50+ Uplifting Prayers for A Happy Remarriage

Getting involved in a marriage for the second time can be stressful and unconvincing for a person. There remains the worry of past relationships, and the fear of moving forward can be unsettling. We must pray to the Lord to give us clarity of thought and bless our new beginnings.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For A Happy Remarriage

-O Kind Father, I pray to you to make us the best version of ourselves in this new relationship. Surely my previous marriage has failed, but I am going into this one with lots of hope and determination. Bless our hearts so that we can give everything to this marriage.

-Good Lord, I pray to you to make sure that everything I have not received in my past relationships shall be compensated for in this one. Bless my partner and me with joy, better understanding, and a sense of fulfillment which are very important for a healthy and strong marriage.

-Precious Creator, please look after my heart and mind so that I don’t end up bringing the regrets and shortcomings of the previous marriage into this one. Let me go into this new chapter remembering that I am all set to start everything fresh and embrace the changes to come.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to keep my partner in good health and me both physically as well as mentally, so that we can give yourselves completely to this marriage. Our contributions should be similar, and we should put in efforts equally, irrespective of our gender or work preferences.

-Good Lord, bless me so that I can always be completely honest to my partner about everything. There should be no filters between us, and we must be able to say all things to each other, even our deepest secrets, without suffering from the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

-Father Beloved, let us be gracious in this marriage. Let us understand being two individuals, there will be differences, and the key to solving them is to adjust with each other. Since no two personalities are the same, we must try to appreciate the differences in character and embrace them.

-Dear Almighty, bless this marriage with your godly wisdom that gives one the maturity and strength to look at marriage from a better perspective and approach it with more seriousness and compassion. Allow us to understand the difference in choices and feelings and behave accordingly so that peace is maintained.

-O Good God, give us the strength of heart and mind needed to make this relationship a happy one and this marriage a successful one. Allow us to incorporate strength and flexibility in this relationship so that we can always be happy. Let us understand and feel each other better.

-Lord Beloved, my partner, is a wonderful person, and I have complete faith in him/her. They have been very understanding towards me and have tried to heal my past wounds. I am lucky to have found him/her, and I am very hopeful about spending the future with them.

-Blessed Holy Spirit, making decisions for one’s needs and desires is far different from making decisions as a married couple. Things can get complicated, and the issue must be approached wisely. Give us the wisdom to take each other’s opinions and feelings into consideration before deciding on any important stuff.

-O Divine Being, I pray to you for strength in this relationship, something that was lacking in my past marriage. Keep us united in your holy love forever and live this life together, blessed by your grace and empowered by your divine strength that protects the love in all relationships.

-Blessed Holy Father, as you already know, my soul is still troubled by the difficulties I had to face in my past marriage. I pray to you to heal me so that I do not have any fear of moving on and stepping on the new thresholds of my life.

-Great God, no relationship is perfect because we, the people, are flawed. So, I know there will also be troubles in this marriage as well. I pray that you bless us so that we can understand our problems and solve them together without losing our temper or hurting each other.

-O Almighty Protector, I pray to you to walk this path along with us so that you can remove all tough obstacles that may come and try to destroy the love and peace we have among ourselves. Please stand as a shield against all trouble and keep us happy together.

-Precious Creator, the key to a long and happy married life is to keep the shining light of love burning forever. Help us to remember at all times that we have been united out of love, and it is very important that we protect that precious love for an eternity.

-O Lord Jehovah, we pray to you to guard our thoughts and actions so that we are never harsh/unjust in our behavior. Let us remember that we can solve all problems if we stay united. Help us to work on our relationship so that there are no conflicts ever.

-O Almighty Master, help us to evoke the spirit of kindness and forgiveness in our souls so that we can understand when we make any mistake and forgive each other. The ideal thing to do is to help them get back on the correct track and repent for their mistakes.

-Beloved Father, pride, and ego can easily ruin a relationship often, and its effects on marriage can be more detrimental. So, bless us so that we can always be humble towards each other and not let selfish ego come in the way of our happy marriage. Bless us with humility.

-O Holy Savior, as an individual, I have always had faith in your Holy Spirit. Now, as a couple, we both place our trust in you, and we ask you to look after this marriage. Please be present in our union to assure us of your holy love and protection.

-Almighty Master, your constant generous love has always protected us from all trouble. Our faith in your Holy Word has never failed, and you have been merciful and compassionate to us. Thank you for giving me a second chance to live my life fully and moving forward in this marriagE.

-Dear Great God, I pray to you today for the welfare of my partner. Please guide him/her with your godly wisdom so that he/she can achieve success in everything they venture into. Look after them so that they can make wise decisions without being influenced by negative factors.

-O Loving Lord, allow us to lead our life with truth and motivation so that we can be worthy of receiving your boundless love. Bless my partner with confidence so that he /she can make their choices confidently, remembering that your unconditional love is with them to protect them forever.

-O Blessed Master, give us strength so that we can learn the importance of leading this married life with grace and compassion. Let us learn to give and receive abundant love without restricting our minds and hearts and reflect your divine compassion in our love. We praise your Holy Name.

-Almighty Beloved Deity, in moments of conflict, let us choose peace over pride, remembering that a happy relationship demands sacrifices and being truthful to each other. Help us when we have to fight to save our relationship, reminding us that this is also your battle that we are fighting now.

-Precious Holy Protector, thank you for being the merciful and compassionate Divine Being that you are and for letting us reflect on your godly spirit for inspiration to be drawn for our marriage. Thank you for keeping the promise of protecting our marriage and keeping us happy and in love.

-Good Gracious Master, we know that you understand what’s best for our marriage and what helps our relationship grow. So, we ask you to come to us with your Holy Spirit and nurture this connection with love and grace so that we can be forever blessed by your peaceful bliss.

-O Great Savior, when my partner is away for work-related reasons, I pray to you to keep the love between us alive despite the distance. Let us think of each other even in those moments when we are together. Let us always appreciate each others’ importance even in their absence.

-Beloved Father, I pray to you to bless us with reconciliation. Unite me with my partner more every day and help us find new ways to love, appreciate and support each other. Let my love and respect for my partner be evident through my words and actions and vice versa.

-Dear Good Lord, when I was drawing in a sea of uncertainty and distress over my past marriage, you united me with this person and taught me that there is still hope. Thank you for filling my life with joy and light when I thought everything was finished for me.

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