50+ Prayers For Orphans To have Happy and Better Lives

Many children around the world are not fortunate enough to be blessed with the basic privileges of life. The pain of not having parents is unbearable, and we must pray to the Almighty Father to look after these orphan kids and provide for them abundantly, constantly looking after their welfare.

Prayers For Comfort Orphans Kids

pray to you to compensate for their loss

-Faithful Father, around the globe, innumerable children can be found who are orphaned or abandoned for some reason. They are so unlucky that they have not been able to feel or experience the love of a parent. I pray to you to compensate for their loss and be their parent.

Prayers For eternal kindness and love.

-Good God, the mercy and compassion of your Holy Spirit is unmatched. Nobody can care for us the way you do, and therefore, I lift these orphan kids into your hands because I know that you will take care of them and shower them with your eternal kindness and love.

-Savior Beloved, you have always made sure that all your children across the globe are provided for abundantly, but in spite of your constant care for us, many orphans have been unfortunate enough to be deprived of your grace. I ask you to hold a special heart for such children

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Pray To trust you to take good care

-Dear Lord Jehovah, it is impossible for any other person to even understand or feel the difficulties that orphans go through. We can only sympathize with them for their great loss and trust you to take good care of them so that they can also receive your abundance in life.

Pray to you to be their guardian

-Lord, there are many orphans who do not have a father or mother to be with them in their times of distress. So, I pray to you to be their guardian when they are struck by sorrow or grief. Remind them that you are the ultimate Father of everyone.

Pray to you to bless us with wisdom and kindness

-Gracious Almighty, I pray to you to bless us with the wisdom and kindness to be able to help orphan kids in any way we can. Considered as worthy of spreading the message of your love and compassion to these people and letting them feel your divine presence through us. 

Prayer to the grace of food, shelter, and education.

-Precious Holy Protector, these orphan kids can also have a life if people around them become supportive and inspiring to them. Teach us to treat them kindly and try to provide for them the basic necessities of life. Allow these people to have the grace of food, shelter, and education.

Prayers Of Your Divine Protection

-Kind Loving Lord, the world is surrounded by many evil powers. There are many unjust and kind people who try to take advantage of the vulnerability of these orphaned kids. I pray to you to surround them with your divine protection so that no evil power can harm them.

-Dear Master, orphan kids do not have any father or parents to take care of them and teach them what is right. Therefore I ask you to be their guardian and teach them to lead their life in your Holy Way so that they can honor your compassion throughout their lives.

-Eternal Savior, these orphans who have had the misfortune of losing their parents at a very early age go through a physical and emotional trauma that is impossible for them to cope with by themselves. Let them know that they are not alone and you are always looking after them.

Pray For Reassurance

-Holy Father, I pray to you to draw these orphan kids closer to your Spirit and let them feel your divine presence in their hearts. Reassure them that your loving compassion shall never forsake us, and you will rescue them from every danger and despair they come across in life.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I have always been able to trust you wholeheartedly, and therefore, I place in your hands every unlucky child across the world who has lost his/her Father or mother. Bless them with your divine reassurance and let them know that their faith will sustain them forever.

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Prayers For strength and kindness

-Kind Deity, the Commandments suggest that there is nothing that you cannot do, and therefore, I place the matter of the welfare of these orphan kids into your hands. Your strength and kindness for these people will prepare them for the adversities of life and teach them to be brave.

Prayers To live a happy and comfortable

-Blessed Lord, I ask for your merciful gaze to be imparted upon these unlucky kids who have been orphaned at a very young age. Grant all their wishes and make sure that they can live a happy and comfortable life filled with all the goodness and grace of your Spirit.

Protection Prayer

-Lord Jehovah, remind these orphan kids that they are not outside the sphere of your knowledge and kindness, and only if they can stand firm in their faith will you rescue them, and you will compensate for their loss. I pray to you to defend the Cause of these orphans.

-Loving Father, I pray to you to protect these orphan kids from the evil schemes that try to drag them into unjust and unrighteous activities. Bless them with the glory of your Holy Word so that they can lead their lives righteously and honestly, trying to serve your Cause.

Need your divine abundance

-Father Beloved, the orphan kids are weak and lonely. They seek your love and compassion earnestly, and they need your divine abundance to be reflected in their life. Forgive them if they have ever neglected your presence in their lives, and replace all their sorrows with eternal joy and understanding.

Holy Will to work in their live

-Dear Almighty Protector, these orphan kids need your Holy Will to work in their lives so that they can understand that they are not uncared for. Your eternal abundance has been reflected in all our lives, and therefore, I trust your eternal grace to provide for these unlucky kids abundantly.

Prayers For Motivation

-Blessed Holy Savior, my heart goes out to every vulnerable orphan kid around the globe. They are going through a very tough phase, and they need you to be their pillar of strength and motivation. Remind them that when everything falls apart, you are their fortress of compassion and security.

Prayers For Strength And Patience

-Loving Lord, the unlucky orphans live a life where they have to learn to defend themselves and struggle as they face severe hardships in every step of their life. I pray to you to bless them with the strength and patience to prepare themselves for the tough battles of life.

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Prayers For inspiration for these orphaned kids

-Lord Jehovah, be the source of refuge and inspiration for these orphaned kids. Allow them to look towards you for love and motivation when they find themselves weak or incapable of dealing with the difficulties of life. Remind them that your divine love is the sovereign power in this world.

Pray for your godly abundance

-O Heavenly Almighty, I pray for your godly abundance to provide the orphanages which the funds and amenities we need to take care of orphan kids. Bless them with your divine assurance that they are doing a great job, and they will be motivated through the love of your Spirit.

Pray to you for the welfare

-Gracious Good God, I pray to you for the welfare of every orphaned kid who has been exploited somehow. Fill their minds and hearts with the grace of your hope and knowledge so that they can understand that they had been sent into this blessed world with a purpose to fulfill.

-Good Lord, the world around us is gradually becoming cruel and unkind. We fail to be sympathetic towards these orphaned kids who need our help and guidance in every step of their life. Bless us with the ability to be caring and understanding towards people who are weak and defenseless.

Prayer For Your Divine Presence

-O Beloved Creator, allow these orphan kids to learn about you more vividly. Make your divine presence in their lives clearer so that they can understand that they are constantly surrounded by the mercy and kindness of your Holy Spirit, and you are there to give them love and protection.

with the abundance and comfort

-Precious Master, impart your divine grace upon the ministries and orphanages that are trying to help out these unlucky kids. Bless every outreach mission that is actively trying to rescue these kids out of their misery and provide them with the abundance and comfort they need for a happy life.

Prayers To find courage and solace

-Faithful Father, allow these orphaned kids to find courage and solace in your Spirit. Bless them with the opportunity to be able to learn about you and understand that your unconditional love and forgiveness forsake no one, and therefore, they will receive your compassion at some point in their life.

-Savior Beloved, throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to witness your divine intervention in the lives of those who are hurting and unprivileged in any way. You have always cared for the weak and the oppressed, and therefore, I trust you with the welfare of these orphan kids.

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Able to listen to your divine voice speaking

-O Good God, allow all orphan kids to be able to listen to your divine voice speaking through their heart and soul and understand that the glory of your Commandments will save them from all despair and, therefore, they must seek you in their lives for eternal mercy and compassion.

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