50+ Prayers For Healing Broken Relationships

Nobody wants to break up a loving relationship. The heartbreak and despair after separation from a loved one can be unbearable, and in such times, we must seek comfort in our Almighty Father; we must pray to Him to be with us and help us overcome our sorrows and weaknesses.

Prayers For Healing Broken Relationships

Hope Prayers For Healing Broken Relation

-Good God, I pray to you today for the restoration of hope and positivity in my mind. I have recently been through a bad breakup, and I am still facing the repercussions of it. Please comfort my broken heart and remind me that you have great plans for me ahead.

Prayers For Replace Negative Feelings

-Savior Beloved, I cannot get rid of this hostility and conflict that arises within me as a consequence of my broken relationship. Replace these negative feelings with your divine kindness and generosity so that I can learn to look at the good things that help me seek your divine compassion.

-Good Lord, you have always purified my soul of all negative elements. You have promised to keep loving me unconditionally, even when there is no one to support me. Therefore, even though this broken relationship brings me great sorrow and anxiety, I trust you to preserve me for eternal life.

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Forgiveness Prayers For Healing Broken Relations

-Lord Jehovah, you have always tried to help us understand the value of forgiveness and reconciliation. I place my endless faith in your power of restoration, and I believe that with your mighty grace and compassion, I will be able to overcome the pains and sorrows of this broken relationship.

-Gracious Almighty, you have created and nurtured this blessed world and everything in it. You had blessed us with this relationship, but we failed to stay united in your Holy Name. Forgive us, and let the warmth of your divine comfort and peace flow into our broken hearts and souls.

-Dear Almighty Protector, I ask you to bless me with the humility to accept my mistakes that may have led to the breaking up of this relationship. If I have sinned in any way, I come to you with a humble and repentant heart, asking for your mercy and forgiveness.

-Blessed Savior, bless me with your divine peace and understanding so that I can never hold on to any grudges as a result of my broken relationship. Evoke the spirit of kindness and forgiveness so that I can let go of what has happened and rather focus on what’s ahead.

Understanding Prayers For Better Relations

-Holy Creator, our broken relationship is a testimony of our inability to live in harmony with each other. We have not been able to reflect your godly love and understanding between ourselves. Please make sure that if not together, we can at least glorify your Spirit throughout our lives individually.

-Precious Holy Protector, even if I cannot mend this relationship, teach me to always be kind and respectful to my partner. Bless my words and actions so that I can never treat him/her abusively or rudely. Let your divine peace and understanding rule over my mind and heart forever.

-Kind Loving Lord, your Commandments tell us that, with your grace and power, no relationship is beyond restoration. So, as I place my broken relationship into your hands, I ask you to impart your godly grace upon it so that we can get back together, if possible, in any way.

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Prayers For Healing Broken Relationships

Wisdom Prayers For Broken Relationship

-Eternal Savior, we have received your eternal goodness and wisdom throughout our lives. I have just gotten out of a bad relationship, and my heart and soul are broken into pieces. Let me feel your divine presence around me now so that I can know that I am not alone.

-Loving Lord, I have always been able to rely upon your wisdom and direction. So, when I am confused and uncertain in my relationships, I ask you to guide me. Allow me to love as freely as you have. Remind me that in love, there is no discrimination or selfishness.

Peace Prayers For Broken Relationship

-Holy Father, I pray for your sovereign peace. Let me remember that when I choose to stand firm in my faith, you will restore my broken relationships, and you will fill my heart with joy. Remind me to be kind and loving to even those people who have hurt me.

-Great Master, forgive us if we have not trusted your divine power and abundance and tried to lead our lives and this relationship in our way. Let us be able to trust you with all our hearts and remember that you are always responsible for keeping us happy and peaceful.

-Blessed Lord, bless me with your unconditional love. The burden of my broken relationships has brought despair and unrest to my soul, and I cannot be peaceful, no matter how hard I try. Please motivate me through your Holy Spirit so that I can achieve my salvation and peace again.

-Dear Kind Deity, calm down my constantly anxious spirits. Keep me grounded in your unconditional love so that I can know that no broken relationship can disrupt the mental peace that you have blessed me with and that I must never give in to any form of compromise or toxicity.

-Good God, I believe in your divine grace. Your compassion and understanding will heal us and take us out of all relationships that we might regret later. I know that your watchful gaze is constantly upon me. I will never come in constant with anyone who hampers my mental peace.

-Kind Father, breaking up has filled me with despair and bitterness. Allow me to find peace in your spirit and remember that with your divine joy and abundance in my life, I will get back on my feelings and be optimistic about the blessed life that you have given us.

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Prayers For Healing Broken Relationships

Motivation Prayers To Heal Broken Relationships

-Good God, I wish to find solace in your Holy Spirit. Let me know that when all doors close for me, you will embrace me in my worst condition. I cannot cope with the pain of this broken relationship by myself, and therefore, I seek your godly compassion and motivation.

-Beloved Creator, I have always seen that following your Holy Way in life gives immense joy and understanding to our minds and hearts. So, when I am tormented by sorrow and despair because my relationship didn’t work out as I wanted, let me find strength and inspiration through your teachings.

pray for your Holy Word to enlighten me

-Lord Jehovah, I am tormented by the pains of my broken relationship, and I cannot focus on anything else. I pray for your Holy Word to enlighten me so that I can rise above all ignorance and weaknesses and remember that with your godly courage and determination, nothing is impossible.

Compassion Prayers To Heal Broken Relationships

-Precious Master, I believe that my relationship has been affected by sinful thoughts or feelings. I have not been able to be completely honest and wise in my communications, and I ask you to let me understand where I have been wrong. Please don’t forsake me from your divine compassion.

-O Heavenly Almighty, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get rid of these unending conflicts and misunderstandings in my relationships. I am gradually losing my loved ones, and life is becoming miserable. Please keep me in your compassionate care so that I can overcome this despair and loneliness.

-Sweet Deity, your gracious compassion has always taught me to be slow to anger and unconditional in love. Forgive me if I have not been able to incorporate your teachings in my life, as a consequence of which my relationships are stumbling. I need your godly graceful healing right now.

Faith Prayers About Heal Broken Relationships

-Lord Jehovah, allow me to mold my heart in your divine mercy and compassion so that I can believe in myself. Remind me that if I have been honest and righteous in my relationship, I must never lament over what is lost. Bless me with the grace of strong faith.

-Faithful Father, protect me from the fears and resentments that come along with this broken relationship. Reassure me that I will find love again, and you will heal my wounds. Teach me to stand firm in my faith and remember that my belief in your Spirit shall sustain me forever.

Comfort Prayers To Heal Broken Relationships

-Savior Beloved, you have always tried to keep your promises of standing by us in our distressing times. Comfort me when I am anxious, thinking about my broken relationships and why things didn’t work out as I had expected. Remind me that only your Will works in our lives.

-Father Beloved, I am so thankful to have the grace and comfort of your Holy Word with me in these distressing times. Whenever my heart and soul are in despair, I try to seek your guidance and love that reassures me that I will regain my lost joy and positivity.

-Faithful Father, your abundant power and compassion have been with me in every difficult phase of my life. Your love has protected me from all despair and resentments, and I place the burden of my broken relationship into your hands, and I ask you to comfort me with your love.

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Prayers For Healing Broken Relationships

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