50+ Uplifting Prayers For Marriage

A successful marriage takes effort on both sides to be a reality. Marital stress is a common factor in relationships. But they need to learn the tactics of balancing it among themselves with dignity and praying to God for your marriage so that you can have His mighty blessings on you.

Prayers For Marriage

Prayers For Peace in Marriage

-Dear Lord, I pray to you today to give me peace so that you can rule my married love, and you exist around my spouse and me within our home. The peace given by you surpasses the simple understanding of human beings. I pray for your grace in our relationship. 

Prayer For Honesty in Marriage

-O Blessed Father, it makes my heart so happy and satisfied to remind myself that the peace of our Lord rests within us. Also, if we can lead a proper life with dignity and honesty, This peace will escalate itself to our marriage too and keep us happy and content.

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Prayers For Blessing In Marriage

-Dear God, of all commands you have given us, one of the most important is to love you as well as love the people in our lives. As I embark upon starting a new chapter of my life with my beloved one, I seek your blessings and demand your support.

Prayer For Guide In Marriage

-Almighty Father, I consider this marriage as a pious relationship given by you as a blessing. I also know that in it, our connection to you is reflected. We pray to you to guide us through the correct way so that we can observe your examples and work this out.

Prayer For Humble And Kind

-O Great God, bless us so that we can keep aside our inner selfish nature and ego and be humble and kind to each other instead. We must be able to serve each other with equal importance, always pay attention to each other, and not be self-obsessed under any circumstances.

-Dear God, I pray to you to unite both of us in this marriage. Bless us with your love so that we can be united in one spirit. Unite our minds and hearts so that we think of ourselves as one individual. Let us complement each other in all ways.

Prayers to Bless Us with love

-O Father, make us suitable to look out for each other’s interests, no matter how busy we become in our personal lives. Our love for each other must come from within our hearts, and there should be no faking of our emotions. Let us love the way you love us.

-Dear Lord, bless us as we set on a new journey to establish our relationship of love to be an example for others in the world. Let us be able to show others that we can reflect the love you give us and the sacrifices you have made for us.

-Good God, I believe if we can love each other, this is only because of the feelings that you have implanted in our hearts. You have taught us the proper way to love and care for each other and helped us understand what true love means and how it grows.

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Prayers For Marriage

Prayer For Make Us Happy

-Father, as we give validation to our relationship, we pray to you that you always inspire us in your distinct way so that we only speak kind words to each other, be considerate of each others’ emotions, and always be concerned about each others’ well-being and what makes us happy.

Prayer For Build Understanding After marriage

-Dear Good Lord, we are human beings. Consequently, we have flaws and weaknesses. Let us be able to be understanding to each other in this respect and try to cooperate regarding every matter. If we fail to live up to each other’s expectations, we must learn to forgive and forget.

Prayer For Trust In Marriage

-Good God, along with having trust in each other, we must also learn to develop our faith in you and your powers. Your wisdom is our guidance in personal life and the life we are about to spend together at all times. We pray to you to bless this marriage.

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Prayers For Peace And Joy

-O Blessed Father, we pray to you to put into this marriage all the peace and joy as you can. Make this union worthy enough to praise your glorious presence and love in our lives. Extend our joy not only in this life but also in the eternity to come.

Thanksgiving Prayer For Marriage

-Dear God, thank you for giving us the blessing of this relationship. We would never have been united in love if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for every little thing you have done so that our relationship gets better. Bless our lives with your endless grace and care, God.

-Beloved Father, as we stand before you today and bow down in earnest prayer, we express our gratitude to you for blessing us, and we also ask you to strengthen the bond between us so that we can be proud of this marriage covenant that we are placing ourselves into.

-Precious Father, we thank you for blessing us with this beautiful wedding day. All happiness, love, and joy that surround us today is a blessing from you. We celebrate this day also to praise your name and sing of your glory, the mercy you so selflessly give into our lives.

Prayer For Strength In Marriage

-O Dear Lord, we pray to you to give us the strength and capability to exist as a powerful and united couple so that nothing can stand before us or come between our love to ruin our relationship. Give us the power to fight against anything that breaks our bond.

Keep Mentally and Physically Strong

-Father, if any word/action opposes our happiness and peace, let us be able to identify the cause of it and work ourselves through it. We believe that only in this way can we achieve a higher state of unity where we are connected physically and mentally, but most importantly, spiritually.

God’s Presence

-Dear God, this marriage has reinforced our faith in the fact that you continue to work for the benefit of all your children. We can see your hand at work, shaping our relationship and mending every broken aspect of it. So, we seek your presence in us at every moment.

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Prayers For Marriage

Prayer For Growing Relationship

-Heavenly Lord, we pray to you to help us grow in our relationship. Make us wise enough to understand and differentiate between necessities and luxuries. Teach ys the importance of adjustment and compromise so that we don’t fight with each other over trivial matters and learn to control our desires.

Prayer For Healthy And Happy Relationship

-O Dear Father, we believe the secret to a healthy and happy relationship is to focus on each other and have perseverance. There is no shame in accepting our weaknesses and working on the areas where we lack experience. Give us the strength to be completely honest with each other.

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Prayer To Motivate Us The Correct Way

-O Almighty Lord, rather than waiting for motivation to show us the correct way to lead this relationship, let us have faith in our love and move. Let us have clarity of mind at all times-know what we are doing or saying and what needs to be changed for progress.

Prayer For Wisdom And Strength

-Father, just like every other aspect of our life, marriage also demands a certain discipline. Let us have control over ourselves and be rigorous in our behavior and actions. We should always be able to move forward in this relationship and bring about positive changes only. Give us wisdom and strength.

Prayer For We Settle Relation After Fight over issue

-Heavenly Lord, just like any other relationship, this marriage will also have disputes. We will quarrel with each other and fight over issues in the household. But, we pray to you to make us lenient so that we do not aggravate the quarrel and can settle it among ourselves quickly.

Keep Us Strong in Any Situation

-Good God, we know that there will be good times and tough times in this marriage. We pray to you to give us the ability to accept all situations without being too overwhelmed by them. Let us be able to work through the difficult days and fight for our relationship.

Give Us The Ability to Enjoy Every moment

-O Father, contentment is the key to a happy life. This is more important when two people are living together and sharing everything they have. Instead of rushing for more comfort and luxury, give us the ability to enjoy the things we already have and savor those precious little moments.

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Give Strength And Kindness In Bad Time

-O Lord, if one of us faces a tough time and is in despair, give the other person the strength and kindness to support and motivate them. Let us keep the promises that we have made on our wedding day. Help us to be supportive and sympathetic towards each other.

Keep us Safe in Life

-Beloved Father, let us trust in our hearts that even if we are poor or we lack something, you are there to provide for us. Nothing must be able to make us uncertain or afraid because we have your protection and love upon us, and you will keep us safe.

Keep Love And Care For Each Other

-Dear Good God, even if something happens between us and we fall apart, we pray to you to bless us so that we can reconcile with each other again and our love and care for each other blossoms again. Never let us be attacked or manipulated by any external factor.

Prayers For Marriage

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