50+ Powerful Prayers For Humility

Prayers For Humility, No matter how privileged or prosperous we are in life, we can never let pride and ego overpower our minds and hearts because they can ruin everything.

We must pray to the Almighty Father to keep us devoted to Him and bless us with humility and grace.

Prayers For Humility: Seeking Guidance from the Divine

-O Good God, thank you for the instances and precepts you have set forth that have always instructed us to be humble in life. Thank you for always teaching us that humility has its benefits, and we must learn to surrender ourselves faithfully to you and give you all glory.- Amen

-Faithful Father, I pray for your grace and humility to be imparted throughout my life so that in every thought and action, I can remember the magnificence with which you reign over our hearts, the love you have given us, and stay humble and grounded in your divine love forever.- Amen

-Precious Dear Protector. I ask you to consider me worthy of being clothed in the goldy compassion and humility you have given to all your blessed children. Remind me that you always oppose the one who tries to live in pride. Bless me with the grace of your Holy Word.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I have always believed in my heart that receiving the grace of your compassion and humility is a priceless gift not all are worthy of receiving. Bless me so that I can lead a righteous life and become worthy of developing a contrite spirit blessed by your love.- Amen

-Dear God, I pray to you to let me understand and incorporate your divine humility and benevolence in my life so that I can create an example of a life led by your Commandments. No matter what I do or say, I ask you to keep me humble and dedicated.- Amen

-Precious Creator, you have always been so merciful and compassionate to us in every aspect of our lives. With a humble heart, I bow down before you and ask you for the mortification of my physical and mental self in pride and ego. Bless me with your divine protection.- Amen

-Beloved Dear Creator, I ask you to protect my mind and heart so I can never give in to the temptations that try to take me towards pride and selfishness. Allow me to stay focused on the true purpose of my life and not get distracted by anything.- Amen

-Merciful Master, I ask you to constantly remind me that before the mighty reflection of your Holy Spirit, I am nothing at all. I possess nothing, and everything I have belongs to you. Bless me so that I can always maintain this humility and never become proud of my achievements.- Amen

-O Eternal Savior, no matter how successful or happy I am in life, I still lack some virtues and qualities. Give me shame and contempt when I deserve it so that I understand that just like any other human being, I am flawed too, and I must work on it.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to refrain me from speaking and acting in any way that can evoke false pride in my heart. Look over me is that I shall never praise myself for my achievements but rather give you all glory, remembering that we owe everything to you.- Amen

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Prayers For Humility

-Holy Protector, bless me to go through every phase of my life, remembering that seeking glory for my own is not my life’s purpose. Give me wisdom so that I can realize that our true goal in life is to serve you, and we must always remember it.- Amen

-Dear Kind Creator, I pray to you to restrain my thoughts and actions and keep them away from indulging in anything that may evoke pride and vanity. Bless us with the wisdom that what truly matters is your eternal affection, and we must spend our lives trying to achieve it.- Amen

-Loving Holy God, make sure that I always avoid trying to be the center of attention. Give me the wisdom to understand that receiving acclaim and appreciation from others doesn’t make us great. Bless us with the humility to submit ourselves and all our glory humbly to you forever.- Amen

-Gracious Almighty, please bless me so that I can look beyond my materialistic desires and seek your godly compassion in my life. Give me the humility to claim nothing but your divine presence in my heart because you are the most important asset we have in life that truly matters.- Amen

-O Dear God, I ask you to allow me to look out for you whenever pride and selfishness overpower my heart. Bless me so that I can remember that the wholeness of our hearts and fossils comes from you and we are nothing without your godly presence constantly motivating us.- Amen

-Lord Jesus, I ask you to make me aware of your divine presence in my heart so that I can become more sensitive and understand that I am vile and corrupted too. Therefore, I must give in to your humble and mighty Holy Spirit with all my heart and soul.- Amen

-Father Beloved, I pray to you for constant awareness over my behaviors and actions so that I can never act out of pride, remembering that you have given us humility and kindness to exercise in our everyday life. Allow us to follow your Holy Way in our lives very rigorously.- Amen

-Precious Creator, I ask you to bless me with the discernment to understand that being proud of myself will eventually hurt my soul and false ego can bring us down in our most vulnerable times. Bless us so that we can always be aware of our senses.- Amen

-Merciful Holy Almighty, always help us remember that you have created this world and nurtured us with your love and compassion. So, whatever we do or have, we owe it to you, and therefore we must always possess the humility and faith to return all glory to you.- Amen

-Heavenly Good God, I ask for your divine light of knowledge and humility to be poured upon us so that we can give everything unto your Holy Spirit and always remember that what we claim to be our property, materialistically or spiritually, solely belongs to you with all its glory.- Amen

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Prayers For Humility

-Blessed Good God, I ask you to protect my mind and heart so that they can never be overwhelmed by the praise and honor I receive from people around me. Let me remember that though people will appreciate me, I still have to reach greater heights of success and prosperity.- Amen

-Kind Holy Spirit, I ask you to let me consider applause and praise dreadful because it fuels false ego and restricts our goals in life. Keep me away from the limelight, and let me consider every work to be a way to serve your Cause with dedication.- Amen

-Dear Lord Beloved, every good thing we have in our life is a gift from you. I ask you to bless us with humility and discernment so that we can understand what truly belongs to us, north materialistically and spiritually. Everything that belongs to you, we render to you humbly.- Amen

-Lord Beloved, I bow down before you, and I pray for the upliftment of my spirits so that I can ascend to your heaven of our wisdom and intellect where I shall never be taken in by false pride. Give me the favor of your bright light of knowledge and humility.- Amen

-Precious Protector, I pray to be sown in the seed of love and humility because there is nothing more valuable in our lives than having your eternal grace. Keep me in the warmth of your divine mercy and compassion and mark my iniquities. Stand by me, for I need you.- Amen

-O Faithful Father, I have recently realized that pride and ego can be dangerous. I ask you to make me a believer so that no matter what happens, I may never lose my unquestionable faith, knowing that you keep me grounded in your divine love.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to be merciful and help me understand the value of your divine humility. Teach me why it is so important to seek you first in everything and keep me close to your Holy Spirit so that I can know that I am loved and protected.- Amen

-Good God, help me remember that pride leads us to our destruction. Protect me from developing a haughty spirit that may lead to my fall. Teach me how pride can be devastating, and we must therefore learn to be humble. Allow me to seek your godly love in my soul.- Amen

-O Merciful Almighty, thank you for always guiding us through the right path. Thank you for giving us your graceful Holy Word that has spoken about the magnificence of your godly humility. Bless us so that we can incorporate your values in our lives and follow your Holy Way rigorously.- Amen

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Prayers For Humility

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