55+ Prayers For Intimidation

Being in a world that is practically a mess, our lives are a whirlwind of uncertainties. Being intimidated is very easy, and the several underlying fears make it difficult for us to survive. But, we must never lose hope and pray to the Lord to help us overcome our fears.

Prayers for Intimidation: Unshakeable Faith

-Father Beloved, the questions in our minds are never-ending. We are plagued by hopelessness and despair. We don’t know what to do or which way to go. We have trust issues, and everything around us is a source of intimidation. Please help us through these moments of confusion.

-O Great God, I pray to you to help us overcome the intimidation of death that threatens us more than anything else. We continuously worry about our deaths or the fear of losing a loved one. Help us remember that death is also an integral part of our lives.

-Lord Jehovah, I seek solace and comfort in your Holy Spirit, now that I find myself facing a difficult time, laced with anxiety and stress. I am constantly intimidated by my incapabilities and shortcomings, and I was hoping you could help me to stop worrying about unnecessary things.

-Good Holy Creator, I am overwhelmed by the drastic changes that are happening in my life. Often, I am so intimidated by certain things around me that I feel lonely and isolated. I feel restless, and so I want your Divine Spirit to comfort me in such difficult times.

-Savior Beloved, my heart goes out to everyone who feels the same things as I am. I pray to you to help us overcome our intimidations and understand that our fears and anxieties must never control us. Help us to have endless faith in your Holy Will.


-Loving Lord, I am very scared. Everything seems to be so difficult to do. Why is it so that I cannot place my faith in you and trust you to lead the way for me? Please bless my heart and refresh the faith I have always had in your powers.

-Gracious Almighty, I have no hopes to get over my intimidation and fears if you don’t help me out. This is something that I can never hope to do by myself if you do not motivate and guide me by your constant divine presence, working its way in my soul.

-Beloved Dear Protector, I ask you to look over every person in this world who cannot do anything about their intimidations. They see all your blessed children and have always believed you to be their Sovereign Lord, protecting them from all dangers they encounter in their lives.

-O Faithful Father, as I think of how I am constantly intimidated by my responsibilities and relationships, I understand more seriously that I need you in my life now more than ever. Your divine guidance and comforting love in my heart are all I need to overcome my weaknesses now.

-Sweet Deity, I ask you to prepare me for my intimidation and anxieties. Allow me to always be guided in your Holy way so that I can always deal with these issues with a brave heart, never having to think that I may fail in what I hope to do.

-Heavenly Beloved God, I pray to you to constantly be with me when my intimidations torment me. Let me know that you are always here, and I must never worry about being left alone in despair because you will keep your promise of rescuing me from this darkness.

-Good Lord, I refuse to be brought down by the worries of my intimidations because your love constantly fuels me, saying that you’re always there to protect me and that I have nothing to fear. Remind me at all times that you will always love me unconditionally. 

-Precious Master, thank you for always having my back. Thank you for never letting me down and always telling me that I will never lose to my fears and intimidations because you will fight on my behalf. Thanks to you, I have the assurance of victory over all my weaknesses.

-Blessed Almighty, thank you for allowing me to celebrate the happy days of my life by rejoicing in your Spirit. Also, I pray to you to be with me in those days when I face worries and stress arising from my intimidations, surrounded by darkness and despair.


-Father Beloved, I can never have peace and comfort in my heart if I do not get your divine reassurance that there is nothing to worry about my intimidations because you are my Protector, and you will always stand firm as my pillar of strength, protecting me against all storms.

-Heavenly Lord, I ask you to help me tread on the light ground in every aspect of my life and never get too anxious and overworked about anything. Comfort me through the knowledge that everything is achievable through prayer and the only way to attain solace in our hearts.

-Good God, allow me to believe in supplication with a grateful heart. Remind me that when I submit my prayers to you with a true heart and ask you to help me overcome my intimidations, you will come to my rescue and save me from the burden of my troubles.

-Dear Beloved Master, the more I think of my intimidations, I realize that I need you now. I need you to hear out my earnest prayer and answer them, fulfilling my need for protection and compassion against the violent storm of my life. Please shower your divine mercy upon me.

-Blessed Almighty, with a humble and true heart that is grateful to you for all you have done for me, I submit my fears and intimidations to you. I trust you to take care of them as efficiently as nobody else can, giving me the salvation and solace I desire.

-Eternal Savior, I pray to you to bless me with your wisdom so that I can get through my intimidation and not let it affect my mental or spiritual well-being. Let no power be strong enough to crush me beneath their tiresome weight. Bless me with your pure divine strength.

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to remind me that I am protected by your mighty Holy Spirit, which is more powerful than anything else in this world. Remind me that as long as I have faith, I shall be protected against all anxieties and intimidation that come my way.

-Good Holy Protector, no matter what it is I do, I constantly feel afraid and intimidated. The darkness of failures and regrets looms over me, dragging away all the peace I have in my heart. Please help me bear with this through the pious serenity of your Holy Spirit.

-Almighty Father, I am constantly worried about my financial stability. Other people’s success intimidates me, and I find negative emotions creeping into my heart. Help me be humble, learn from successful people instead, and try to incorporate their values in my life for prosperity.

-Lord Jehovah, bless my heart so that I can be of help to other people fighting against their worries and intimidations now. Allow me to mold my life as an example for people who want to learn how to overcome their weaknesses and lead their lives guided in your Way.

-Savior Beloved, this prayer to you is one for peace and comfort from the troubles of my intimidations. Teach me how to eradicate these unnecessary worries and tensions that take away my peace and never let me settle down to think of better things that I can look forward to.

-Kind Sweet Deity, plagued by the burden of my intimidations, I find my heart and soul constantly aching for your comfort. I want to be in the solace of your Shirt for every moment throughout my life so that all my discomforts and anxieties can be eradicated with your compassion.


-Loving God, today I pray to you to look after my friends who are also going through a similar troubling phase as I am. Let them know that you are constantly looking after them, and they have nothing to worry about their fears and intimidations overpowering their minds and hearts.

-Beloved Protector, I pray to you for every person in this world who is having issues arising from their uncertainties and fears. Let them know that you will show them the way, and you will help them differentiate between the right and the wrong. Be their constant Savior in life.

-O Gracious Almighty, I pray to you to bless us all with your divine peace that surpasses all our general understanding and helps us overcome our intimidations without any fear or anxiety. Protect us from all dangers that await and let us know that you are constant here for us.

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