55+ Prayers For Loss Of Loved Ones: To Find Comfort

Prayer For The Loss Of Loved Ones, When we lose someone very close to us, it can be difficult for us to comprehend.

It takes time to get over the grief and accept the situation as it is. During these difficult moments, rigorously praying to our Almighty God can be very helpful.

Prayers For Coping with the Loss of Loved Ones

– O Father, this grief I face now is unpredictable, and I can do nothing else but feel lonely without my loved one and mourn his/her sudden demise. In times of grief, I pray to you to help me recall your Words of love and trust and get through this.- Amen

– Dear Lord, the death of our loved one has left a hollow space in our lives and our hearts. We cry because nothing can make up for the loss we have experienced. We do pray to your Holy Spirit to comfort us and restore our lives with hope and love.- Amen

-O Savior, I pray to you to take me in your comforting lap and heal my mind and heart of all the pain and stress it is going through right now. Help me to carry this burden effortlessly, believing in my heart that this too shall pass with your blessings.- Amen

– O Father, allow me to be confident to place all my worries and sorrow into your hands because nothing else can comfort me more than your blissful Spirit. I believe that you are always there for me when nobody else is ready to stand beside me to lend me support.- Amen

– Father Beloved, in the depths of grief and death, help us to remember you. Guide us so that we can meet you within our souls to find peace from this unrest in our hearts and minds. Please lavish our worn-out souls with the warmth of companionship of the people around us.- Amen

– Great God, the loved one whom we have just lost has created a legacy of his/her own, and we grieve over that. This world had been a better place to live in when they were with us, and it was all about the happiness and positivity that their spirits radiated.- Amen

– Dear Beloved God, your Holy Commandments promise to be with us whenever we are in trouble. Now that my heart is not at ease, I ask you to be my refuge. You are my strength, and with your Spirit in my soul, I shall never be crushed by petty sadness.- Amen

– Father Beloved, I don’t know what to do with this emptiness in my soul. It bothers me every moment, but I believe that you, our Mighty Protector, will save me. You will bring back the lost joy in my heart and fill me with hope and eagerness.- Amen

– O Beloved Almighty, we had the opportunity of creating many beautiful memories with this loved one. We often remembered those happy times and cherished those moments. But, now that the person is no longer with us, the same memories have become hurtful. Give us the strength to pull ourselves together.- Amen

-Precious Sweet Lord, in these trying times, we pray to you to always be present in our hearts. Please give us the strength to get over this grief and fight against all weariness in life. Keep us blessed in your persistent compassion which is so blissful and comforting.- Amen

– Gracious Almighty, I come before you today and bow down in prayer so that you give me more power. Renew my spirits with your Holy strength so that I can face the hardships of life with confidence and radiance in my heart. Take away all the heartache and stress.- Amen

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Prayers For Loss Of Loved Ones

-Great Father, I pray to you to protect us from being inhibited by death. When in grief and distress, allow us to remember that your Holy Way works through our lives, and it will help us achieve greater things further only if we follow them rigorously and follow your commandments.- Amen

– Blessed Lord, this life is remarkable, and death is an integral part of it. But, we must never let death discourage us from being positive and productive. Allow us to appreciate your accomplishments in our life and make us stronger and wiser in your spirits for the days to come.- Amen

-Heavenly Creator, this time of grief and sadness makes it very difficult to have faith in you, and our minds are disturbed. It feels like life would never hurt us more, and we are depressed. We pray to you to heal our broken hearts and keep us in your shelter.- Amen

– Dear Blessed God, our hearts are injured by losing our loved one, and the knife of grief cuts sharply through it. Our souls are weary, and nothing is in our lives but sadness and despair. We call upon our lively Spirit in these moments to protect us.- Amen

-Gracious God, even in times of grief, it gives my heart peace to know that you, our benevolent Protector, are also grieving the death of our loved one along with us. You share our pain, and we can open ourselves to you so that you can mend our broken hearts.- Amen

– Dear Loving Father, I am deeply in pain. And it grows anger and resentment in my heart. I am crippled by fear, and death mocks me at every moment of my life. My heart is overwhelmed by mixed emotions, and it is consequently making me numb. Protect me, Kind Lord.- Amen

– O Kind Father, this grief has caused us heartache and pain; only you can carry us through this now. We give ourselves to your power so that you can sustain us. We pray to your blessed Spirit to fill our dull lives with hope and joy for the future.- Amen

– Dear Heavenly God, I ask for your gospel joy in my soul. I pray that you bless me so I can get through this terrible phase and rejoice in your endless joy. Look after me so that my pain and uneasiness are comforted as the days pass.- Amen

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Prayers For Loss Of Loved Ones

– Heavenly Beloved Savior, thank you for allowing me to hear your Holy Word and feel your Holy Spirit close to me when I am so distressed. My eyes are blessed to be able to witness your truth which tells us never to lose hope and instead be positive in life.- Amen

– Lord, thank you for making me understand that we are always a part of your Holy Universe, even after death. We can always secure a place in your Blessed Heaven if we follow your commandments and live a righteous life guided by your genuine love and wisdom.- Amen

– Lord, I choose to believe that your love for us never ceases, and I will get through the phase of mourning for my loved one with your compassion working through me. I find refuge when I reach out to you, and your bliss is so perfect for my troubled soul.- Amen

– Great God, because of this grief, I have kept myself away from you and not spent enough time in prayer. I am struggling continuously to get back to you where all my peace lies. Help me remember that you are the Creator and bless our lives.- Amen

– Precious Good Lord, I ask you to envelope my weary Spirit with your graceful peace. Help me build myself as a perfect example for anyone else going through a similar phase. Make this unbearable pain in my heart disappear and replace it with your liveliness.- Amen

-Kind Good Creator, I pray that you answer my earnest prayers. I cry out of pain and despair, and my soul is perturbed like never before. Only you can calm me down now, and your Holy Spirit can lead me. My thirst to be united with you grows every moment.- Amen

-O Precious Deity, it feels as if the entire world around me has become chaotic, and I am being consumed by it. There Is no peace anywhere, and I cannot rest at all. Everything reminds me of the loved one I have lost. Please rescue me from this hassle.- Amen

-O Great Lord, I am exhausted. I cannot bear this pain anymore, and I am encompassed by this grief that keeps on growing. The demise of my loved one has left me shaken, and I can do nothing but submit myself to your hands so that you can guide me.- Amen

– Loving God, this sudden, heartbreaking incident has left me feeling like your mighty love has abandoned me. Please remind me that your unconditional love never leaves us, and nothing must waver the faith I have in you because only this faith can save my life from being weary.- Amen

– O Almighty Savior, I pray that you come down to us and take us into your mighty shelter. Bless us that we can be worthy of understanding your Holy presence in our souls, which constantly works to eradicate all grief and sadness that has created a burden in our hearts.- Amen

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Prayers For Loss Of Loved Ones

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