50+ Good Morning Prayers: For Positive And Energetic Start Up

Prayers For Morning, God is always present in and around us. He is always there showering his blessings on us; he stays by our side even during our darkest phases.

Prayers always help and give out positive energy; thus, amongst our daily monotonous lifestyle, we shall start our day by praying to the almighty God. There are a few morning prayers that you can start your day with.

Morning Blessings To Start Each Day

-Dear Lord, every day brings new challenges followed by new opportunities and gives me the strength to face them and unfold new opportunities in life.- Amen

Prayer For Lord Jesus

-Dear Almighty, you have the supreme power; please stay by my side, be my torchbearer and guide me through my darkest phrase.-Amen

-Lord, keep showering your blessings over me, in still kindness and sympathy in me so that I can help those in need.-Amen

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A Morning Prayer For Strength

-God, may you help me be morally upright always, give me strength to raise my voice for what is wrong, and support those who are wronged.

Prayers For Morning

-Lord, may I always have faith in myself; give me strength to keep going despite all the barriers and hardships in life.

-Lord, keep me focused and guided towards my goals, help me full fill my dreams, such that I can be capable of looking after my close and dear ones.-Amen

-God, make me strong enough such that I can stand up to my responsibilities.-Amen

-Lord Jesus, help me be confident about myself, such that any kind of negative opinion or thoughts can’t instill the feeling of self-doubt in me.

-God, kindly give strength to the doctors and the nurses, who are fighting to save other’s lives, give mental as well physical strength to them as well as their families.-Amen

-Oh Jesus, give strength, teach me to be selfless because it’s said that things we give come back to us, if I help someone in need today, you will send someone to help me when I would need it the most.

-Oh Jesus, in these difficult times, kindly shower your morning blessings over those in need, give strength to those who have lost their close and dear ones during these times of crises.

-Lord, give me strength to look forward to the brighter side of this beautiful world despite all its fraud, drudgery, and broken dreams.-Amen

-Oh Lord, give strength, teach me to be selfless because it’s said that things we give come back to us, if I help someone in need today, you will send someone to help me when I would need it the most.

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Morning Prayer For Truthfulness

-God, may you guide everyone in the path of truthfulness such that treachery never takes place.

Morning Prayer For Mankind

-God, It’s said that ‘serving mankind means serving god’. God, may you give me chance to serve those in need such that I can get the auspicious chance to serve you in different ways.

Best Prayers For Morning

Morning Prayer For Goodness

-Lord, it’s believed that ‘angels walk alongside the devils’, bless me with a good sense of consciousness such that I can be capable of distinguishing between good and evil.-Amen

-Almighty God, fill me with goodness and kindness so that I can bring some hope of joy in other’s life and can make them smile.-Amen

-Lord Jesus, help me be calm and composed, such that anger may never overpower my righteousness, and I can state my thoughts quietly and clearly.

A Daily Prayer Of Thanksgiving

-Dear Almighty, you have magic in your hands, everything you have created is unique and beautiful, and everything you have created has its purpose in this world and has its meaning in life. May every creature successfully fulfill its purpose in life.-Amen

-God, just like all your other creations, every human being is different and unique in its ways. May they love themselves the way they are, such that other’s negative opinions don’t affect them.-Amen

Simple Morning Prayer

-Lord Jesus, always be with me, fill me up with positivity, make me strong, and teach me the art of acceptance so that I can be truly happy at other’s success.-Amen

-God, help me use my years of youthful experiences to develop a better version of myself every passing day.-Amen

-Dear Almighty God, may my ego never come between my opportunities to learn and gain knowledge; help me learn and grow.

-Oh Dear Lord, shower your blessings on me so that my mistakes won’t stop me from exploring the world and from gaining new experiences, help me so that I can realize my mistakes and can work on them.-Amen

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Morning Prayer For Students

-God, may this world get back to its normalcy so that students can get their proper educational environment back and can enjoy their childhood to the fullest.-Amen

-Dear Lord, may people never get cynical about love, may love always reside amongst mankind. Lord, keep on showering your morning blessings over mankind so that they always remember that love is unconditional and that it doesn’t require any special treatments.-Amen

Amazing Prayers For Morning

Morning Prayer For Courage

-God, may each day bring a ray of hope in my life and motivate me to keep going despite difficulty and hardships.-Amen

– Oh lord Jesus, always help me be humble, keep me interested in my career as that would be my real asset during changing fortunes of time.

-Dear Lord, give me patience so that I can listen to the stories of the dull and ignorant, fill me with sympathy and love so that I can feel their pain, and make me strong enough such that I can help them.

Today With Jesus

-Oh God, shower your blessings on me; make me cheerful so that I can strive towards my happiness.-Amen

-Oh Jesus, your love is unconditional; stay by my side always and forever, keep showering your blessings on me, guide me through the correct path, if ever I lose track and get lost, show me my way back home.-Amen

-Lord, help me be calm even amidst the noise and haste and help me find peace in silence.

-Oh lord, shower your blessings on me, bless me with endurance so that I can be on good terms with everyone as far as possible without giving up.-Amen

-Dear Almighty, help me avoid loud and aggressive people since they are distressing to the soul.

-Dear Lord, stay by my side when I celebrate my achievements, and keep blessing me for my future endeavors.-Amen

-Oh Lord, make me compassionate and well-versed in my field so that I can gladly spread my knowledge to those interested in gaining knowledge without any materialistic want or demand.

Morning Prayer For Farmer

-Oh gods, bless the farmers with a good and healthy harvest, make them happy, and bring smiles on their faces since it’s all because of their hard work that we get to enjoy our daily meals every day.-Amen

Morning Prayer To Walk With God

-Dear God, punish me when I am wrong, forgive me for my sins, help me so that intentionally or unintentionally, I won’t hurt those who care about me and love me.-Amen

-Oh god, help me earn my living, forgive me for my mistakes, forgive me for my sins. Guide me through the correct path always.-Amen

-Lord, help me be satisfied with what I have got in my life, help me be happy with what I have earned since there always would be people lesser and greater than me.-Amen

-Dear Lord, show us the stairway, such that we can climb up to our excellence, with constant dedication, empathy, and hard work.-Amen

Great Prayers For Morning

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