50+ Prayers For A Union: Call for Unity and Healing

Finding the perfect partner that we think we can spend our entire lives with is very important for a peaceful life.

A perfect union is a dream for us all, and we must pray to our Almighty Father to bless us with the partner whom He deems fittest for us.

Prayers For A Perfect Union: Finding Common Ground

-Good Lord, nobody knows me better than you do. You have created, nurtured, and taken care of me. So, I don’t think I would trust anybody to find me a partner I can spend my life with and a union that I would not regret later.

Prayers For A Union

-Dear Good God, it is very natural that we would make mistakes that may hamper our relationship. But, we trust you to show us when we make these mistakes and help us amend the situation by speaking or acting wisely, protecting the strong love and connection we have within ourselves.

-Good Beloved Master, I have made mistakes in my previous relationships, which has kept me from having a perfect union in my life. I have hurt myself by falling in love with someone who didn’t love me. Save me from making any further mistakes like this.

-O Blessed Almighty, I would rather have faith in you than trusting my judgment which may be poor and biased at times. I look forward to you as the author of my life, and I ask you to complete the chapters related to my relationships with your judgment and wisdom.

-Savior Beloved, as I look around myself, I find several people in relationships who feel blessed by your divine touch. I pray for that kind of grace in my relationship as well so that I can be assured that your love blesses our union.  

-Gracious Father, I pray to you to bless us with unity and mutual respect in this relationship. Give us trust and kindness, which are the backbone of a perfect union between a husband and a wife. Look upon us as we try to have a good understanding within our relationship.

-O Heavenly Master, I know how important it is to get married to the right person who would understand better than anybody else, support us till the end of eternity, and accept us the Way we are without judging. Seeking a perfect union, I pray to your Holy Spirit.

-O Holy Father, I am lucky to have found the partner I have been looking for for a long time. We now come before you as a couple, and we ask you to bless this union and our love with your Holy compassion and protection.

Best Prayers For A Union

-Precious Dear Creator, I can only hope for a perfect union when your Holy Will works in my life, and I always have the assurance of your divine guidance in every step. Also, unite me with someone who also believes in the magnificence of your Spirit, just like I do.

-Blessed Almighty, I pray to you for a perfect reunion but only with the person who you think would be perfect for me in every Way. Make sure that he/she is also guided in the light of your knowledge and wisdom and is also dedicated to serving your cause.

-Dear Great Protector, bless our union so that we can always remain dedicated and benevolent to each other, never acting or speaking too rashly so that we may end up hurting each other’s emotions. Let us always lead our lives together in your Way with pure love in our hearts.

-Heavenly Lord, I want to be united with someone who keeps you before their eyes at all times and considers serving and praying to you as their ultimate priority. This would assure me that I am doing no wrong in choosing the person that I want to stay with forever.

-Kind Sweet Deity, bless my partner and me so that we can put in mutual efforts to make our relationship stronger and improve the understanding we have. Let us always be considerate of each other’s feelings and validate each other’s opinions so that there always is equality in our relationship.

-Precious Holy Father, the validation and compassion I have received from you is unmatched. So, I can only hope for a perfect union when the expression is chosen by you, and who would know to give me the same importance and love that you have given me throughout my life.

-Lord Beloved, I have been lucky enough to witness the work of your divine hand orchestrating me. So, instead of searching for love around myself, I seek your presence in my soul. This would consequently bring me the love and understanding I am looking for through the union I deserve.

-Good God, although I find solace in your compassion, I need someone to make me complete as a human being as my perfect better half. I look for someone who also chooses to follow your Way in their life and incorporate your Commandments rigorously for a prosperous and peaceful existence.

-Gracious Almighty, allow us to evoke the spirit of sacrifice in this relationship so that it can be an altogether perfect union. Let us always put each other’s welfare before ourselves’ and not act out of selfish desires. Let us consider each other as a part of your Holy Spirit.

-Lord Beloved, I have always considered faith and compassion to be very crucial factors in a relationship. The perfect union that I’m looking for must be with a person who values loyalty and faith as much as I do, and I can only trust you to find someone like that.

Great Prayers For A Union

-Beloved Lord, you died paying for our sins, and you didn’t flinch ever. You set forth the ultimate example of compassion and sacrifice for all your blessed children to learn from. Allow us to be as kind to each other in this union as you have been to us all.

-Great Dear God, I pray to you to unite me with someone who can teach me the value of love and care just like you would have wanted me to know. Send me someone who knows the perfect Way to incorporate your godly Spirit and endless compassion within our relationship.

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to bless our union with your divine strength and trust so that nothing can ever break us apart. Let us trust each other completely so that we never make any decisions without considering each other’s opinions or being harsh in our thoughts and actions.

-O, Dear Almighty, please give me someone to be united with who can give me the love and devotion I seek from you. I also ask you to bless my heart and soul so that I can return my partner the same dedication and respect that he/she truly deserves.

-Precious Dear Creator, bless me so that I can easily find the one person who is destined to be my soulmate and with whom I can wish to have the perfect union that I have always been dreaming of. Let me be able to see and understand the person wisely.

-Faithful Father Beloved, allow us to always stand for each other in this union. Let me be able to express to my partner how much I adore him/her and that I support them unconditionally. The most important thing to remember is to be with them in their toughest times.

-Gracious Holy Spirit allow me to be a source of inspiration and support for my partner in his/her anointing. Let us always keep you as the guiding light of our lives, showing us the Way that would lead us to salvation and help us have a peaceful life together.

-Heavenly Good God, let us place you as the foundation stone of this perfect union. You are the Sovereign power in this universe, and you have endless capabilities. We pray for that magnificence to be cast upon our relationship so that we can be proud of what we have together.

-Loving Lord, thank you for blessing our union with that perfect and divine love of your Holy Spirit that surpasses all other forms of compassion. As long as we have you looking over our connection, we feel safe and protected. In your Holy Name, we give all praise and love.

-Heavenly Father, I pray to you to bless us with self-love in this union. Allow us to love and validate each other well before we go on putting in efforts for a happy relationship. If we do not love ourselves, it’s no use trying to show compassion to anybody else.

Amazing Prayers For A Union

-Kind, sweet Deity, I pray for those times that can be trying and difficult for our relationship. No matter how dire the situation is, we ask you to keep us united and give us the strength to overcome the situation together, remembering that we are bound by your unconditional compassion.

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