50+ Prayers for Prosperity, Success and Wealth

Prosperity is what every human being prays for. Prosperity is earned by an individual by their dedication and hard work; laziness and reluctance can never lead a person towards success and prosperity.

Hence some prayers by which we can pray to God to bless us with prosperity and joy.

Prayers For Strength

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, bless everyone with your strength and courage so that they can work hard with their utmost dedication. May you always morally boost them up with your support such that they succeed and can be blessed with prosperity and wealth.- Amen

Prayers For Farmers

  -Oh God, bless all the farmers with wealth and prosperity, as it’s because of their hard work that we get to have our daily meals; they take care of their crops as their children. They burn under the bright hot sun, spend their days and nights watering their crops, and wait for months in the hope of getting a healthy and ample amount of crops.- Amen

Prayers For All Household

-Oh Almighty God, bless every household with wealth and prosperity, such that they can sleep peacefully at night without any agony or worries. May they receive the reward of their pain and hard work. Amen.

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Prayers For World

-Oh Lord, you have the supreme power. Help us so that we can restore the constantly deteriorating condition of this world. The world is suffering, help this world to heal from its crisis; may you bless this world with wealth and prosperity such that everyone can live peacefully and happily.- Amen

Prayers For Daily Strugglers

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, bless those who work hard despite their daily struggles to earn their daily wages; they work tirelessly for long hours to manage their minimal daily quantity of meals. Lord, shower your generosity on them and bless them with wealth and prosperity. Amen.

-Dear Almighty God, shower your blessings on those who are burdened with responsibilities and are struggling to manage their financial expenses. May no one miss out on their opportunities to flourish because of their poor economic condition and help them with the gift of wealth and prosperity.- Amen

Prayer For Thanksgiving

-Oh, Supreme Lord, Thank you for always showering your blessings on my family and me; we are grateful to you for blessing us with wealth and prosperity. It’s because of your grace that we are living in peace and harmony. Lord, may you always stay with us and keep blessing us. Amen.

-Oh Lord, bless me so that I can follow in your footsteps, as I know you with always guide me through the correct paths that will help me find my goals and will lead me to my success which includes happiness, wealth, and prosperity.- Amen

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Prayers For Prosperity

Prayer For God Stay With Me

-Dear God, always stay by my side. May I always be able to appreciate all that I have, and may I always be satisfied with whatever prosperity you have blessed me with without any greed or jealousy so that I can happily cherish all the challenges I have ever faced leading to my achievements. Amen.

Prayers For Child Examination

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, bless every child with your knowledge and wisdom as they study for their examinations. May they be able to learn and understand their lessons completely, helping them overcome their academic weaknesses such that they can prosper in their academic field. Amen.

Prayers For To Start a New Job

-Dear Almighty God, bless those who are about to start a new job in their life, help them deal with their anxiety and fear, fill their hearts with the desire to do great things and achieve great excellence. Lord, shower your blessings on them such that they can prosper in their new workforce.- Amen

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Prayers For Starving People

-Oh Heavenly Father, help those still starving by the side of the road, give them strength to fight their situation, help them earn their daily bread, and bless them with prosperity so that they can improve their lifestyle and their living conditions.- Amen

Prayers For Kindness

-Oh Supreme Lord, as preached, “Give, and it will come back to you in a good measure,” which implies that whatever we give returns back to us but in an amplified way, thus Lord may you instill your kindness and generosity, such that every individual can prosper the art giving. Amen.

Prayers For Strength And Courage

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, bless me with your strength and courage, such that I can work hard and can become capable enough to fulfill my dreams. Lord, I request you and pray to you may you always reward my hard work in terms of prosperity, such that I can live my dreams on my capabilities.- Amen

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Prayers For Business Success

-Dear God, you have the supreme command, you have helped me during my struggling period, and finally, I have taken a step forward toward my dream and have invested all my savings in this small business of mine, helping my business to reach its excellence and kindly bless my business with wealth and prosperity. Amen.

Prayers For Keep Me Under Your Surveillance

-Dear Almighty God, please always keep me under your surveillance such that I can always be righteous and truthful, away from greed and jealousy so that I can properly use and invest the wealth and prosperity you bless me with within something useful, important, and necessary.- Amen

Prayers For Protect Me

-Oh Heavenly Father, I lay my entire faith on you. You have always protected me and taken care of me; I trust you and believe that whatever you have planned for me will always guide me toward my success and will bring me wealth and prosperity. Amen.

Prayers For Thanksgiving

-Oh Lord, Thank you for always staying beside my family and blessing us with wealth and prosperity; it’s because of your blessings that I never faced any economic crisis and could utilize my knowledge and my talents to their fullest. Lord, may you always continue blessing me so that I can improve my skills and can maintain the prosperity of my family.- Amen

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Prayers For Prosperity

Prayers For Wealth And Prosperity

-Oh, Supreme God, wealth and prosperity are something the entire mankind wants and thrives for; wealth and prosperity are the main reasons that motivate people to work hard and achieve new excellence in life. Thus Lord awards those who work hard with wealth and prosperity and fills their lives with joy and happiness.- Amen

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, may no one misuses the wealth and prosperity you have blessed them with since it is a gift from you that brings happiness and harmony with it. Lord, may everyone understands the value of their wealth and respect it. Amen.

Prayers For Blessing

-Oh, Everlasting God, may people blessed with immense wealth and prosperity be kind and generous to help those in need; people in need are often ignored or avoided, and their sufferings are neglected most of the time. Lord, may the blessed ones reach out to those in need and help them improve their conditions, and bring smiles to their faces.- Amen

Prayer For Direction

-Oh Almighty God, may wealth never divert any individual from their path of righteousness, may greed never be able to overpower an individual’s morals and values, may they never choose the path of fraud to earn money, and let them always remember that cheating would never lead them to good results. Amen.

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Prayers For Financial Need For Family

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, whenever any member falls ill in a family, the treatment of that member creates a lot of financial pressure; most of the time, due to financial crises, it becomes difficult to continue with the expensive treatments, thus may you support such families in need with wealth and prosperity.- Amen

Strength Prayer For Women

-Oh Everlasting God, even during these current times when the world is reaching its excellence, people are still discriminating based on gender, and women are still denied their deserved position, wealth, and prosperity despite equal efforts and hard work. God, may you look after these cases and provide such women with the strength to fight for their rights.- Amen

Prayers For Peace

-Oh Everlasting God, bless every deserving individual with wealth and prosperity, such that there be no pain and suffering due to economic crisis, may there be no fights and quarrels based on monetary matters, may there be no disputes or violence regarding property rights, such that everyone can live in peace and harmony. Amen.

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Punish Them Who are Doing Wrong

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, nothing can be hidden from you. May you punish those misusing your gift of wealth and prosperity, make them realize that money earned treacherously will never bring prosperity to them but rather will head them towards their doom, and make them realize that their treachery has led to someone else suffering and that no one can ever be happy over someone’s sadness.- Amen

Prayers For Them Who Have Helped Me

-Oh Almighty God, you have the supreme power; thank you for always rewarding me for my hard work; you have helped me prosper in my academic field as well as in my workforce. Thus I pray to you and request you to bless those who have helped me in my journey toward success with wealth and prosperity. Amen.

Prayers For The Nation

-Oh Supreme Lord, bless the entire nation with your knowledge, strength, and wisdom such that all of us can prosper in our respective fields and can take this world to a different level of excellence, where there will be peace and harmony throughout and people would lead a righteous life away from fraud and treachery. Amen.

Prayers For Guidance

-Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, kindly be the torchbearer in everyone’s life and guide them towards their goals and success where they will be rewarded with wealth and prosperity, which will bring joy and happiness into their lives, and they will be able to sleep peacefully at night.- Amen

Prayers For Prosperity

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