50+ Prayers For Procrastination And Laziness

Procrastination is one of the worst habits we can pick up that can ruin the disciplined nature of our daily life.

We must do everything to prevent ourselves from developing the practice of procrastinating, and we must also pray to the Almighty Father to keep us productive and energetic forever.

Prayers For Procrastination

-O Dear God, as I pray to you today, I have realized that I spend too much time procrastinating, and I focus on the less important things in my life. I refuse to do things that shall keep me engaged and active throughout the day, and I need your help.

-Merciful Master, why do I keep putting off the important tasks at hand? No matter how hard I try, I cannot focus on my duties, and I keep postponing deadlines. I’ve developed this bad habit of procrastination, and I can’t get rid of it. Please help me overcome my weakness.

Prayers For Procrastination And Strength

-Holy Father, although I have several important tasks to complete, I do not find the physical or mental energy to work hard and do what is asked of me. I pray to you to give me the strength to overcome my weaknesses and develop determination and responsibility in my character.

-O Lord Jehovah, I come before your Holy Spirit, and I confess that I have led my life unwisely. I have let laziness overpower me, and I have given in to procrastination. This has left me incapable of doing anything responsibly, and I need your godly energy to strengthen me.

-Dear Savior, I procrastinate because I get easily distracted by things around me. I indulge myself in habits and practices that ruin my productivity and make me weak and unfocused. Give me the strength to lead my life in the light of your Commandments, with your constant guidance and support.

-O Merciful Master, with your godly power in my soul, I rebuke every negative power that tries to lead me towards procrastination. Give me the strength to stand firm against all temptations and fulfill my responsibilities with utmost dedication, remembering that this is also a great way to serve you.

-Good God, I ask you to always remind me that time is priceless, and I must not neglect the endless opportunities you have given to me. Bless me with the strength and patience to validate time and not spend even a minute procrastinating or getting involved in any meaningless activity.

-Loving Lord Jehovah, please come and empower me with your divine strength so that no matter how difficult circumstances are, I must never give in to my weaknesses. Bless my faith so that I can trust you and always remember that you are the source of my strength and inspiration.

-Heavenly Good God, I have realized that although I start a task, I don’t find the energy and ability to finish it, and I often feel under-confident in all my tasks. Please give me the strength and dedication to be focused on what I do and consider my responsibilities seriously.

Prayers For Procrastination And Help Me

-O Heavenly Almighty, you have always been my haven, and you have rescued me from developing any bad habit that might ruin my character or be a barrier in my way towards success. As I face the problem of procrastination with a humble heart, I seek your help once again.

-Good God, I’ve recently realized that as a consequence of my procrastination, I often leave important matters unattended, and I avoid things that need my attention immediately. I am constantly tired and depressed, and I can’t find a way out of this mess. Please help me with your divine energy.

-Eternal Savior, I am very worried about the impacts of procrastination on my daily life. I can’t focus on anything, I am always unprepared and under-confident, and things around me appear to be in an unsolvable mess. Only you can rescue me now, and so I seek you for help.

-Blessed, Dear Protector, you have always promised to help us when we are struggling with our incapabilities. I pray to you to be merciful to me and help me so that I can break this habit of procrastination and learn to be more active and dedicated in everything I do.

-Beloved God, I have had to face serious problems only because I don’t plan things and let myself procrastinate unnecessarily. I apologize for my negligence, and I ask you to teach me how I can revive my lost strength and learn to be dedicated and involved in everything I do.

Prayers For Procrastination

Prayers For Procrastination And Motivation

-Precious Dear Creator, this loss of productivity is tormenting my heart and soul. It is becoming so difficult to try to focus on any work I try doing. You have always been a great source of refuge and inspiration to me in such cases, and I ask for your motivation.

Prayers For Procrastination And Presence

-Kind Holy Deity, stress and procrastination are taking a toll on me, and I feel helpless. I know that only your divine presence in my soul can comfort me now, and so I ask you to come to me with your compassion and reassure me that everything will be okay.

-Loving Lord Jehovah, I ask you to bless me with the gift of self-knowledge so that I can understand the root cause of my procrastination and eradicate any such element that provokes me to be lazy and unproductive. Help me identify the things I am doing wrong and rectify them.

Protect my faith and guide

-Dear Father Beloved, I believe that this habit of procrastination is a consequence of my fear. I have started to question my capabilities, and I’m losing faith in myself and you as well. Please protect my faith and guide me well so that I can eradicate all fear and uncertainties.

-O Dear Protector, I want you to guide me well so that I can follow your godly example in life and understand that procrastination can have no positive effect on our lives, and we must never encourage laziness or inefficiency. Teach me to incorporate strength and confidence in my character.

-Blessed Almighty, up till now, I have led my life based on false assumptions. I haven’t tried to overcome my weaknesses, and this has made me inattentive and lazy in every field of my life. Show me how I can correct the mistakes I have been making by procrastinating constantly.

Prayers For Procrastination And Forgive

-Precious Creator, our lives must always be led in order and discipline. I ask you to forgive me if I’ve not been able to follow your Way in life and have valued procrastination over hard work and determination. Please take me back into your compassion and help me fix everything.

-Kind Holy Deity, bless me with the wisdom to understand and validate the priorities in my life and learn how I can fulfill my responsibilities without ever being lazy or unproductive. Please teach me that some things truly matter in life, and we must learn to identify and respect them.

Prayers For Procrastination

Prayers For Procrastination And Teach Me

-Merciful Almighty, I ask you to bless me with the humility to ask others for help when I feel that I cannot put an end to this procrastination on my own. Surround me with people who only spread positivity and strength and teach me the importance of discipline and readiness.

-Faithful Father, I ask you to constantly remind me of the importance of leading a productive life. Teach me why procrastination is unhealthy and can negatively affect our daily life. Be it our personal or professional life, remind us that dedication and confidence are the virtues that matter the most.

Prayers For Procrastination give me prosperity in life.

-Eternal Savior, teach me how I can learn efficient time management every day. I want to be more self-disciplined and eradicate all procrastination from my life. Bless me so that I can put my mind and soul into things that truly captivate my interest and give me prosperity in life.

-Dear Lord Beloved, I ask you to give me self-control so that I can protect myself from the temptations around me and not do things that are not productive or inspiring. Allow me to be focused and determined, thereby creating the example of a life led in your Holy Way.

-Heavenly God, I want to be worthy of receiving your godly grace upon my life so that I can eradicate all shortcomings I have and never give in to procrastination. Whenever I feel like I am straying from your love, show me that you are always there to rescue me.

-O Gracious Almighty reminds me that it is very important to acknowledge that I procrastinate and, therefore, I have a problem. Running away from my responsibilities is useless, and I have to face my fears, knowing that I have your strength and compassion working through my mind, heart, and soul.

-Precious Creator, I want to be obedient to you and follow every word of the Holy Commandments you have given us so that we can lead our lives in a more disciplined way. Help me remember that I must always be against procrastination and inspire others to do the same.

Prayers For Procrastination

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