50+ Prayers For Prisoners To Guide And Foregive

Incarceration can be a tough thing for us. It may feel like this is the end of the world, and our lives have no further meaning. But, praying to the Lord can inspire prisoners to overcome the physical and emotional trials they may be facing while they are in jail.

Inspirational Prayers For Prisoners

Prayers For Prisoners To Forgive

-O Loving Lord, I place myself and everyone else who is in prison into your divine hands of endless mercy. They have indeed committed some serious crimes, and they are being punished accordingly by the law, but I ask you to give them a second chance to improve in life.

-Father Beloved, more than anybody else, the prisoners have sinned against your Holy Spirit. They have abandoned your Holy Commandments and went on their own, following the path of unjust means and unholy words and actions. I ask you to forgive them for going against your Holy Word in life.

-Blessed Creator, being human beings, it is okay for us to sin. More than the pardon given by the law of the world, it is important for prisoners to get forgiveness from you. Allow them to understand the importance of the acceptance of their sons and asking you for forgiveness.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you to touch the heart and soul of these prisoners with your divine energy so that they can be filled with repentance and sorrow for not following your Commandments and for not being righteous in their words and actions, consequently pleading to you for forgiveness. 

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Pray to you to come to them with your rejuvenation

-Almighty Good God, I feel pity for the prisoners who are having a tough time in the dark chambers of jail. There is no positivity or hope in those cells, and this consequently makes the people dull and weary. I pray to you to come to them with your rejuvenation.

Blessing Prayers With Reassurance

-Precious Creator, I pray for those people who are new inmates at the jail and are not accustomed to the life that is led there. Bless them with the reassurance that you are there to look after them, and you will always be merciful to their prayers, irrespective of their sins.

-Gracious Almighty, you have always given us great instances of your eternal mercy and compassion. You have sacrificed your lives to pay for our sins, and we are forever grateful to you for such benevolence. I call upon that merciful Spirit to be imparted upon all prisoners of the world.

-Faithful Lord, I ask you to come to the prisoners and reassure them that this is not the true purpose of their lives, and they were meant to serve a greater and important purpose. Allow them to mold themselves into the men and women you would’ve wanted them to be.

-Loving Holy Spirit, these prisoners have broken the law and have been put behind bars so that they can repent for the sins they have committed. I ask you to reassure them that this is a test of their faith, and you will never hate them for what they’ve done.

Prayers For Your Divine Protection

-Heavenly Lord, I pray to you to take charge of the lives of these prisoners and cover them in your divine protection so that nothing can hurt them in any way. With your love and compassion, they would realize their mistakes, be apologetic about them and submit themselves to you.

-O Merciful Master, I believe and pray in your Holy Name. I ask your mercy to be extended over everyone who has been going through incarceration all across the globe. Be their pillar of strength so that no fear or depression can creep into their minds, making them doubt themselves.

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Prayers For Prisoners

I Pray To Give Your Guidance

-Lord Jehovah, I pray for the bright light of your wisdom and knowledge to shine upon the faces of prisoners so that they can be enlightened through your Holy Spirit and turn towards leading a righteous and truthful life. With your guidance, they will surely get back on their feet.

-Loving Father, I pray you to reveal the magnificence of your divine Being to all prisoners so that they can recover your majestic presence in our lives and submit all their sins and shortcomings to you and trust you to take care of them and show them the correct path.

-Gracious Good Master, these prisoners can never go through their trying times and handle the complexities of their incarcerated life if your grace doesn’t support them and motivate them to do better. Help them manage their adverse situation efficiently and rise to a position that will give you greater glory.

-O Divine Being, I pray to you to let these sinners consider the prison life to be an opportunity to pause and reflect on their mistakes, and give it a second thought regarding how they can do much better, walking the path of truth and righteousness, as guided by you.

-Heavenly Almighty, you have sent us to this world so that we can fulfill our purpose and serve your Holy Spirit with determination and faith. Bless these prisoners so that after their trials are over, they can go back to leading a normal life with all these purposes in mind.

-Dear Protector, change is the only constant thing in our lives. Let the prisoners be blessed with the wisdom that they are a source of inspiration to others as well if they can give up the path of sin and lead their lives in the glorious light of your compassion.

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to allow the prisoners to overcome these difficult days as soon as possible and get back to leading their life normally. Bringing change and hope for the society they live in and giving endless glory to your Holy name for what you’ve done for them.

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Prayers For Prisoners

Prayers For Prisoner And Faith

-Dear Good God, the Scriptures mention that unless you give your divine conviction into our hearts, we can never be drawn towards your Holy Spirit. So, please bless the prisoners with your certitude so that they can easily be drawn towards you for the faith and comfort they’ve lost.

-Lord Beloved, allow us to be the messengers of your Holy Gospel so that we can provide the prisoners with the motivation and inspiration they need to go through their challenging days in jail. Let us reaffirm their faith that you are merciful, and you’ll always come to save us.

-Good Gracious Father, life in prison can be very tough. It can shake the foundation stone of faith and respect in prisoners, consequently turning their hearts into stones, devoid of any compassion or pity. I pray to you to come to them and touch them with your kindness for comfort.

-O Almighty Master, you are the living embodiment of grace and compassion in our lives. Let the prisoners be conscious about the mighty Spirit with which you reign the world, and there is nothing greater than you. As long as you are looking after them, they must fear nothing ever.

-Your Holiness, difficult and impossible are words that have no meaning to you. So, I place the fate of these prisoners into your hands, knowing that you will bless them with your divine intervention, bringing a miracle in their lives so that they can look towards positivity and hope again.

-O Lord Jehovah, you have always showered us with your graceful mercy and compassion. None of our prayers have gone unanswered, and we have always received hope and positivity from you. So, I pray to you to hear out the earnest prayers of these prisoners and grant them their wishes.

-Good Father, I ask you to look up to those prisoners who are extremely repentant for what they have done and are very eager to pay for their mistakes. Bless the one who feels guilty of their sins. I want you to be with them as they struggle with denunciation.

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to reaffirm the faith of these sinners by helping them in finding their salvation. Reassure them that they are no longer condemned for their sins and that you are always kind enough to take them back and shower them with your unconditional holy love.

-Lord Beloved, tough times at jail often leave the prisoners struggling with an identity crisis. I pray to you to remind them that our true identity lies in your glorious Holy Spirit and that you will always reveal our true selves to us every time we feel uncertain and confused.

Prayers For Prisoners To Free From Shackles

-Good God, I pray to you to free the prisoners from the shackles of their thoughts related to the sins that they’ve committed. Give them freedom of thought and expression and make them understand that with your mercy, they can be anything they want, as long as they are righteous.

-O Merciful Master, I pray to you to bless these prisoners with the freedom they deserve, as soon as possible, so that they can go back to leading a normal life guided by your Commandments. Let their life be perfect examples of positive reformations, pleasing to you in all ways.

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Prayers For Prisoners

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