50+ Prayers for The Night

Good Night Prayers, When you come home in the evening after a day of hard work, it is advisable to spend some time for your night prayer so that when you go to rest, your heart is at peace and you are not stressed. Here are a few prayers that can help you.

Thanksgiving Prayer

-Jesus, I strive to remember your presence and seek to exist in it. I try to remember that You are always with me, no matter what the circumstances are. I have had a very troubling day, but I still pray to you to make yourself present to me right now. – Amen

-Father, I choose this evening to give you thanks. Thank you for blessing us with a good day and for looking after us with so much care and affection throughout the day. Thank you for letting us have fun and enjoy our day and helping us in learning something new. – Amen

-Father, thank you for creating each one of us in your special, unique way- for building us as human beings the way you wanted to. Thank you for keeping us safe and secure throughout the day. Thank you for forgiving us for all the wrong things we have done today. – Amen

-Jesus, I bow down to your glory, which is intensified when we express gratitude for the things you have done for us and will continue to do in the future. I pray to you to help me look at and focus on the positive things that happened throughout the day. – Amen

-Father, it’s wonderful how you express your presence to us not only through the Holy Scriptures but also through the various elements of nature. Every little thing around us makes us feel your presence in them. Thank you for your miracles and for giving us the scope to witness them. – Amen

-Jesus, thank you for your divine interventions in our life. Often, we fail to recognize your hand at work, but I know that you are always there. At the end of my day, as I look back over, I identify your revelations, and I express my gratitude for everything wholeheartedly. – Amen

-Father, I pray to you to help us to keep faith in you and to let us love you more and more. You are the best, your greatness is incomparable, and you are as faithful to us as one can imagine you to be. Above everything else, we love you. – Amen

Prayers For Night
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Prayer for Increase My Ability

-Father. Give me the ability and honey to recognize my sins and repent for them to you so that my connection with you is strengthened. Help me to identify the particular points throughout the day where I have failed myself and help me to get over the issues with ease. – Amen

Prayer For the Forgive

-Jesus, I am flawed. I have my shortcomings, and I submit them before you without any ego. Accept that and show me the correct path to achieve success and attain salvation. At the end of this day, I pray to you to forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve made. – Amen

-Father, as you continue to teach us, our failures and shortcomings can never define us. You are constantly showering your mercy on us, and the process of our development at your hands is continual. I humbly accept your forgiveness, and I trust your grace in changing our minds and hearts.– Amen

-Father, I have disobeyed you, neglected your word, or tried to do things on my own at some point in time. I apologize for everything, and I express gratitude to you for showering your love and affection for us despite my mistakes. Thank you for being such a protective Father. – Amen

-Father, as I end my day, I pray to you to help us so that we can always choose your way, the correct path. This way, we can never go wrong in anything we do. I should never disobey you or question your actions, and I shall always follow you. – Amen

Prayers For Night
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Blessing Prayers At Night

-Father, I pray to you on behalf of those people who are unaware of or dismissive of your existence. They do not know you and your ways. I ask you to help them get over their ignorance. Enlighten them and shower your love, care, and blessings on them as well. – Amen

-Father, I ask you to bless my family, and I thank you for all the good times we have spent together. Bless my friends who have always been there for me and supported me, and loved me unconditionally. Bless my elders, my grandparents and uncles and aunts, and everyone else. – Amen

-Father, I can never express gratitude fully for all the provisions you have made for us. Healthy and tasty food, comfortable clothes, a shelter to rest- these are our regular necessities, and you have provided us with all of it. We are nothing without your blessings and love for us. – Amen

Prayer Before Sleeping

-Dear God, before ending my day and going to rest, I pray to you that I can sleep well and have good dreams so that my mind and heart are at peace and I can still keep thinking about you. You are constantly a part of my day and night equally. – Amen

-Father, as I go to rest, I keep trust in your guardian angels, and I know they will always be around my family and me and keep us protected throughout the evening and night. They will look after us, see that we are well, and keep us away from harm. – Amen

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Beautiful Prayers to the End of the Day

-Father, if I have done something throughout the day that has caused you disrespect or dishonor, I apologize to you for it. I am just deeply glad that you still love me. There shall never be a moment when I do not need your help and guidance. Help us, please. – Amen

-Jesus, thank you for your constant assistance and support. I can never do any work without you, and I can only complete my duties and responsibilities because of the strength and courage that you provide me with. With you by my side, even the toughest task seems easy to achieve. – Amen

-Father, we have been created by you. We are led by you in life, and you love us and care for us like nobody else. If we are the sheep, you are the shepherd who shows the way. You rejoice in our happiness and comfort us when we are sad. – Amen

-Jesus, you are the Ultimate guardian to us. You have helped us by providing us with parents and pastors who look after us on your behalf. We are thankful to you for them, as they are a blessing in themselves. Thank you for sending them and blessing them as well. – Amen

-Father, thank you for helping us with the Bible, the text which rescues us every time we are in endless despair or we are hurt by someone or something. It shows us the correct path to lead our lives, protects us from anything harmful, and speaks your word to us. – Amen

-Jesus, throughout my day, I have come across several people who have acted as your messengers and guided me and taught me stuff. I pray to you to keep them protected and bless them too. Please bless my teachers, the doctors, and the policemen- everyone who has helped us so much. – Amen

Prayers For Night

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