217+ Prayers For Marriage To Strengthen Relationship

Prayers for marriage are a form of supplication and communication with a higher power that is believed to strengthen and bless the union between two individuals.

These prayers can be performed aloud, silently, or in writing and utilised as a tool for introspection and meditation.

While under pressure or unclear circumstances, a lot of people resort to prayers for marriage in order to receive direction and support from a higher power.

They can be designed to address certain requirements or purposes, such as boosting love and understanding, enhancing communication, or resolving conflict in the relationship.

Prayers For Marriage To Build a Deep and Meaningful Relation

-Dear Lord, I pray to you today to give me peace so that you can rule my married love, and you exist around my spouse and me within our home. The peace given by you surpasses the simple understanding of human beings. I pray for your grace in our relationship. 

Prayers For Marriage

-O Blessed Father, it makes my heart so happy and satisfied to remind myself that the peace of our Lord rests within us. Also, if we can lead a proper life with dignity and honesty, This peace will escalate itself to our marriage too and keep us happy and content.

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-Dear God, of all commands you have given us, one of the most important is to love you as well as love the people in our lives. As I embark upon starting a new chapter of my life with my beloved one, I seek your blessings and demand your support.

-Almighty Father, I consider this marriage a pious relationship you gave as a blessing. I also know that in it, our connection to you is reflected. We pray to you to guide us correctly so we can observe your examples and work this out.

-O Great God, bless us so we can keep aside our selfish nature and ego and be humble and kind to each other instead. We must be able to serve each other with equal importance, always pay attention to each other, and not be self-obsessed under any circumstances.

-Dear God, I pray to you to unite both of us in this marriage. Bless us with your love so that we can be united in one spirit. Unite our minds and hearts so that we think of ourselves as one individual. Let us complement each other in all ways.Prayers to Bless Us with love

-O Father, make us suitable to look out for each other’s interests, no matter how busy we become in our personal lives. Our love for each other must come from within our hearts, and there should be no faking of our emotions. Let us love the way you love us.

-Dear Lord, bless us as we set on a new journey to establish our love relationship to be an example for others in the world. Let us be able to show others that we can reflect the love you give us and the sacrifices you have made for us.

-Good God, I believe if we can love each other, this is only because of the feelings that you have implanted in our hearts. You have taught us the proper way to love and care for each other and helped us understand what true love means and how it grows.

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-Father, as we give validation to our relationship, we pray to you that you always inspire us in your distinct way so that we only speak kind words to each other, be considerate of each others’ emotions, and always be concerned about each others’ well-being and what makes us happy.

-Dear Good Lord, we are human beings. Consequently, we have flaws and weaknesses. Let us be able to be understanding to each other in this respect and try to cooperate regarding every matter. We must learn to forgive and forget if we fail to live up to each other’s expectations.

-Good God, along with having trust in each other, we must also learn to develop our faith in you and your powers. Your wisdom is our guidance in personal life and the life we are about to spend together at all times. We pray to you to bless this marriage.

Best Prayers For Marriage To Strengthen Relationship

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-O Blessed Father, we pray to you to put into this marriage all the peace and joy as you can. Make this union worthy enough to praise your glorious presence and love in our lives. Extend our joy not only in this life but also in the eternity to come.

-Dear God, thank you for giving us the blessing of this relationship. We would never have been united in love if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for every little thing you have done to improve our relationship. Bless our lives with your endless grace and care, God.

-Beloved Father, as we stand before you today and bow down in earnest prayer, we express our gratitude to you for blessing us, and we also ask you to strengthen the bond between us so that we can be proud of this marriage covenant that we are placing ourselves into.

-Precious Father, we thank you for blessing us with this beautiful wedding day. All happiness, love, and joy that surround us today is a blessing from you. We celebrate this day also to praise your name and sing of your glory, the mercy you so selflessly give into our lives.

-O Dear Lord, we pray to you to give us the strength and capability to exist as a powerful and united couple so that nothing can stand before us or come between our love to ruin our relationship. Give us the power to fight against anything that breaks our bond.

-Father, if any word/action opposes our happiness and peace, let us be able to identify the cause of it and work ourselves through it. We believe that only in this way can we achieve a higher state of unity where we are physically, mentally, and spiritually connected.

-Dear God, this marriage has reinforced our faith in the fact that you continue to work for the benefit of all your children. We can see your hand at work, shaping our relationship and mending every broken aspect of it. So, we seek your presence in us at every moment.

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-Heavenly Lord, we pray to you to help us grow in our relationship. Make us wise enough to understand and differentiate between necessities and luxuries. Teach ys the importance of adjustment and compromise so that we don’t fight with each other over trivial matters and learn to control our desires.

-O Dear Father, we believe the secret to a healthy and happy relationship is to focus on each other and have perseverance. There is no shame in accepting our weaknesses and working on the areas where we lack experience. Give us the strength to be completely honest with each other.

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-O Almighty Lord, rather than waiting for motivation to show us the correct way to lead this relationship, let us have faith in our love and move. Let us always have clarity of mind- know what we are doing or saying and what needs to be changed for progress.

-Father, just like every other aspect of our life, marriage also demands a certain discipline. Let us control ourselves and be rigorous in our behavior and actions. We should always be able to move forward in this relationship and bring about positive changes only. Give us wisdom and strength.

-Heavenly Lord, this marriage will also have disputes just like any other relationship. We will quarrel with each other and fight over issues in the household. But, we pray to you to make us lenient so that we do not aggravate the quarrel and can settle it among ourselves quickly.

-Good God, we know this marriage will have good times and tough times. We pray that you allow us to accept all situations without being too overwhelmed. Let us be able to work through the difficult days and fight for our relationship.

-O Father, contentment is the key to a happy life. This is more important when two people live together and share everything they have. Instead of rushing for more comfort and luxury, please allow us to enjoy what we already have and savor those precious little moments.

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-O Lord, if one of us faces a tough time and is in despair, give the other person the strength and kindness to support and motivate them. Let us keep the promises that we have made on our wedding day. Help us to be supportive and sympathetic towards each other.

-Beloved Father, let us trust that you are there to provide for us even if we are poor or lacking something. Nothing must be able to make us uncertain or afraid because we have your protection and love upon us, and you will keep us safe.

-Dear Good God, even if something happens between us and we fall apart, we pray to you to bless us so that we can reconcile with each other again and our love and care for each other blossoms again. Never let us be attacked or manipulated by any external factor.

A troubled relationship with your spouse can take a toll on your mind and heart and make you feel disheartened.

You must put in all efforts to rebuild the relationship and pray to the Almighty Lord to bless you both so you can get back together peacefully.

-Father Beloved, we have been brought together in this marriage by your Holy Spirit, and you have blessed this union yourself, but despite that, we find ourselves at a difficult time now. We are struggling to be together, and we feel helpless. Please be with us in this tough time.- Amen

-O Dear God, you have always taught us that two is better than one, and we have tried to follow your Holy Word rigorously in our lives and this marriage. But, at this juncture, we find ourselves out of track from your guidance and not in tune with your commandments.- Amen

-Gracious Almighty, we call upon your Holy Spirit and ask you to rescue us from the troubling phase we find ourselves in. Bless our union once more this day so that our cords of love and respect for each other are never broken or weakened by bad influences.- Amen

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Prayers For Protect Us

-O Father, as I find my lovely relationship with my spouse hampered, I remember your promise upon our marriage. I pray to you to keep them and let your Holy Love prevail over both of us, just like it always has. Please protect us, Lord.- Amen

-O Great Master, we choose not to lose faith in you. I promise not to be hopeless about this marriage, and I feel relieved in my heart to know that you are constantly working to fix things between my partner and me. We seek you now to protect our relationship.- Amen

-Kind Loving God, it hurts me to think that in recent times, my partner and I have often inflicted hurtful words and actions on each other. We have acted harshly and unjustly, not considering how the other person might feel about it. We ask you to forgive us.- Amen

-Heavenly Creator, we believe our marriage is in danger because we have been distracted by external influences in life, and we have ceased to follow their holy instructions that we must have followed as a married couple. We pray for forgiveness and ask you to show us the correct path.- Amen

-O Father, we pray that your grace and wisdom reign over our relationship so that you can take control of our lives and guide us to do the correct things. When you are there to look after us, we must never be afraid of being misled or lost.- Amen

-Heavenly Father, this marriage is about to fail because of the silly mistakes made by my spouse and me. Give us the wisdom to realize what went wrong and the courage to do it. Throughout this battle, keep us united in the uplifted spirit of your Holy Love.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, we only want your rich grace to be part of our relationship and fix all problems. Please don’t drive us away from your Holy shelter where there is no fear or sadness. Unite us again in your Holy Spirit and allow us to understand each other better.

-Dear Blessed God, as I struggle to save this marriage, I pray to you to watch over me and build this relationship strongly again so that my spouse and I can grow together, learning from each other and the mistakes we have made earlier. Please Give us your wisdom, Lord.- Amen

-Heavenly God, please eradicate all hatred from our hearts and replace it with love and compassion for each other. Allow us to be more caring and considerate to each other and love each other with your Holy love in our souls. Please touch our relationship with your grace and comfort.- Amen

-O Father, we pray to you to bless our hearts that are full of anger and selfishness right now. But we believe it will magically transform into happy and positive feelings once you come to us with your Holy Spirit. We give all grace to you today.

Amazing Prayers For Marriage

-Father Beloved, this rough patch that we have hit in our marriage, we have often acted or dealt with the matter very inefficiently and unjustly. We pray that you give us better judgment and the ability to look at things again with a different perspective for better understanding.- Amen

-O Great Lord, I find our marriage being poisoned by negative elements. We cannot forgive each other, and we have started to judge each other based on the pettiest of matters. This worsens the situation, and we have no other way than to submit ourselves humbly to you.

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-Precious, Sweet God, I feel so hopeless as nothing seems to work for my spouse and me. Every decision we make bounces back at us, and every step taken appears to be a huge mistake. We believe our thought processes have deteriorated, and we ask you to guide us wisely.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, why is it that we now get more happiness in solitude than in being with each other? We have started to avoid each other, and my spouse seems almost like a stranger to me now. Please help us get through this and unite us again in love.- Amen

-Dear Father, it breaks my heart to see that our relationship has degraded so badly that we can no longer tolerate each other’s presence. Being with each other seems to be so irritating, and the communication is rude and irregular. Please help us to get through this rough phase.- Amen

-Kind God, I love my spouse, and I don’t want to lose the gift of this beautiful relationship I’ve had with him/her. I promise to do everything in my power to get things back to normal again. With your guidance and true love, we will be happy together again.- Amen

-O Lord Beloved, I pray to you today that you keep my partner and me strongly united through this period of hard struggle. Remind us constantly that if we want to restore this relationship and bring back the love that has vanished, we must work as a unit for it.- Amen

-Gracious Savior, this relationship was given to us by you as a blessing, and we have failed to give it the appreciation and honor it deserves. We have not validated each other enough, and the affection and understanding have been lost. Please restore the connection we had between us.

-O God, we have drifted apart from each other, and the connection is becoming weaker day by day. I believe that only you can save this relationship now. Your mighty power and pure grace can unite us and help us revive this marriage’s lost love.- Amen

-Great Lord, I pray to you for reconciliation. I call upon your Holy Spirit to replace our grudgeful hearts with the affection and concern we had for each other. Remind us of this precious love we have found and nurtured and give us more reason to be with each other.- Amen

-Father Beloved, every time we start falling out in this marriage, we pray to you to remind us that you love us unconditionally despite our mistakes and sins. So, we must try to learn from that spirit and do the same in our marriage too.- Amen

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-Almighty Father, bless our hearts so that we can be drawn to each other in love. Keep us wrapped in your loving shelter where our hearts will be healed, and no pain can touch us. Bless us so that we can start all over again with your spirit in us.- Amen

-Beloved Good God, we have always been a strong couple. As husband and wife, we have tried to support and care for each other and comfort each other in bad times. I fail to understand this crack in our relationship, and I ask you to rekindle the spirit of love.- Amen

-O Lord, life gives us tough circumstances so we can learn to face hardships and develop ourselves as better humans. I accept this situation as an opportunity to learn more about handling relationships, and I promise to get better at this and restore my marriage with pure love.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, nobody knows/understands me better than you, and I always try to be honest. If I have ever done anything wrong that has affected my marriage, I ask you to forgive me and show me how I can fix it and make my marriage work.- Amen

-Good Father, it is true that my spouse has hurt me. He/She has been rude to me, and their behavior has offended me. Allow me to forgive him/her when they are genuinely apologetic for their mistakes and promise to put in efforts to fix things again.- Amen

Prayers for Remarriage: Finding Love And Happiness Again

Marriage is an important decision made by two individuals who willingly decide to live with each other throughout their lifespan.

But sometimes due to some circumstances, the relationship ceases to exist and out of which some individuals decide to start a new life with their new partner. Thus here are some prayers through which we can seek God’s blessing for remarriage. 

Prayers for remarriage: Divine Blessings for a New Beginning

-Oh Lord of love and power, after the hurtful demise of my love, I have spent years in remorse, his/her absence made me feel empty and lonely, but now I have finally been able to find my happiness again and want to spend the rest of my life with him/her. Thus Lord, kindly bless us both as we decide to tie a knot with each other.

Prayers For Marriage To Strengthen Relationship

-Oh God, I fell into a trap that I presumed to be love for which I have spent dreadful days, but then I finally found someone who continuously supported me to move out of my toxic marital relationship. God kindly bless me since I have decided to tie up into a marital bond again with the person who has selflessly helped me throughout the darkest period of my life.

-Lord, I had trusted the wrong person for which I have spent days being traumatized, and after struggling a lot, when I was finally able to set myself free from such a marital bond, I had lost all my hopes for a better future, but yet again I have decided to marry the person who has loved and cared for me at my worst. Thus Lord, kindly grant me a happy married life in this second inning of my life.

-Oh Almighty God, after the failure of my first marriage, I became cynical towards love, I always felt empty and void, and finally, I came across a person who completely changed my notions. Thus God kindly shower your blessings on me since, after a long time, I have decided to marry the person who has brought back my happiness and has made me feel like myself again.

-Oh Supreme Lord, kindly shower your blessings on me since I have decided to start a new life with the person who stood for me even when I was too scared to speak for myself, after being tormented for years in a toxic marital relationship. Thus, Lord kindly blesses us and fills our lives with joy and happiness.

-Oh, Everlasting God, I have decided to marry again as I want to move on in my life, but God, I am still filled with insecurities since I have committed the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person once, and I don’t want the same things to repeat in my life again. Thus God kindly stay with me such that this time I don’t regret falling in love again.

-Oh Heavenly Father, I have been heartbroken once; the relationship I thought would last forever didn’t work out within a few years of its marriage, but yet again, I have given my heart to someone else, and I am willing to tie a marital bond again. Thus Lord kindly blesses us and fills my heart with love and happiness.

-Oh Lord of love and power, kindly bless me since, after my previous marital relationship failed, it took me a long time to accept it and move on. Finally, I have decided to marry a person who respects me, my family and my opinions, unlike my previous relationship where everything seemed to be too controlling.

-Oh Lord, kindly bless this couple with love and happiness since they were able to find their peace and love in each other and decided to start the second innings of their life together even after going through a lot of pain and suffering in their previous marital relationship. Amen.

-Oh Almighty God, I pray to you, kindly bless him/her such that this time the person he/she decided to marry is made for him/her since he/she has already suffered a lot due to his/her/her past decisions. God may he/she receive the love and respect he/she deserves. Amen.

-Oh Heavenly Father, I have decided to tie up into a marital relationship again. Thus Lord kindly showers your blessings on my partner and me, bless us such that we can have a better understanding between ourselves, unlike my previous marital relationship that fell apart due to lack of understanding and communication.

-Oh Lord of love and power, kindly shower your blessings on this newly wedded couple. May you fill their life with joy and happiness since both of them have borne the pain of losing their spouse once to some unforeseen situation in their past and yet decided to marry each other as they could fight their loneliness together.

-Oh Supreme Lord, due to my immaturity, I had misinterpreted the concept of love, that led me to make some sudden decisions like marriage for. Which my first marriage didn’t work out, but this experience taught me to be mature, and finally, after some time, I have decided to marry again. Thus Lord kindly blesses me such that at least this time, I don’t regret my decision.

-Oh, Everlasting God, after the traumatizing experience I had in my previous marital relationship, I have finally found someone who respects, values, understands, and most importantly, loves me. Thus God kindly grants me your strength and courage so that I can fight with my insecurities as I have decided to enter into a marital bond again.

-Oh Lord of Love and power, I know my previous marital relationship didn’t work out the way I imagined it, and thus it fell apart. Still, this time as I have decided to tie a knot again, Lord I pray to you, kindly bless me with a happy married life such that I can fulfill everything I dreamt for in a relationship, bless us such that our love may live long. Amen.

-Oh Supreme Lord, kindly shower your blessings on me as I have decided to enter into a marital bond again. I have decided to marry the person who selflessly helped me and supported me to find my way out from the dark pit I was trapped into, and thus Lord kindly blesses me since this time; I hope to find my long-lost love and happiness in this relationship.

-Lord, after a long time, I finally decided to tie into a marital bond again. It took me a long time to realize the person who loved me and cared for me; thus, this time, I pray to you, Lord, kindly bless us so that we can make our marriage a successful one, such that this doesn’t end up the way my previous relationship did.

-Oh Almighty God, kindly bless me as I have decided to tie up into a marital bond again, and this time I pray to you and hope that this relationship wouldn’t end up like my previous marital relationship, bless us so that we can build a better future for ourselves together. Amen.

Nice Prayers For Marriage To Strengthen Relationship

-Oh Heavenly Father, I had lost my faith in relationships and commitments after the failure of my first marriage, throughout this years I have not been able to trust anyone with my feelings, but I have finally found my escape from that phase of life, and now I want to give myself and my life a second chance with the person who has always selflessly stayed by my side even during the worst phase of my life.

-Oh Lord of love and power, life happens, and people eventually learn their lessons, and after the failure of my first marriage, I learned the lessons of my life that one incident made me a new person altogether. Thus Lord, kindly bless me since I have decided to tie a knot again with the person who has made me feel like myself again.

-Oh God, after losing my better half to a tragic situation, I never thought of falling in love again, I was consumed by darkness, and just when I reached the edge of my life, I found a person who helped me pull myself together and brought me back to life. Lord kindly bless me as I have decided to give my life a second chance by marrying someone I unexpectedly fell in love with.  

-Oh Almighty God, I tried my best to adjust to the new environment after my marriage, but soon I realized that in the process of adjusting with others, I was losing myself and my self-respect, and hence I decided to move out from such a relationship. Lord kindly bless me since I have decided to marry again; bless us so we can make our marriage successful.

-Oh Supreme Lord, you know I need you in every stage of my life, I know, and I believe that it is because of the strength you had provided me with that I could find my way out of my previous toxic marital relationship and now I have decided to tie up in a marital bond again. Thus Lord kindly blesses me and provide me with the strength to move on in my life and find my happiness again. Amen.

Prayers for A Happy Remarriage: Find Bless in Love Again

Getting involved in a marriage for the second time can be stressful and unconvincing for a person. The worry of past relationships remains, and the fear of moving forward can be unsettling. We must pray to the Lord to give us clarity of thought and bless our new beginnings.

Prayers For A Happy Remarriage: Forgiveness and Faith

-O Kind Father, I pray to you to make us the best version of ourselves in this new relationship. Surely my previous marriage has failed, but I am going into this one with lots of hope and determination. Bless our hearts so that we can give everything to this marriage.

Prayers for A Happy Remarriage  Find Bless in Love Again

-Good Lord, I pray to you to make sure that everything I have not received in my past relationships shall be compensated for in this one. Bless my partner and me with joy, better understanding, and a sense of fulfillment, which are crucial for a healthy and strong marriage.

-Precious Creator, please look after my heart and mind so that I don’t end up bringing the regrets and shortcomings of the previous marriage into this one. Let me go into this new chapter remembering that I am all set to start everything fresh and embrace the changes to come.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to keep my partner in good health and me both physically as well as mentally, so that we can give yourselves completely to this marriage. Our contributions should be similar, and we should put in efforts equally, irrespective of our gender or work preferences.

-Good Lord, bless me so I can always be completely honest with my partner about everything. There should be no filters between us, and we must be able to say all things to each other, even our deepest secrets, without suffering from the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

-Father Beloved, let us be gracious in this marriage. Let us understand being two individuals, there will be differences, and the key to solving them is to adjust with each other. Since no two personalities are the same, we must try to appreciate the differences in character and embrace them.

-Dear Almighty, bless this marriage with your godly wisdom that gives one the maturity and strength to look at marriage from a better perspective and approach it with more seriousness and compassion. Allow us to understand the difference in choices and feelings and behave accordingly to maintain peace.

-O Good God, give us the strength of heart and mind needed to make this relationship a happy one and this marriage a successful one. Allow us to incorporate strength and flexibility in this relationship so that we can always be happy. Let us understand and feel each other better.

-Lord Beloved, my partner, is wonderful, and I have complete faith in him/her. They have been very understanding towards me and have tried to heal my past wounds. I am lucky to have found him/her, and I am very hopeful about spending the future with them.

-Blessed Holy Spirit, making decisions for one’s needs and desires is far different from making decisions as a married couple. Things can get complicated, and the issue must be approached wisely. Give us the wisdom to consider each other’s opinions and feelings before deciding on any important stuff.

-O Divine Being, I pray to you for strength in this relationship, something that was lacking in my past marriage. Keep us united in your holy love forever and live this life together, blessed by your grace and empowered by your divine strength that protects the love in all relationships.

-Blessed Holy Father, as you already know, my soul is still troubled by the difficulties I had to face in my past marriage. I pray to you to heal me so that I do not fear moving on and stepping on the new thresholds of my life.

-Great God, no relationship is perfect because we, the people, are flawed. So, I know there will also be troubles in this marriage as well. I pray that you bless us so we can understand and solve our problems without losing our temper or hurting each other.

-O Almighty Protector, I pray to you to walk this path along with us so that you can remove all tough obstacles that may come and try to destroy the love and peace we have among ourselves. Please stand as a shield against all trouble and keep us happy together.

-Precious Creator, the key to a long and happy married life is to keep the shining light of love burning forever. Help us to remember at all times that we have been united out of love, and it is very important that we protect that precious love for an eternity.

-O Lord Jehovah, we pray to you to guard our thoughts and actions so that we are never harsh/unjust in our behavior. Let us remember that we can solve all problems if we stay united. Help us work on our relationship so that there are no conflicts.

-O Almighty Master, help us evoke the spirit of kindness and forgiveness in our souls so that we can understand when we make mistakes and forgive each other. The ideal thing to do is help them return on the correct track and repent for their mistakes.

-Beloved Father, pride, and ego can often ruin a relationship, and its effects on marriage can be more detrimental. So, bless us so that we can always be humble towards each other and not let selfish ego come in the way of our happy marriage. Bless us with humility.

-O Holy Savior, as an individual, I have always had faith in your Holy Spirit. Now, as a couple, we both place our trust in you, and we ask you to look after this marriage. Please be present in our union to assure us of your holy love and protection.

-Almighty Master, your constant generous love has always protected us from all trouble. Our faith in your Holy Word has never failed, and you have been merciful and compassionate to us. Thank you for giving me a second chance to live my life fully and moving forward in this marriage.

-Dear Great God, I pray to you today for the welfare of my partner. Please guide him/her with your godly wisdom so that he/she can succeed in everything they venture into. Look after them so that they can make wise decisions without being influenced by negative factors.

-O Loving Lord, allow us to lead our life with truth and motivation so that we can be worthy of receiving your boundless love. Bless my partner with confidence so that he /she can make their choices confidently, remembering that your unconditional love is with them to protect them forever.

-O Blessed Master, give us strength so that we can learn the importance of leading this married life with grace and compassion. Let us learn to give and receive abundant love without restricting our minds and hearts and reflect your divine compassion in our love. We praise your Holy Name.

-Almighty Beloved Deity, in moments of conflict, let us choose peace over pride, remembering that a happy relationship demands sacrifices and truthfulness. Help us when we have to fight to save our relationship, reminding us that this is also your battle that we are fighting now.

-Precious Holy Protector, thank you for being the merciful and compassionate Divine Being that you are and for letting us reflect on your godly spirit for inspiration to be drawn for our marriage. Thank you for keeping the promise of protecting our marriage and keeping us happy and in love.

-Good Gracious Master, we know you understand what’s best for our marriage and what helps our relationship grow. So, we ask you to come to us with your Holy Spirit and nurture this connection with love and grace so that your peaceful bliss can forever bless us.

-O Great Savior, when my partner is away for work-related reasons, I pray to you to keep our love alive despite the distance. Let us think of each other even in those moments when we are together. Let us always appreciate each others’ importance even in their absence.

-Beloved Father, I pray to you to bless us with reconciliation. Unite me with my partner more daily and help us find new ways to love, appreciate and support each other. Let my love and respect for my partner be evident through my words and actions and vice versa.

-Dear Good Lord, when I was drawing in a sea of uncertainty and distress over my past marriage, you united me with this person and taught me that there is still hope. Thank you for filling my life with joy and light when I thought everything was finished for me.


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