting Lord, you are the ultimate guiding force, kindly shower your blessings on mankind, show us our pathway towards our freedom from this global crisis, and guide us so that all of us can stand united to fight against the deadly virus, may everyone follow the guidelines given by the medical experts to keep us healthy and protected.

Guide Us to Be Strong With Financially

-Oh Almighty God, nothing can be hidden from you. You have seen people suffer due to the loss of jobs, salary reduction, and economic crisis during these difficult times. Lord, save this world from further suffering and guide us so that we can find healthy solutions to our problems. Guide those who have lost their jobs during this time of crisis, and show them new ways of earning their living.- Amen

Need Your Guide and Wisdom

-Oh Lord of love and power, I know life is full of new challenges, and Lord, I need your help, I need you to guide me through those challenges paving my way towards victory, kindly guide me so that I can bring harmony and prosperity to my family, guide me so that I can make everyone around me happy and proud.- Amen

Give Me Guidance For Strength And Courage

– Oh Almighty God, guide me through the uncertainties of life, God I am weak without you I can’t find my way out, kindly bless me with your strength, give me the courage to fight with my fears, show me ways to cope up with the uncertainties of life, guide me so that I can handle uncertain situations in my life wisely and tactfully.- Amen

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Guide me In Taking the Right Direction

– Oh Supreme Lord, I believe all my decisions in life are guided by you since I surrender myself, including my faith and beliefs in front of you; I completely believe that you will always guide me on the correct path and will bless me with your wisdom. Thus I would pray to you to keep on guiding me whenever I stumble or go down a wrong path.-Amen.

Oh Almighty God, life has got a bit harsh on me recently; I am confused and disturbed, nothing seems to work in my favor currently, I can’t trust my own decisions right now, I need your guidance to come out of these circumstances I pray to you kindly help me find my way out.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, I believe that everything happens according to your will, and I believe that all the challenges I face in my life are because you want to teach me something that might help me grow, and thus whatever and however the situation is, I am going to trust you since I know that you will guide me through all the challenges in my life how difficult and complicated it might be.

Guide Me For Getting New Opportunity

-Oh Lord, today is a new day, and I pray for a new start without any regrets from the past, hence kindly guide me through the best way possible, show me new opportunities to grab, and guide me so that I can gain experiences. Amen.                       

Prayers For Guidance

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